Witnesses In Bundy Case Terrified Over Judge Ruling For Live Feed Of Trial Into Burns Oregon


Witnesses for both the defense and the prosecution, set to testify in the controversial trial over the Occupation of the Malheur Refuge, are terrified by the idea of possible retaliation from the community, if Judge Anna Brown allows the BLM to move forward with their plans for providing a “live feed” of the trial, to what one Portland Paper (OPB) is calling the “VICTIMS” of the standoff.

In a frantic call to GMN this morning one witness expressed their concerns by saying, the Judge obviously doesn’t understand the dynamics of the situation in Burns, which brought hundreds of protesters there in the first place.  The Government has gone to great lengths to protect informants and FBI agents from public scrutiny in fear of their safety — Why then are other witnesses not being allowed the same protection?

Burns Oregon is a community divided and the deck is stacked in favor on the “anti-Bundy side” making the life of over 40% of the population in Harney County a living nightmare.

Children are being bullied, business owners are being threatened and the fact they are going to add fuel to the fire by broadcasting this trial to what many perceive as aggressive employees of the United States Government is horrifying, said one witness.

“We are terrified; These people running the show in Portland are failing to protect the very people they say were terrorized by the occupation.”

The witnesses are quick to point out that it’s not just those who will be testifying for the defense who are concerned; Those set to testify against the Occupation are also expressing deep concern over their well being as the government prepares to put them on camera and blast their testimony out to a community thats already on the edge.

” I never wanted to testify in this trial, says another witness and the government is forcing me. What happens to me if somebody gets the wrong idea?” explained a witness for the Government

After the Occupation ended the media and the Judge lost interest in Burns and Harney County in general, and the witnesses say this ruling shows the complete disconnect between the court and her attorneys assigned to represent their best interest on both sides in this trial.  Witnesses took note that not one Defense Attorney objected to the governments request for a live feed into Burns leaving them all to questions just who this trial is for, and just how much they care about them as human beings.

Whether you fall on the side of the government in this one, or the Occupiers, witnesses on both sides agree that a live feed of this trial is irresponsible and creates a terrifyingly dangerous potential for them in Harney County and definitely puts lives in danger.

GMN spoke to an attorney close to the case, but not representing any clients involved, and his opinion was as follows;

If you are going to allow a live feed it is appalling that it is going to be for those who are so openly bias.  If we are going to allow a live feed for the obviously anti-protestor group then what is stopping the court from allowing the whole of America to watch this proceeding?

It is unfair that once again the government is allowed to run the narrative and does not allow for others on the supporting side to have an opportunity to watch in support of these witnesses who have so much much to lose in Harney County.

I too was shocked that not one Defense Attorney objected on behalf of the safety of their witnesses.

A message from Harney County went out to Judge Anna Brown and various Attorneys involved in the case this morning;

I just want to express my concern in regards to the news of a trial being live streamed to the local BLM office. I personally have a HUGE problem with this. Those of us who have been subpeoned will only be showcased as “domestic terrorist” sympathizers allowing the already bigoted community of government workers to ostracize, alienate, and ridicule us more than they already have. In my opinion this is a gross abuse of power by the judge and just shows an assignment of elitism to the government workers they have so loosely characterized as “victims”.
Unless you have lived in Burns, Hines, or Harney County it is difficult to understand what is really going on here. In January our community suffered from a spiderweb of fractures that have just grown deeper as the months have passed. Many of us have suffered in our businesses because of our actions and expression of our opinions during the occupation. The spread of hatred has even boiled over to our children who are suffering at school at the hands of these “victims” and their  children.
Despite my feelings and or the reason I was supeonead, my concern is for the safety of my children and the ability to maintain my home and business in Harney County. My kids have to go to school with the wives of many BLM employees. My business is dependent on locals. What will Judge Brown offer as a solution when my children are slighted of an opportunity because their teacher is married to a BLM employee who watched my testimony live in the comfort of his office and he didn’t agree with me? What will Judge Brown offer as a solution when my business is forced to close its doors because of lost contracts with either government agencies or locals that have relation to disgruntled BLM employees?
It is my opinion that allowing and condoning the live stream of the trial to the local BLM office is is a blatant disregard for the safety and wellbeing of all witnesses that have been subpoenaed   ~Witness Signed
Witnesses who will be testifying for both the Prosecution and the Defense are asking community groups and social media platforms, on both sides, to please call the Attorneys and Prosecutors in this case and ask them to respectfully ask Judge Brown to drop the plans providing a live feed into Harney County.
In a case where witness tampering through intimidation is already a problem, witnesses believe this ruling has opened the door for more of the same.  It’s time officials in Portland base their decisions concerning Harney County on reality and stop making this about them and remember the people they are supposed to be representing.
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  • Joe

    With anxiety brewing in America from those who seek justice, to those who refuse justice to be equally administered, there is no doubt in my mind, that the long arms of the law in Washington D.C. are more concerned with their agenda of world domination at the expense of one great country, the BLM is just a rock in their shoes that they don’t want to be bothered with, because the outcome has already been written. When is enough, enough before dialogue ceases and the inevitable will begin.

    Anything having to do with the United States government and the American people, are like oil and water, and right now the odds are against the people.

  • Lynn Kopa Balogh

    Remember YOU and your group invaded their neighborhood and tried to take over with a idaho militia and. set up a shadow government to overpower the local elected judges and sheriff with guns no less. Now your crying foul?

    • PatriotGranny

      #LoadOfCrap Not to mention, even if that were true, and it’s not, it wouldn’t be the fault of the witnesses. Overpower the local elected judges and sheriff with guns…..LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! Where do you people come up with this stuff. Completely DELUSIONAL!

    • SUPER 68 IS DOWN

      No one from the Idaho III%ers nor the Oregon III%ers nor the PPN were involved with occupying the refuge…The Bundy Bunch conspired to use the support rally for the Hammonds as a front to facilitate occupying the refuge.
      All the Idaho and Oregon III% members along with members of the PPN organized the 02 January 2016 support rally for the Hammonds. In fact, most folks were furious that the Bundy Bunch came into OUR house (Oregon) and made their own rules. They took the Hammond issue and made it about them.
      Every day now we hear updates about how the poor Bundy’s are being abused in prison. First of all, the Bundy’s are NOT in prison, they are in a county lockup.
      Funny that we hear daily about the poor Bundy’s being abused in jail, yet not a PEEP about the Hammonds who are in a real prison.

      PPN/Idaho III%ers/Oregon III% members NEVER participated in the occupation but they did show up in Burns to try and mediate between the Bundy’s and law enforcement

      • Chelsea Hamel

        Agree Agree AGRER

      • Irene Fess

        Your obviously a dip shi@ that dont understand reality A. or B. your the government or C. a hillary supporter. Your narrative stinks poor journalism and/or government funded.

        • SUPER 68 IS DOWN

          As a matter of fact, I am staunch proponent of the Patriot movement, and NO I am NOT a Hillary supporter.
          Hopefully we can discuss this without the name calling. Please state what part you are referring to about me not understanding reality….Oh and the dip shit part as well.
          Nothing I posted was unconfirmed. Everything I wrote had been vetted…
          Look it’s ok to disagree, but rather than us vilifying each other, why don’t we take a moment and see what we can agree on

    • Deb Jordan

      And yet THEY come to ME to tell THEIR story because they know OUR GROUP will support their protest.

  • Dale Drifter Casterella

    Plead the fifth on every question. It is your right to do so. “I suddenly can’t remember the day in question.” They may make you go and testify but it’s your choice to answer the questions.

  • Angry Grandma

    Hahaha, no one is terrified. The faketriots are in an uproar because they cannot livestream. Is there no integrity anywhere in this group ? You want faketriots to call and claim they are scared residents because you cannot livestream. Geez, misinformation.

    • momsaid

      And what reason would they have to be afraid? Gosh, just because the feds and local cops shot a man down in cold blood, you’d think there was a problem brewing!

  • Miley Seim

    These guys couldn’t make themselves look any more pathetic if they tried. What a total joke!

  • JP

    I’d love to watch the live reaction on Ammons face when he goes to jail for the rest of his life.

    Ryans face should stay the same though

    • Mack Tackleton

      I see what you did their. Lol

  • Joe Tittiger

    My gut says that this trial needs to be open. And that includes the government cockroaches need to come out of the shadows, and into the light of day. Justice be done, may the Heavens Fall!

  • canyon

    I totally don’t get WHY the feed matters. The feed is for BLM “victims”. Were they to appear in court for the trial, they would see the witnesses as well. Why does the mode of seeing the victims matter?

    • RG

      There were NO BLM victims! Give me a break! How were they victims???🤔

  • Joe Tittiger

    My gut says that this trial needs to be open. And that means that the government cockroaches need to come out of the shadows, and into the light of day.

    Justice be done, may the Heavens Fall!


    Relax!! If there is a live feed, there will be NO photos or recorded footage of the witnesses. The only people who will see the witnesses will be those within the courtroom itself

  • Howard Kahn

    Nobody is terrified. Except the incompetent “patriots” who are going to be spending a lot of time behind bars, away from their families and friends. Let’s face it, it was a brilliant well thought out plan to take over the refuge.

  • donjerue

    Not so brave without their guns are they. Rot in prison, Terrorist Thugs!

    • momsaid

      The guns they never shot anyone with? Can the same be said for LaVoy’s murderers’ guns?

      • donjerue

        They threatened the people who live and work there. They were outside agitator THUGS, LaBoy made the mistake of trying this tactic on a Law Enforcement officer and GOT WHAT HE DESERVED! Live by the Gun, Die by it.

        • momsaid

          Here’s the irony of your statement: The local townspeople were in daily contact with two or more of the Hammond supporters, with no incidents nor threats of violence. The stories of trouble began in TV reports, but no locals were interviewed to confirm the accusations. Then, after federal forces moved in, the local sheriff and deputies suddenly stopped their previously civil interactions with the refuge campers. No more handshakes and calm conversations. The loud speakers and spotlights aimed at the people were reminiscent of the lead-up to the Waco massacre.

          If you watch the aerial footage of the ‘traffic stop’, you will see that, on a diagonal connecting road, a DOZEN or more tactical armored vehicles are lined up. What does that tell you?

          If you look at and listen to the cell phone video taken from inside LaVoy’s vehicle, you will know that shots were fired at it at the initial stop, shots were fired at it as he swerved into the snowbank, and the driver’s side rear window shattered from a shot fired two seconds after LaVoy exited WITH HIS HANDS IN THE AIR. If he had been bent on going out in a blaze of glory, he’d have had his gun in hand before he stepped out onto the snow. His alleged ‘reaching for a gun’ in his left jacket pocket coincided with shots fired by troopers(?). He only carried on his right leg/hip, and a picture of a gun in the pocket was photoshopped (fabric doesn’t magically change color and texture without seams, and shadows don’t change direction). The five or more minutes of gunfire, tear gas and threats aimed at the unarmed man, woman and teenaged girl left in the truck after LaVoy was shot, shows an additional level of cruelty.