“We Are Here To Assist The Sheriff”: Was There A Presence Of Mercenaries During Occupation In Burns Oregon?

Reality Hidden Behind the Label of “Security Firm”


Example of American Mercenaries – Guerilla Media Network LLC – July 5th 2016 – Cincinnati, Ohio – By GMN Contributor: “GHOST” on July 5th, 2016

Corporate Control of America

Article I – Reality Hidden Behind the

Label of “Security Firm”


PREFACE 1 –  Lest We Forget Why There Was An Occupation

This article – and those that follow, will attempt to bring awareness to the original purpose of the protest and the root issues behind the events in Oregon during the January 2016 Occupation;

The Occupation exposed an over-reaching federal government that has been exerting extra-constitutional authority over land and resources within the boundaries of states through contracts and secret deals with corporations (foreign and domestic) and over some residents in those states.  As well these articles will attempt to shed light on how the overreach, harassment and abuse of residents was, and still is allowed to persist because these corporate entities are not bound by limitations of the U.S. Constitution, but instead by business policies decided on by corporate executives and board members.


PREFACE 2 – Original Intent

In January 2016, ranchers, patriots, sympathizers, and concerned residents of Burns, Oregon brought attention to the growing distortion of the U.S. Constitution and the extension of authority by the federal government when they planned a rally and protest in Oregon. The rally focused on the western ranchers, Dwight and Steven Hammond that were harassed by federal agencies for years and later tried, convicted and sentenced twice for federal charges brought against them by the United States Department of Justice.

The planned protest, an act of civil disobedience,  was lead by Ammon Bundy. Ammon is the son of rancher Cliven Bundy who has also suffered harassment by federal agencies. The planned protest was to occur after the rally ended on January 2nd – however; Since many of those that attended the rally knew nothing of the plans, confusion ensued while they attempted to figure out what was going on and what part – if any, they wanted to take in the protest that was now occurring on federal managed property.  From the beginning rumors and unfounded speculation were spread through Harney County by mainstream media who immediately labeled the protestors as anti-government militia members.

As a result, many that attended the rally and those watching via the internet live stream aired by Pete Santilli and his crew, chose not to participate in the protest, while a small group of men and women left the rally and headed to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge about thirty miles outside of Burns.






A  few weeks into the protest unknown men dressed in military-like garb were spotted around the town of Burns and exposed by citizens [Film The Police – Portland] who were acting as independent media.  The mysterious men bore no patches on their gear stating which federal agency they were a part of, and when spoken to or asked, they refused to identify who they were or the agency they worked for.


Screenshot 2016-07-05 22.39.09
No Identifying Patches – This man refused to identify himself In Burns,Oregon when asked by, Film The Police – Portland


The circumstances brought to light that many of them were not federal agents at all but employees of private security firms (mercenaries), which had been contracted by the federal government to aid local and federal employees to end the protest and occupation of the federal wildlife buildings, and to secure private interests in the resources of the lands in Oregon.


The dangerous revelation was ignored by mainstream media as well as many reporters in alternative and the independent media realm. After the death of  protestor Lavoy Finicum, the people following the protest from the comforts of their home were steered towards focusing on the circumstances surrounding his death, the arrest of those that were accompanying Lavoy that day, and the surrender of the remaining protesters left at the wildlife refuge; Forgetting that mercenaries not bound by Constitutional limits were involved.

After the death of LaVoy Finicum and arrest of occupation leaders, the story that compelled the men and women to occupy The Malheur Wildlife Refuge in protest faded away into the background and so did the exposure of mercenaries that were filmed on the ground just days before the fatal ambush outside of Burns on highway 395.


Video Courtesy of Veritas Fox13 via Film The Police Portland – YouTube

End Article


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  • Angry Grandma

    There were no mercenaries. Those there and exposed by the alternative, non media were just faketriots come to town to wreak havoc. Some faketriots that play this game they play

    • Nikc Harding

      Get bent grandma. I do agree the I oh patriots there, are now dead, or in prison. Those fake asses III%ers, are a joke. Hey granny. We’re going to take your house. We’ll write up some taxes you owe us, and send agents to remove you, and put you in jail. That way we can sell your land to Russia, and they will pay is big-time. You? Pfft. You puny nobody. What are you gonna do? You can’t match our twisting of law, or the lawyers we have. So have fun playing the “legal” game. We run the game. Your husband, or children better not get in the way. We’ll Just kill them. God bless America, and ass kickers like you, Granny. Dirty bitch.

      • Miley Seim

        Get bent Nikc. I do agree that those “patriots” should be now dead or in prison. Those fake asses III%ers, are a joke and did nothing just like Nikc Harding. None of these losers are going to take your house Granny. Most don’t know how to write, are unemployed, they often don’t pay taxes until we send agents to remove them and put them in jail. None of these faketriots can sell your land to Russia and most will pay big-time once they end up in prison. They are all puny nobodies who are gonna do nothing, just like they always have. They are poorly educated and know nothing about law or lawyers. They try to have fun playing the “legal” game but everyone knows we run that game. Your husband and children are free to go where ever they please. No one will just kill them, especially not these deadbeats. Miley blesses America and ass kickers like you, Granny. Nikc Harding’s Mom is a Dirty bitch.

        • bari2

          What has been going on has been exposed for the whole world to see! Just like the Hillary Clinton emails and her server! Obviously those that you call “faketriots” have more knowledge of the Constitution than you!

          • Miley Seim

            the “faketriots” were all angry, paranoid, poorly educated, unemployed white guys just like you probably are.

          • bari2

            Where is your proof of all this? Source please! Unemployed, just like me huh? hahahahaha! You are the epitome of a liberal with your insults!

          • Miley Seim

            Where have you been? My favorite was that old man LaVoy Finicum who committed suicide by cop, his only source of income was the payments he received from catholic charities for the foster kids he corralled in the Arizona desert. But I’m glad to hear you still have some kind of job unlike the rest of them who now is in jail. I notice you had no objection to angry, paranoid, poorly educated white guy though, we all know that pretty much hit the nail on the head.

        • Nikc Harding

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            It really sucks to be you!

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            My what an impressive response. Did you think of that yourself or did someone have to help you?

    • bari2

      And you know this to be fact? Where do you get your inside information? There is corruption on a huge scale taking place in this country and you give it a free pass!

  • Lynn Kopa Balogh

    They are militia patroits