Trump Calls Out Clinton Over Russian Uranium Deal; Renews Interest In Documents Found During Malheur Occupation

GUERILLA MEDIA NETWORK REPORTS – Las Vegas – Nevada – November – 01 – 2016


Journalist Pete Santilli, whose charges were dismissed this past September relating to the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, believes the situation surrounding his arrest and the trial that followed, vastly hindered the real story in Harney County that may just connect it and neighboring Malheur County to Uranium One.


On January 8th, 2016 – Uranium One released this statement on their Facebook page concerning the Maheur Occupation;

Certainly this is a tense situation that we need to watch carefully – We hope the Sheriff will act responsibly and do whats right for the town and planned developments in the area.

The Uranium One Facebook Page has since been deactivated, but the following is a screen capture of the post.




During the time  of the Occupation Santilli says;

Before being arrested I was researching and reporting on the connection between Malheur, Hillary Clinton, and Uranium One.  I was arrested the day after I released the [Hammond Legal Files] and at that point my investigation was effectively stopped; Now that Donald Trump has brought the issue back into the spotlight,  I thought we should take another look.  

The Hammond Legal File, is a 682 page legal history of  the Hammond family’s decades long fight over land rights with the BLM and Department of Fish and Wildlife in Harney County, Oregon.  Nestled in the pages was a letter that Santilli dubbed,  “The Mineral Letter” and has never been seen until now.

The letter was addressed to Chad Karges, head of  “The Department of Fish and Wildlife” whose office is located at the Refuge.  While the letter did not reveal a clear connection between Malheur and Uranium One, we did find it revealed that as of 2012  the mineral rights – surrounding and inside the property itself, belonged to 2 private investment firms. That information coupled with Uranium One’s Facebook post does open the door for possibility.


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The letter is of great interest because just a short time before it was written to Karges,  it was being widely reported that Oregon Energy llc [a subsidiary of Uranium One] was poised to start mining for Uranium in Oregon.

Bob Robertson, the Attorney from Medford Oregon who wrote to Karges in July of 2012, and is also the administrator of  Mountain Star Investments LLC, one of the principal mineral rights owners on the refuge, explains in the letter; The joint venture owns a total interest of  22,000 acres of mining reservations around and inside the Refuge including the parcel the Refuge Headquarters sits on.

Interestingly, Robertson is no stranger to fighting for property owners in Oregon.  In 2007 he was part of a legal team that fought for 25 Oregon land owners  to have the right to develop their properties as they saw fit.




James M. Lemons is the owner of multiple companies in Texas and also owns the other investment company mentioned in the letter, JM&L Investment LTD.  Among his holdings is a company called Fellowship of The Metroplex, a string of  bankrupt churches throughout Texas and other Western States.  This does not fit the profile of a man who supposedly owns 22,ooo acres of mineral rights, that includes the Malheur Refuge headquarters.

The problem with Lemons is, he seems to own shell companies that really don’t produce anything. One researcher for this article claimed; “This is not uncommon in cases like these, and it is highly probable James M. Lemons is not even a real person.”

Bob Robertson claims in the letter that Mountain Star Investments LLC was a company in 2012,  but the information on the web says the company was not formed until 2014.  It is listed only as an investment company.



Since both companies leave much to the imagination, I will leave this section open for updates as obviously more research needs to be done.  Is there a connection to Uranium One?  That questions yet to be fully answered.



Harney County, Oregon has 7,915 mining claims on public land listed in The Diggings™. Of these claims, 2.21% are active while 97.79% are now closed.  The 175 active claims represent a decrease of 1 claims from September 2015 to September 2016.

According to the Oregon- Department Of State Lands, [DSL] receives approximately $1.3 million per year in mineral royalties, and Most of the Department’s mineral rights are located in eastern Oregon, particularly in Lake, Harney and Malheur counties. These mineral rights generally occur as a “split estate,” underlying the surface of land owned by either a private party or another government agency, most often the Bureau of Land Management.

Uranium was first discovered in Oregon in the 1930s and a small amount was mined on Bear Creek Butte, 40 miles southeast of Bend, in 1960. The White King and Lucky Lass mines near Lakeview came later and there are known deposits of uranium in Baker, Clackamas, Crook, Curry, Harney, Jackson, Lake, Malheur, Polk and Union counties.


Video Courtesy Professor Doom 

 Uranium on BLM-Administered Lands in OR/WA

Source Credit John Rappaport

“On May 7, 2012, Oregon Energy LLC  [Australian-owned] made a presentation to the BLM outlining its plans for development for the mine.

“The Vale District has agreed to work with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on mitigation for the ‘New U’ uranium claims, which are located in core sage grouse habitat.  Although the lands encompassing the claims have been designated core, the area is frequented by rockhounds and hunters, and has a crisscrossing of off-highway vehicle (OHV) roads and other significant land disturbance from the defunct Bretz Mercury Mine, abandoned in the 1960s.

“However, by the fall of 2012 the company said that it was putting its plans for the mine on hold until the uncertainty surrounding sage grouse issues was resolved.”


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Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russians along with one-fifth of our uranium ore