The Only Known Informant At Malhuer That Nobody Talks About

Government informants are taking suspects to the edge of the pool and pushing them in. ~ Brandon Darby


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It was late afternoon when Idaho Independent Broadcaster, Michael Emry knocked on   door 123 at the Silver Spur Hotel. With great excitement Mr. Emery explained he had just spent the afternoon chatting with Brandon Darby, Breitbart News’ Texas Bureau Chief who was staying in a room right across from mine on the second floor.  It was January 5th 2016,  just a few of days into the Malhuer Refuge occupation when it was confirmed; The Nations most notorious FBI informant was on the ground in Burns, Oregon.

All accounts depict Darby as an ambitious and talented organizer, who came to New Orleans after Katrina and persuaded FEMA to rescue his friend, Robert “King” Wilkerson, a former Black Panther.  He founded the organization, Common Ground, a collective that spearheaded disaster relief in New Orleans following the deadly hurricane , and that organization now chronicles  his descent into infamy ending with the revelation that he had been working as an FBI informant.  The story of Brandon Darby is a few years old, but  cases of FBI entrapment, have made it imperative for activist to understand the ways in which the U.S. government is using informants to wage war on dissent.

It is clearly documented that Darby had a troubled youth during which he spent much time as a runaway, it created a sort of psychological vantage point where he was searching for a place to belong and New Orleans served that purpose.  Common Ground leaders had a major influence on Darby, acting both as his personal and political mentors. But after a period of turmoil with the “group” in which his political beliefs are being sharply called into question, Darby distanced himself from Common Ground and his friends, and turned to the FBI, where he formed a bond with his fatherly “handler”.  When Darby came out with the truth, this is what he wrote:

“The simple truth is that I have chosen to work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and I strongly stand behind my choices in this matter.”  ~Brandon Darby

Activist groups  he had worked with were alarmed after Darby’s confession saying, “The emerging truth about Darby’s malicious involvement in our communities is heart-breaking and utterly ground-shattering,” said the Austin Informant Working Group, a collection of activists from the city who worked with Mr. Darby. “Through the history of our struggles for a better world, infiltrators and informants have acted as tools for the forces of misery in disrupting and derailing our movements.”

“I am well aware,” he said, “that I’ve stepped outside of accepted behaviors and that I’ve committed a sin in the eyes of many activists.”  ~ Brandon Darby

Michael Emry, the Voice of Idaho broadcaster who would later be stung by the FBI, spent a lot of time speaking with Mr. Darby while in Burns Oregon. We know Mike as a friendly outgoing personality who loves to talk about weapons, it will be interesting to learn exactly what it was he told Brandon Darby during his long conversations with him in that hotel room at the Silver Spur.

We do know that Darby, arrived early on in Burns and spent a considerable amount of time inside the Refuge during the first days of the occupation.

On January 4th, 2016 Darby posted to Brietbart this information in an article titled: Life Inside the Armed Oregon Standoff HQ: Guns, Food and a Baby

The armed protesters who took over the administrative buildings of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge allowed this reporter a glimpse inside their headquarters—a bunk house for federal workers.After explaining the reasons behind my presence, I was taken to their headquarters. There were a series of leaders with whom I had to speak to in order to be allowed to stay embedded inside their main facility. Most of the people I spoke with didn’t want to be on film; however, they didn’t mind telling me about their lives and their reasons for being there.  It was easy to forget that they were protesters who took up arms and seized federal facilities. ~ Brandon Darby

Not one person I talked to at the time Darby was there, including some in main stream media, knew who Brandon Darby was.  Mr. Darby’s story got my attention when I watched a documentary called, Better This world about 2 years ago.  I knew exactly who Brandon Darby was when he was introduced to me by Mike Emry.  I educated Mike at great length on the subject and Mike came to me later saying;

Brandon is a great guy and says he has put the whole FBI thing behind him ~ Mike Emry

Mr. Darby’s admission to being an FBI informant in 2008, answered lingering questions in the case of the two Texas men, David McKay and Bradley Crowder, both also from Austin.  McKay was sentenced to 48 months in prison and three years of supervised release, Crowder, 24 months in prison and three years of supervised release. The FBI, under considerable pressure to produce results, has resorted to unjust measures to create villains of domestic terror say  Crowder and McKay, who still believe they were entrapped by Brandon Darby.


This case is only two of hundreds that raise questions about the dividing line between covert operations and government entrapment. Have government informants been given too much leeway?  In the eyes of James Weddick, one of several FBI veterans, the answer is yes:

“Before 9/11 it was eyes and ears only. Now it’s eyes, ears, and the informant’s mouth.” In recent years, these surveillance techniques have become ominously extreme.

Although Brandon Darby, currently considers himself a right-wing political commentator, and now refers to Crowder and McKay as “American-hating Americans,” the reality is that the two boys’ progression to militant activism was undeniably influenced by his words and actions. In an effort to “better this world,” a phrase taken from Darby himself:

Government informants are taking suspects to the edge of the pool and pushing them in. ~ Brandon Darby


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  • Vicky Davis

    Michael did spend a lot of time talking to Brandon Darby. He was a personable and interesting guy. I talked to him myself for about an hour or so with Michael one day.

    Michael is a natural organizer himself and he networks. In a similar situation, the difference between Darby and Michael is that Michael would have tried to redirect the energies of the two young men McKay and Crowder rather than ratting them out. Informing on them would have been a last resort if he couldn’t stop them from doing things to hurt people. In fact, during the occupation, Michael did take a young homeless kid under his wing and got him away from the Refuge. I can’t remember his name though.

    • Vicky Davis

      And now as I’m thinking about it – I wonder if that homeless kid was an SPLC plant at the Refuge.

  • Mark McConnell

    I believe that’s the guy that published all the photos of the weapons in the tower and firehouse. Then wrote a story about what he seen in HQ. Nonetheless, this is what can be expected when rank amateurs and fools run a show.

    • SUPER 68 IS DOWN

      It is obvious not one of them had a clue about tactical thinking

    • pablo watdafuqolio

      for any mistakes or misplanning that may have occurred, I have to give them props for having the balls to take a stand. Something I’m not seeing from all those that criticize. In fact, it seems like all you’ve ever done is criticize.

  • Gary Hunt

    Some thoughts on Miranda and informants:
    Liberty or Laws – nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself

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  • Brand Thornton

    The easiest thing in this world is to criticize those that spearheaded the refuge experience as amateurs and fools etc. The fact is some of you have failed to see the bigger picture, even Ammon, Ryan and the rest were going by faith and only in prison do they see God’s wisdom in all of this, never the less they are still light years ahead of you critics. They will yet rise triumphantly to your shame, as unbelievers you are as blind guides. Did you really think that any tactical planning would work? The hearts and minds of those people in Harney county have been touched even many across the west see the enemy now. La Voy’s blood screams from the ground and spurs this movement on. Mark; statements like yours is why I do not trust you, for what it is worth as I know you don’t care.As I have said there is no hard evidence that you were a snitch but my gut feelings tell me not to trust you.