The Las Vegas Blue Wall Of Silence: Not So Invisible After First Bundy Ranch Trial





Wednesday – April 12, 2017

by Deb Jordan

As an Independent journalist it has not been easy to penetrate the Blue Wall Of Silence that exist  in Las Vegas Nevada.  Frustratingly, politicians and local officials were willing to talk to me all day long about the corruption in the Las Vegas City Metro Police Dept. but only with the understanding that their comments would be kept “off the record”  and their “identities” not exposed. “I mean after all, I gotta live and work in this town” seemed to be the favored, almost robotic response when asked if I could quote them or use their name in my upcoming article — and so, the corruption cycles on.

Attorney’s defending the men who were arrested on charges stemming from the Bundy Ranch Protest  in April of 2014 near Bunkerville, Nevada, not only experienced the Blue Wall Of Silence, but listened in disbelief as one LVMP Officer after another took the stand and lied through their teeth on behalf of the Bureau Of Land Management who they privately acknowledge escalated the situation and were ultimately the aggressors in the wash that day. One of the defense attorney’s had this to say;

I interviewed several Metro Police Officers who I had hoped would testify for the defense. Many of them readily admitted the BLM f##ked up that day and were clearly being overly aggressive – however, those same officers were just as adamant in their belief, there could never be a situation or any excuse whatsoever for anyone in The United States of America to point a weapon at a law enforcement officer.

I mean, how do I call a witness who is going to say something like that on the stand?

 I did not anticipate officers who absolutely knew the BLM was at fault,  would take the stand for the Prosecution and carry out a obviously preconceived, cohesive plan to lie under oath and send a convoluted message to the jury that they were in fear for their lives when they encountered protestors on April 12, 2014.  They said they cried, got right with God, called to say goodbye to their wives, and then readied themselves to die….  All a bunch of garbage.

Cliven Bundy shakes hands with Sheriff Doug Gillespi day of protest

Sheriff Joe Lombardo took the stand and with as much drama as he could muster he spoke at length about his fear that day and the fear of his officers on the ground.  He testified that there was a multitude of people with guns and that many of those guns were pointed directly at him. What he failed to convey was the fact the protestors cheered when he arrived and showered him with thank you’s after he helped negotiate a peaceful ending.

Officer Tom Jenkins said on the stand, his men who had formed a scrimmage line to keep protestors from advancing on the compound, were visibly shaking, praying, and crying as they held the line.

In reality, in the thousands of video and photo’s taken on the day of the protest there is not one image depicting tears being shed by LVMP, not a single officer is shaking with fear and certainly not one of them can be seen praying. Instead we have an overwhelming number of images where officers are smiling and shaking hands with protestors, officers posing for photo’s with protestors, and officers were giving interviews. In one video clip Officer Jenkins can be seen shaking hands with protestors and smiling.  In another video that is sure to catch the attention of the jury one officer literally says, “I hope you all prevail”

It can’t be stated enough that not one single report filed  by the LVMPD in the following days after the protest mentioned anything about fear, or praying, or calling their wives and preparing to die.  It would not be until three years later on the witness stand that stories would magically change to fit the narrative of Prosecutor Steven Myhre and the Bureau of Land Management.

In his column for the independent newspaper “The Las Vegas Tribune”, former LVMPD Detective Gordon Martines, regularly blows the corruption whistle on the Las Vegas Police force.  In a recent article, he had this to say about his former place of employment;

As with President Trump’s administration which is riddled with “diehard, deep-seated Obama supporters,” the LVMPD also has former “Sheriff Douglas Gillespie diehard supporters,” and corrupt loyalists that all must keep the current corrupt police administration maintained and protected, and will stamp out anyone attempting to expose their past wrongdoings, and   major criminal acts, such as murder, rape, robbery, bribery, theft, fraud, narcotics violations, political fraud, extortion, evidence-tampering, false arrest, destruction of official documents, witness tampering, workman’s compensation fraud, vehicle maintenance fraud, fake narcotic dogs, jail construction fraud, helicopter maintenance fraud, police radio fraud, Constitutional violations, all committed against LVMPD employees, and the citizens residing in Clark County, and in the State of Nevada.  The list of wrongdoings by the LVMPD goes on and on without any ending date in sight. 

Lately, it is apparent that the Federal Government will gladly go after the little guy, and spare no expense or effort to prosecute (as an example) rancher Cliven Bundy, his family members and the supporting American Patriots for daring to peacefully protest the overreach of the Federal Government, to obtain their grazing lands, which also includes mineral rights. Everyone should pay close attention to this prosecution as it will drastically affect any future peaceful protest in this country.

Eric Parker’s wife Andrea Olson Parker

As family members of the defendants ready themselves for closing arguments they anticipate prosecutors will once again repeat the false narrative offered up to the Jury by the BLM, Nevada State Highway Patrol, and Las Vegas Metro Police; A narrative they say is very hard to listen to as it is so obviously and unbearably a horrible lie.

Journalist Pete Santilli whose trial is set to begin on June 5th, 2017 along with Ryan Payne, and Cliven, Ammon, and Ryan Bundy says,

“The process of this trial started in February and only 1/10th of the facts about what  really happened at the protest out in Bunkerville have been heard by this Jury.

Any Jury allowed to hear all the facts would be moved to acquit, but it appears the court has tried to set up these attorney’s to fail miserably after crushing witness testimony that would reveal nothing but the truth. We must have faith the jury has seen through the lies.


The Government wanted a pound of flesh from the Bundy Family, and they wanted to blame We the People for mistakes the BLM made that day. It is now up to We the People to make sure that no matter what the outcome of these trials, a push for investigations into all the key players should definitely happen – We should not rest until the Prosecutors Office, the BLM, Metro Police, Nevada State Highway Patrol, and Judge Gloria Navarro are all held accountable for their ongoing conspiracy to jail innocent men for exercising their 1st and second amendment rights in the United States of America..”  


  • Russ Hinds

    Government employees are not good neighbors who do their civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land.
    Think about how dishonest weak-minded people who work for the government band together to destroy the rights that come with “love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Would these government employees like being treated in the same manner they are treating their neighbors?

  • Monte

    The SCOTUS has ruled multiple times the cops aren’t there to “protect” anyone. Their purpose is to
    protect the state and act as revenue enhancers for the STATE. We are LIVESTOCK
    to the elites who run the world. The militarization of the police is the fault of those who train
    them to be that way, not that of the common gun owner. This is all being done
    for a reason. It’s called conditioning, desensitization, to accepting the abuse
    of power by the police who represent the govt. as it’s hired killers, tax
    enforcers, and on and on. It’s not for ANYONE’S safety. They view the cops as
    livestock with badges and a license to kill and get away with it unless the
    state decides not.

  • Saflak

    Excellent article. I was there at Bunkerville and I witnessed the hand shakes and the jovial and friendly attitude between law enforcers (not BLM) and the crowd of protestors and observers. While the sheriff did not always agree with Cliven Bundy, there was never at any time any threats of violence from the Bundy supporters. Speaking of BLM, when are people going to wake up to the 2×4 board between the eyes fact that there is no legal basis for the BLM to have their own law enforcers?

    • Lynn Kopa Balogh

      They have 2nd amendment rights too

  • Shari Thomas

    I was there that day. I didn’t hear ANYONE calling home to say good-bye. When we first drove in, the BLM officers were waving to us. The Nevada State Patrol also waved to us. Folks, it was a PROTEST! No one’s rights were being violated in any which way. Yes guns were pointed. However, NO ONE wished to fire the first shot. Dennis Michael Lynch did a very brave thing. He called the bluff of the BLM. He personally broke the ice. That gave Ammon the balls to demand that the BLM back down and leave. Like I said, I was there. Did I yell anything? I don’t really remember. The wind was blowing loud enough you couldn’t hear anything. Did I personally believe it would end up as a blood bath? No, because I knew cooler heads would prevail. We as Americans always have cooler heads.

  • Angry Grandma

    Alyn Beck, 41. Igor Soldo, 31. Joseph Robert Wilcox, 31. The Bundy Wall of Silence, distance themselves from the killers that WERE present at Bundy Ranch standoff. Their mentality fed by Bundy Ranch. Never forgotten.

    • PatriotGranny

      Take that crap to someone who falls for propaganda lady. Those people were kicked off the Bundy Ranch for their behavior, their mentality had nothing to do with the Bundy’s.

      • Angry Grandma

        Yeah because all those boisterous “patriots” just make threats, posture as if they are all tough, right ? They were at the ranch, there are pictures of Ammon serving them food, but oh well right ? All that “patriot” rambling about law enforcement, the BLM, government overreach. It all set them off. All the threats on social media, please, just instigate, call out for it and it got answered. It is on the Bundys, all of it. Whatever, sounds like all the range war propaganda and weapons were just for show. Acting all tough with their actions and words, just hoping that LE would fire first. All their intel and vetting, got them some agents amongst them, still do. Wannabe cowboys and “militia”.

        • Deb Jordan

          They were at an Occupy event the previous November. They actually rented a room from the guy who ran their branch of that little anarchist cult. Funny nobody wants to talk about that little inconvenient truth. Here is something else you don’t like to talk about — Sheriff Douglas Gillespi stated on the record there was absolutely NO connection to the killing of those police officers and the Miller’s short appearance at Bundy Ranch. The end.

        • RowdyD

          Angry Grandma, You rely on the fake news of the undercover FBI posing as the media footage where they interviewed their own paid informant who was the one that every one stayed away from as on camera he not only talks like macho man but he kept repeating he is there to kill feds…
          Me thinks you are a poser. So what is your occupation, BLM or FBI??? As any fool that has researched this on their own, sees the truth. Your talk reminds me of the wanna be BLM thugs shown in the leaked body cam footage/audio of BLM snipers in the wash, aiming sniper rifles at these protestors. Some of your statements are verbatim to the awful things they joked about while itching and hoping for just one Protester to fire that first shot so they could kill them all…
          All the proof you need is on you tube videos that actually show exactly how the BLM and FBI abused their power…Not one officer in Nevada or Oregon was harmed.

  • PatriotGranny

    Great article!

  • RowdyD

    The only violence at the Bundys and Oregon was from the Federal Government!!! Even when LaVoy was executed he could have easily drawn his side arm and got off a few rounds, but he chose not to…The Government continues to intimidate the witnesses, defense Attorneys and defendants…

    • Angry Grandma

      He couldnt get it out of his pocket fast enough.

      • RowdyD

        Watch the recently released video that clearly shows LaVoy’s pickup getting show several times before he stopped, one which blew out LaVoy’s window. Now do you really think he couldn’t get it out of his holster fast enough? If he was going to shoot any of those thugs he would have came out of that truck guns blazing…It truly is sad there are still folks like you that only believe, only see, only hear, what they want to…

      • LorieK

        Your ignorance is showing, dear. He reached to the spot where he was SHOT.

  • Jp Cain

    What more can be said ? This Government in Nevada along with the Federal are crooked as a dogs hind leg & there seems to be no Higher Power to come knock them off their pedestals. I pray that in their case, what goes around comes around and nails their dirty hides to the barn door. .

  • Jule Westcott

    I don’t believe this story. Las Vegas police had nothing to do with the Bundy saga as far as I know. They do not have jurisdiction, it wasn’t even in Clark county.

    • RowdyD

      Go to you tube and you will find that Las Vegas metro was indeed there helping to incite a violent response from the Protestors. They also testified a couple weeks ago in Federal Court, that they were so scared, as they cried on stand, that the Protestors were going to shoot them…Yet all the footage of them shows them laughing and joking about shooting the protesters, which none of that was allowed as evidence in Court.
      It is a shame so many post comments like yours without even spending a few minutes to research what happened…