The FBI caught red-handed with bogus evidence against Pete Santilli


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Bundy Ranch


On March 2nd 2016 the federal government filed a Superseding Criminal Indictment (Case 2:16-cr-00046-GMN-PAL Document 27 Filed 03/02/16) naming radio talk show host Peter Santilli as a defendant.   The original “Criminal Complaint” was signed off on February 11, 2016 by Joel P. Willis of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Since his arrest by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on January 26, 2016 in Burns, Oregon,  Santilli has discovered and documented that on numerous occasions, the FBI maliciously and intentionally fabricated evidence against him.  Pete Santilli is a journalist being held hostage by the Obama administration’s justice department; in fact, prosecutors have confirmed that Attorney General Loretta Lynch authorized Santilli’s arrest.

In one instance in Oregon, the FBI fabricated a false report from Burns resident “Kevin Johnson” that Santilli was witnessed being present at a meeting planning the takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge December 22nd 2015.  Pete Santilli possessed indisputable proof and documentation that he was in Cinncinati, Ohio on December 22nd.  Besides, when the erroneous FBI report was discovered, Kevin Johnson was immediately interviewed by Santilli’s investigator whereby Johnson denied making such a statement.    The FBI were caught red-handed with bogus evidence which they presented to the Grand Jury to indict him.

img_9720Despite numerous attempts by the FBI to fabricate evidence and false narratives against Santilli, U.S. Government Prosecutors in Oregon finally began to realize, and privately acknowledged that the FBI may have intentionally given them bad information on Santilli.  There was no doubt that Santilli was innocent of all charges, and that the FBI may have had a vendetta against him due to Santilli’s relentless criticism of the FBI on his radio program.

The high profile Oregon case was dismissed, and Santilli was quickly transported to the Nevada District where the FBI is known to be exponentially more corrupt.

Pete Santilli’s legal team has been working very diligently for many months to uncover the same investigative corruption by the FBI in the Nevada case, as was discovered in the Oregon trial.  The evidence is clear, convincing and overwhelming.  In fact, the entire Nevada indictment against radio talk show host Pete Santilli is literally a fraudulent representation of the facts and events which occurred on or around April 12, 2014.

The following is merely one example of how the FBI maliciously crafted an indictment for the Grand Jury in order to convince them that Santilli committed crimes related to the Bundy Ranch incident.  This is only one of approximately 16 indisputable examples of deceit perpetrated by the FBI.



On April 6th, an overwhelming number of heavily armed brown-shirt BLM agents harassed Bundy family members for expressing themselves outside of the “first amendment areas” setup by the federal government in the Bunkerville, Nevada region.

Despite being told by the U.S. Attorney in Nevada that the BLM had “no arrest authority”, 15-20 BLM agents surrounded Cliven Bundy’s son Dave Bundy for parking on the shoulder of the Nevada state highway as he was observing and taking pictures with his iPad.  While snipers were trained on Bundy family members, Dave was taken to the ground; his face shoved into the gravel.  After 5 hours of parading him around like a trophy in handcuffs, he was finally transported to a Las Vegas jail.  Dave Bundy was never formally charged or arraigned for any crime and he was ultimately given a minorcitation and released into the streets of Las Vegas without a cell phone or dime in his pocket.  The Bundy family and supporters were incensed, and when news reports circulated, the public became extremely outraged.

The “alternative” or independent media began covering the news story coming out of Nevada immediately after Dave Bundy’s brutal arrest and release without charges.  The small segment of the American population who have studied the WACO or Ruby Ridge incidents  immediately recognized early warning signs that the federal government’s escalation of their 20 year land-grabbing dispute with the Bundy family could possibly lead to the untimely deaths of the Bundy Family.  Leading up to the arrest of Dave Bundy on April 6th 2014 the federal government built a multi-million dollar impoundment site — a virtual military fortress staffed with hundreds of heavily armed BLM corporate mercenaries under the direction of the U.S. Department of Interior.   From the start of the impoundment, all of the right ingredients for disaster were incorporated into this crisis, and the BLM was stepping up their aggression daily.

After a 2 hour live interview on The Pete Santilli Show with Cliven Bundy on April 8th 2014,  Pete Santilli  traveled to the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada to report on the alarming events taking place between the BLM and the Bundy family.

On the morning of April 9, 2014, Santilli began to interview members of the Bundy Family who were actively protesting the BLM.  Additionally, Santilli was scheduled to begin reporting from the scene on the morning of Wednesday April 9th.  Two interviews were scheduled with Adam Kokesh (Adam vs The Man) and Gary Franchi (Next News Network).

In an interview with Gary Franchi, Santilli provides an on scene report via Skype.  Please view the report and view the transcript below:


Here is the actual wording the Prosecutors used in front of the Grand Jury to get the indictment, as if this is what Pete actually said —  but things are not always as they seem.



This transcript is of the interview the Prosecution got the statements they used — notice how they conveniently leave out the “peaceful message” that surrounds each of the statements they cherry-picked out to get the indictment —





Listen to the interview —

The FBI surgically removed excerpts from this interview in order to shore up their criminal complaint with deception to obtain a Grand Jury indictment.  Essentially, they took Santilli completely out of context for the purposes of charging him with crimes.  

Was it malicious or intentional?  You decide, and be sure to consider that for the past 5 years, Pete Santilli is undoubtedly the most outspoken critic of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Of the many stories he’s covered relating to the FBI, the following are just a few examples of why the FBI would want to silence him:

  1.  1) Of course….all Americans are aware of the cover-up of the JFK assassination by the FBI.
  2.  2) TWA Flight 800 cover-up. Santilli has covered this topic extensively. The FBI obviously listens to The Pete Santilli Show obsessively, and they must be outraged when they’re exposed.
  3.  3) WTC Bombing #1 – During their WTC #1 investigation, FBI accidentally supplied live explosives to terrorists (versus inert) which were used to blow up the underground WTC garage. Santilli has covered this topic extensively. The FBI obviously listens to The Pete Santilli Show obsessively, and they must be outraged when they’re exposed.
  4.  4) September 11th cover-up.  The FBI ‘miraculously’ found the passports of the Saudi hijackers buried in dust on the sidewalk after the collapse of the WTC towers.  The FBI also covered up the ‘jumping Israeli’s’ (google it), and the ‘King Street bridge bomb’ (google that one, too). Santilli has covered this topic extensively. The FBI obviously listens to The Pete Santilli Show obsessively, and they must be outraged when they’re exposed.
  5.  5) Boston Marathon bombing cover-up. Santilli supplied photoshopped images of the Zarnaev brothers walking away from the Boston Marathon bombing with their backpacks on.  The FBI never followed up and the evidence was never revealed in court at trial.  Santilli has covered this topic extensively. The FBI obviously listens to The Pete Santilli Show obsessively, and they must be outraged when they’re exposed.
  6.  6) Benghazi cover-up – Ambassador Christopher Stevens died while negotiating 400 tons of MAN-PADS (surface to air missiles) from ISIS in Libya to be shipped to ISIS in Syria.  Within 3 days after the Benghazi attack, the FBI was fully aware that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and General Petreaus all knew the facts about Christopher Stevens’ mission.  The FBI also knew that the Benghazi attack had nothing to do with the release of an anti-muslim movie.  Pete Santilli provided audio recordings and facts to the Congress’s Chief Counsel for the Benghazi select committee.   Santilli has covered this topic extensively. The FBI obviously listens to The Pete Santilli Show obsessively, and they must be outraged when they’re exposed.
  7.  7) FBI CoIntelPro :  Counter intelligence program fully disclosed by American hero, the late great Ted Gunderson, Retired Assistant Director for the FBI in Los Angeles.  Before his death, Gunderson also exposed inhumane technology and tactics utilized by the FBI including geo-engineering, etc.  Santilli has covered this topic extensively. The FBI obviously listens to The Pete Santilli Show obsessively, and they must be outraged when they’re exposed.
  8.  8) UraniumOne (Oregon):  During coverage of the Malheur Refuge takeover in Burns, Oregon, confidential sources provided information which led to the discovery that Hillary Clinton’s Clinton Foundation received $145 million from individuals connected to Russian Uranium mining corporation UraniumOne, which Clinton approved for operations in the US while she was Secretary of State.  UraniumOne is documented to have interests in uranium mining throughout the USA including the Hammond Ranch & Malheur Wildlife Refuge areas.  In January 2016, Pete Santilli was involved in the investigation to uncover these facts.  On the morning of January 26, 2016, Santilli published and distributed  information on his broadcast as well as documentation on his website regarding this investigation.  Within hours of releasing this information at approximately 7pm on the 26th, Santilli was arrested by the FBI.

  • Deb, another fantabulous article!
    As an outsider to the Grand Jury proceedings, and a Liberty Hardliner, the highlighted statements from the above transcript appear to be innocuous enough. The real question begging an answer is just how sinister and heinous was the federal persecutor during his presentation of said “evidence” to the GJ? THAT is what really needs to be known. Whatever male bovine excrement laden rhetoric, that was generously applied is the gravy that helped force this down the collective throats of the members of the GJ.

  • The FBI swamp is in urgent and dire need of being drained. It is too damaged and corrupted to survive a Trump reboot? Only time will tell.

  • Good job, Deb!

  • Becky McCloskey-Dean

    Wow, Kaa-Boom! So much pertaint info, written in a very concise manner. This is full of evidence in just the 1 out of 16! All this info needs to come out to the public ASAP. Much of this I didn’t realize and have followed Pete. More need more aware of this critical info of illegally changing the narrative to fit the gov’ts agenda and to help free Pete. Please keep it up Deb, wonderful job, and we’ll spread it and educate others as much as possible #FreePete!

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  • Raja Dee

    I sure hope that people start to wake up so they can see the corruption that will be coming to light once the trial starts. These men are innocent!!!!!!!

  • Marcus Hopkins

    FBI piggy pudding with RNM and DEW on top