Stewart Rhodes Comes Out Of Hiding And Has The Nerve To Ask – Will You Take Up Arms To Fight Marxist Terrorism?

At What Cost Will You Follow His Lead ---

Photo- Of – Stewart – Rhodes

Opinion – Guerilla Media Network LLC – Cincinnati Ohio – July – 09 – 2016



Stewart Rhodes seems to have crawled out of his hiding place under the bed and given his Oathkeepers a pretty big nation-wide directive concerning the killing of law enforcement by sniper — in Dallas Texas this past week;


Therefore, I call on all Oath Keepers, and all patriotic Americans, to come to the aid of their local police, and to the aid of their communities, and unite and coordinate in mutual defense against this orchestrated campaign of Marxist terrorism, which is the modern version of the wave of terrorism we saw in the late 60s and early 70s by the Marxist Weather Underground and related groups (who also frequently targeted police), along with the closely related Jihadist terrorism offensive, with Orlando being merely the latest in an ongoing wave of attacks.    What is now needed, more than ever, is the reestablishment of the militia of the people, trained, equipped and organized in each town, to defend against what is now clearly a “Tet Offensive” American style, as Navy SEAL veteran Matt Bracken warned.    While we work to reestablish that militia system, you must go armed at all times, and be prepared, at all times, to defend your community against these Marxist terrorists as well as their Islamist terror allies.  Remember, they are in league, and you are their common enemy and their common targets. ~ Stewart Rhodes



Nobody expected to see the face of Stewart Rhodes in Burns, Oregon back in January as Mr. Rhodes made it quite clear his organization wanted no part in the occupation of a wildlife refuge, simply ignoring the fact that if there was ever a clear case of “Marxist style terrorism,”  it was certainly rearing it’s ugly head in Harney County.  Documentation of the event well proved that Burns Oregon was not just about the Hammond family.  Countless hours of video proved over and over again that there were others who were feeling the heavy boot of government on the backs of their necks by Federal,  State, and Local Officials who were willing to do anything to keep the people in-line.

Stewart Rhodes failed to see the broader picture in Harney County and he failed to hold the right people accountable.  Why?  Because he was too busy reprimanding Ammon Bundy and anyone else he could demonize, for trying to expose the “Marxist style terrorism” being perpetrated on what we now know to be – at the very least – 30% of the people in that county.  Just because it wasn’t a black man shooting white cops surely doesn’t mean it was any less urgent.  After all, isn’t what was going on in Harney County exactly what Rhodes claims is spreading across this Country and he has taken an oath to defend against?   It could not have been any clearer than when Dwight Hammond said it himself – “This is not just about us – This is about our Country.”   Surely Oathkeepers could have found one good family other than the Hammond’s, they would be willing to stand up for in Harney County.

I suppose running people out of business and charging them with terrorism – threatening people with retaliation if they said anything – confiscating people’s property, leveling high fines, enforcing unfair outrageous restrictions, and law enforcement forcing oral sex on female inmates for extra jail perks  – rates pretty low on the Oathkeeper scale of  what constitutes “Marxist terrorism” in Harney County Oregon for Stewart Rhodes.  Rhodes did however sit in the comfort of his own home typing out some pretty wordy declarations that offered Ammon Bundy a “honorable” way to leave the refuge. Interestingly enough, I could find nothing in all those declarations that suggested Mr. Bundy should fain some imminent drone strike as a reason to high-tail-it and run.

Rumor has it that when discovery is revealed in open court during the trial it will show Stewart Rhodes actually assisted the Feds in the takedown of occupation leaders. If that proves to be true, Stewart Rhodes and his Oathkeepers will have much to answer for, including the death of LaVoy Finicum.



Burns Oregon aside, many people are wondering where Mr. Rhodes has put his sacred oath to the Bundy Family concerning the standoff back in April 2014, where Stewart Rhodes personally showed up with reinforcement from all over the country, heavily armed and ready to go full “sheep dog on sheep dog”, as he is so eloquently heard saying in speeches across the country.

Carol Bundy stands on the steps of a Las Vegas Courthouse without the support of Stewart Rhodes

So far avoiding arrest for his role at Bundy Ranch – Stewart Rhodes has not only abandoned Carol Bundy who says, “I haven’t heard from Rhodes since he “high-tailed-it and ran from the ranch back in 2014;” He has also left one of his Oathkeepers hanging out to dry.

Jerry Delemus said he answered Stewart Rhodes’s  “call to action” back in April of 2014 and now he want’s to know why he is sitting in jail and Stewart Rhodes isn’t coming to his defense.  Jerry’s wife, N.H. State Rep Susan Delemus told us that, “Jerry first saw the call to action on the Oathkeepers website and after discussing it with me the decision was made to go across Country and join other Oathkeepers who were staged there under the command of Stewart Rhodes.” We never dreamed that in the end Rhodes would abandon the men he called to join him.”

Susan Delemus has said that Stewart Rhodes did have a representative reach out to her – however, when she asked the rep why Rhodes hadn’t called her himself the man told her Rhodes was a busy man —

When she asked why Rhodes had not been arrested for being at the ranch –  he answered, ” The FBI could find no real evidence linking Rhodes to the Bundy Ranch and there were no known photo’s of him being there armed.” Really? Just let that statement from his representative sink in a moment.

Photo -Stewart – Rhodes – Bundy – Ranch – What – Is – That – Tucked – In – His – Waistband -? –

This isn’t the first time he abandoned Jerry Delemus, or the Bundy’s for that matter.  After receiving what Rhodes called back in 2014 “credible intel” that a drone strike was imminent on the Bundy Ranch – Rhodes pulled his support and “ran like the coward he is,” say some who were present during the incident.

The drone strike never came, leaving many to ponder the idea that maybe, just maybe, Rhodes used a made up  “drone strike” story as an “honorable” way to exit the ranch.  I guess “sheep dog on sheep dog”  only means so much to Stewart Rhodes.

But lets give him the benefit of the doubt and say the drone threat was real – Is the threat and “fear” of a drone strike a very honorable reason to leave a family you helped empower to take a stand, vulnerable and without protection?  How could any honorable oath-taking man watch the Bundy Ranch fade from his review mirror and not consider the lives of the people he was leaving wide open to a drone attack?  What kind of manly Oathkeeper does that?

Just the fact that one of his own is sitting in a Nevada jail, faced with spending the rest of his life in prison for answering a call Stewart himself made, would cause any reasonable man to  wonder why Rhodes, with his Harvard Law degree,  hasn’t packed his bags and taken up residence on the steps of that Las Vegas Court-house, defending these people to “the death” – like he promised he would back in 2014.



Here is some good advise for those of you listening to Stewart Rhodes and are actually considering his call to action and the taking up of arms in the name of keeping your “oath” — Don’t do it.

Ask the Bundy & Delemus families about how it feels to be empowered by the likes of Stewart Rhodes and then left to  face a drone strike and later prison — Ask Eric Parker who sits in The Parhump Detention Center in Nevada and hasn’t heard one word from Stewart Rhodes in support.  Ask Ammon Bundy what it feels like to take a stand and be completely dismissed by the oathkeepers as not having a legitimate cause or be deserving enough of their protection by the mighty Stewart Rhodes and his Oathkeepers.  Ask the Finicum family what it’s like to lose everything while Stewart Rhodes takes a self righteous stand against what LaVoy stood and died for.   Ask yourself if it will all be worth it in the end when Rhodes “high-tails -it and runs” back home only to hide under his bed when shit gets real and you’re either dead or sitting in jail.  Then ask Jon Ritzheimer what it feels like to shred your Oathkeepers membership and throw it in the garbage – where it belongs.     End Article



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  • HDLadee

    EXCELLENT ARTICLE and THANK YOU for calling him out! Sick of people thinking this coward is honorable!

  • He must sense this is a good opportunity to sell more memberships and hats. Oathkeepers is first of all, a business and a way for stuart to generate income. Does he talk a good talk? As a lawyer, you bet he does. If you know what he is and his motivations, then you will never be fooled, fleeced or disappointed with him. Sorry to the rest of you. Jerry and Sue Delemus are friends of mine and so are other families mentioned in this article. So I do take this personally. I would never lie about Stuart Rhodes in an effort to discredit him and neither would Deb, the sad thing is we don’t have to.

    • Mark Hayward

      I can’t make an intelligent Decision about Rhodes if I don’t know if he was an Informant before Bunkerville or after Bunkerville. Sounds like maybe the Feds snared him after the 2014 Bunkerville Standoff.

      If Rhodes is such a great Lawyer why did he lit his License be revoked in at least one State? I don’t know his status as a lawyer at this point . I don’t care because he can’t be trusted.

      It’s time to start a new Militia with no affiliation with Rhodes. Patriots need to screen members with a lie detector machine for starters. If the Bundy’s would of had a lie detector at the Refuge it could have saved them some grief.

      • Mark Hayward

        Furthermore Black Lives Matters Anti Trump Protesters ect. the Orlando shooter were all set up orchestrated and set up by the FBI.. 70% of what the FBI does is Propaganda they have control of Rhodes. I don’r know if they are paying him $$$$$ or if they threaten him with Prison time. Either way he is their puppet to spread false information..
        Rhodes works for the people who call Ranchers Domestic Terrorists .. The real Terrorists are teh BLM and FBI the ones harassing Ranchers into Bankrupcy with Bogus laws Dessert Tortoises and jumping field mice , spotted Owls and Prairie Grouse ..

      • Bunkerville was an “all call” they vetted what they could as you may recall they sent the “crazy couple” packing.

  • Chandie Bartell

    Excellent article that summarizes this man.

  • 1CaptKarl1

    HOLD THE PHONE! Something doesn’t smell right here.

    If all of the Patriots are armed all or most of the time, and we can fight real crime and help the Cops during a REAL crime situation where there IS A VICTIM, and Governments CANNOT be a victim according to Common Law, I see nothing wrong with what Rhodes is calling for here. I think it is a great idea. And, perhaps, maybe, just maybe, we can establish a rapport with the Cops and in the process persuade them to support and defend The Constitution against all enemies, Both Republican and Democrat.

    • Cuda

      Stuart is that really you???

    • pissed off american

      did YOU see this?
      “Rumor has it that when discovery is revealed in open court during the trial it will show Stewart Rhodes actually assisted the Feds in the takedown of occupation leaders. If that proves to be true, Stewart Rhodes and his Oathkeepers will have much to answer for, including the death of LaVoy Finicum.” it’s in the article!!!
      this is HOW i see what happened…
      cliven bundy (mormon)…harry reid (mormon)…sheriff mac (mormon)…total occult operation to TAKE bundy land…next hammond’s in oregon (mormon)–land took…and now the bureau of land management is messing around in utah pissing off that whole state…even has got the sheriff saying he’s going to deputize every man, woman, and child!!!
      the mormon people “might” be good people, but their hierarchy is selling them out–TO CHINA!
      now let’s talk about marxism NOW!!!

  • Vicky Davis

    This is a war people. Stewart Rhodes made a mistake on the Hammond Family situation and he failed to lead and he was taken to the wood shed for it. But I don’t think that means we have to throw him under the bus forever – and especially because his stance on supporting our local police against the marxist terrorists who are funded by George Soros is the right stance. We need our local police and they need us. They are under attack by communists. Our ranchers are under attack by communists. What does that tell you? Who are the communists? Who has the power? Think about it.

    • Vicky Davis

      Although I have to say that the fact that he is a lawyer really makes me queasy.

    • pubpubpub

      And LaVoy is DEAD and tons of Patriots are rotting in jail! Talk about Soros — that’s probably who funds Oath Keepers. How did they become so big and polished? The best way to fight the opposition is to lead it.

    • HotToddy1964

      Communists? You’re delusional. Non-college educated, obviously. Learn the difference between Marxism, communism and socialism. Nobody’s “under attack”, we’re all just expected to comply with the laws of the land. Don’t like the laws? Use the methods available to all of us to get them changed, but at a minimum take off the tin foil hat.

  • Sniper

    “Operation Backstop,” The operation to assist and provide overwatch for Law Enforcement started with the state of South Carolina. The Oath Keepers of that state have been active in it for months and National has just picked it up recently. It is running well and law enforcement at all levels know we are there and that we will come to their aid if they are in distress, and will respond with appropriate, lawful force as necessary if on scene at the time.
    We are still observing the above as all facts emerge, and will draw our own conclusions based on fact. We, as an organization are operating within the borders of our state per our state Constitution, and are well prepared to handle any call, within the letter of Constitutional law as necessary. If the worst comes to pass, we will continue to operate as SC Oath Keepers. Our sworn Oath demands it. Period.

  • Robin W. Tong

    Riddle me this:

    A Nevada Non-Profit Corporation by law has to dedicate it’s self to a public or charitable purpose. The President and Board of Directors of that non-profit have a legal obligation and fiduciary duty to faithfully administer the non-profit to a public or charitable purpose.

    Stewart Rhodes was a key figure rallying and organizing the events of Bunkerville. How does Oath Keepers providing funding and a national infrastructure (facilitating travel expenses, motel rooms, meals, gear, equipment, and even providing live ammunition during an armed standoff between militia and federal, state, and municipal law enforce) serve a public or charitable purpose? From April 2014 to the present day, how has any of the other armed engagements, missions, or public advisement of Oath Keepers served any public or charitable purpose?

    I was once a member of Oath Keepers, and was nationally known for having actually stood down and engaged in civil disobedience while in active service, and then standing trial at general court martial accused of capital crimes and facing the death penalty or felony imprisonment for having dared peaceful civil disobedience in defiance of the violation of constitutional rights. I had joined Oath Keepers when it was a civic association and had a civic mission of engaging in constitutional outreach and education as a means of political activism.

    When Stewart engaged in the events of Bunkerville, members of the Board of Directors to include its Legal Counsel, various state leadership, various regional leadership, and various membership disavowed his leadership decisions as having been made in bad faith. Over the span of several months countless hundreds of persons amongst the leadership and thousands amongst the membership demanded he redress his bad faith leadership. Instead, we were all purged from the association. He destroyed the names, reputations, careers, and security clearances of countless individuals whom were current serving or affiliated with government organizations whom had joined with Oath Keepers to engage in civic activism.

    Whether it be his abandonment of fiduciary duty, his abandonment of those he had rallied Oath Keepers around as a cause celeb, his abandonment of those that had retained him as their attorney to represent them in court after Oath Keepers exploited their media fame to make a name for Oath Keepers, abandoning the civic mission of Oath Keepers to engage in militia activism, or abandoning those he rallied to take up arms at their own peril in the field and in the courts, the only thing that Stewart has been consistent at is leaving a wake of destroyed lives and controversies behind him.

    Have you heard the latest? Despite having engaged in so many armed standoffs with federal, state, and municipal law enforcement in several states, in the aftermath of the killings in Dallas he has directed that cards and flowers be sent to police departments nationwide as a show of solidarity.

    In light of Stewart’s evolution of political thought, and in light of Stewart’s manic compulsions to change the stated mission and direction of the non-profit association whenever he wishes to suit his personal whims, ranging from the extremis of handing out live ammunition during armed standoffs with federal, state, and municipal law enforcement – to the extremis of calling for the delivery of cards and flowers in honor of murdered officers as a sign of standing in solidarity with police that he and his membership have so frequently taken up arms against, those of us whom had once been a part of Oath Keepers to engage in outreach, education, and the pursuit of peaceful political change before the organizations transformation into a national platform for militia have to now wonder if Stewart Rhodes is criminally insane.

    Does that mean that Stewart Rhodes will be sending BLM Special Agent Daniel Love cards, flowers, and a box of chocolates? Is the Las Vegas Police Department going to get cards, flowers, and chocolates too? How about the State Police, sheriffs deputies, and regional municipal police from St. Louis? Can they get a teddy bear?

    By the way, Pete: Reference charges filed in US v Keebler, page 4, continuation of allegation #5, the U.S. Government narrative admits to having covert operatives embedded with and directing the actions of LaVoy Finicum and others as early as October 2015…

    They orchestrated the events, and then they murdered LaVoy. Demand more information about the roles of the operatives involved in prior to, during, and at the climax of events in Bunkerville and Burns.

    The role of operatives to bring to fruition the events that the government has sanctioned justified the murder of LaVoy and the arrest of so many others for daring to engage in political defiance and civil disobedience must be exposed. Such tactics are a means of waging covert war against political enemies to justify their murder and prosecution.

    Ultimately, you were used as a pawn. Now they are trying to bury you.

  • Brainiac

    You people have got to be the biggest goofs ever. I can’t even imagine how deeply the feds have infiltrated these militia groups. There’s probably more feds involved than non-feds at this point.

    • pubpubpub

      And you’re scum who loves tyranny — and you’re insulting us?

      • Brainiac

        If the government is so tyrannical, how is it that your comments are allowed?

        • pubpubpub

          Is this a government website? lol

  • Michael Elliot

    Oathkeepers are the very reason we are in the state the nation is in . IF THEY HAD FOLLOWED THE OATH WHILE ON THE JOB .WE WOULDNT BE HERE TODAY .

  • pubpubpub


  • pubpubpub

    I can’t believe you’re calling out OathKeepers and worshiping Brandon Curtiss.

  • JohnComeau

    I’ve about had it with Rhodes too, but I don’t think he was wrong in Harney County. that was a net loss for us all. Eric also strongly advised Ammon and the others not to do it, but they did, and they failed, and now Eric is in jail because of it. it was a major clusterfuck and gave the feds the high ground they lost at Bundy Ranch.

  • pissed off american

    stewart rhodes is controlled opposition–just like alex jones!
    i’m SICK of people boo hooing over this LIE narrative called the “war on cops”!!!
    this is NOT o’dummy’s fault…the fault lays DIRECTLY on the crooked corrupt cops & courts…
    the list of SINS upon “we the people” by this militarized police state and kangaroo court system is RIDICULOUS!
    for far too long “we the people” have BEGGED the police to stop policing for profit, “pain compliance”, road side body cavity searches, and other police brutality tactics–to be TRANSPARENT, and wear BODY CAMERA’S…
    for far too long “we the people” have BEGGED the courts to stop giving corrupt police and politicians extra rights, privileges, & protections!
    this is what the “tree of liberty” being “refreshed” looks like!

  • pissed off american

    Y’ALL watch and see if rhodes is NOT trying to cause a shit storm so the FED will abolish militia’s!!!

    • Brainiac

      Why would the feds want to abolish militias? How else would they keep track of you knuckleheads?

  • Lynn Kopa Balogh

    Yea like the bundy the oathkeepers and 3 percenters gang Threatning peace officers like las Vegas metro and sheriff David ward and other law officials. Enough from these domestic terrorist. You gotta be dense in the head not to see what these ganization are besides living in a fantasy world

  • Michelle G

    Free Pete! Free ALL the Patriots in jail on nefarious trumped-up charges! I stand by all these patriots and am thankful we have Americans who will stand for they’re neighbor when wrongs are perpetrated against them. We need more men and women like them.
    Great article and well written. Yes, its about time Rhodes is called out for what he is and has done to the men/women who trusted him and his leadership
    For you haters, who take the time to leave a hateful comment below,(which i find quite humorous–why take the time to read and comment???) the ignorance you accuse others of shows. There may come a time when you are bullied, trespassed against, threatened w/physical and bodily injury, as well as your land, home, lively hood, your ranch and everything you and previous generations have worked so hard for…….Just wait until they come for yours and this happens to you or your grandparents. Would you stand for your neighbor? I think not.
    You ppl call them ignorant..these Americans know the laws and Constitution better than anybody, including the law agencies that are working so hard to prosecute them. Shame on you.
    Free the P3’s! Free Pete Santilli! Long Live LaVoy!

  • terrie

    In dividing they conquer…

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