Radical Lawbreakers Occupy a Federal Building in Washington D.C.

If you can't do it in Oregon and Nevada - You Can't Do It In Washington - Bundy Supporters Cry Foul!



This is leadership – That’s what both Hillary and Bill Clinton tweeted out after Democrats began their illegal House floor sit-in on Wednesday, because the House Appropriations Committee rejected a proposal to prevent terror suspects from buying guns.

This kind of support caused a jury to indict Ammon Bundy and codefendants who were all arrested in both Oregon and Nevada for doing the same exact thing.

According to the Government this type of protest where Federal workers are impeded from doing their duty is illegal and punishable by incarceration without any hope of pretrial release.

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Rachel Ritzheimer, wife of accused protest participant Jon Ritzheimer who occupied the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon this past January, released this message on  Facebook today;

I called my senator and reported a concern of a conspiracy to take over part of a federal building. I did identify the location as the senate floor. Call your rep. 1-202-225-2456 and they will transfer you to their office. Conspiracy is conspiracy. They are impeding others from doing their work.

The protesters who have taken over the senate floor are being protected by armed guards and refuse to leave the building after being asked by Rep. Ted Poe of Texas to leave;

“The House is not in a state of order due to the presence of members in the well,” Poe said before asking them to leave. 

When he was ignored, he gaveled the House back into recess and the cameras again went dark. Poe’s call for order was barely audible in the chamber over the Democrats’ chants of “no bill, no break!” source

Ammon Bundy made a similar demand after occupying the Wildlife Refuge but was lured into an ambush where protestor LaVoy Finicum was gunned down by Oregon State Police.

The 154-year-old law under which Ammon Bundy and others were arrested was created to deal with a nation torn apart by war and should apply to everyone and not just some.

While used in the last few decades mostly against activists like Bundy, the charge originated at a time when entire states rejected federal power.

House Resolution 45 made it a crime to try to destroy the United States government, to impede the execution of any U.S. law or to take U.S. property by force.

The new anti-conspiracy law also explicitly barred people from taking control of federal property, which state forces and armed groups in the seceded states had done.

In rare cases when prosecutors have invoked the conspiracy statute, it’s often been against people fighting for a cause. People prosecuted under it include environmental activists disobeying government orders and anti-war activists protesting in military recruitment centers.

The representatives who are occupying the Senate Floor are clearly breaking the same law and supporters of the men and women being held in Oregon are calling foul.

If you can’t do it in Oregon and Nevada then you can’t do it Washington D.C., supporters are saying.  We are calling on our State Reps to  demand the arrest of all who are participating, or let our people go in Oregon and Nevada.

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  • Troy

    So is that supposed to be racist? The BLM has stolen their land that’s what is so great about America it’s called the militia it don’t matter what color or race you are they stand up to the government when it’s out of control the militia is protected by the Constitution people need to stop crying racist all the time. All the American Christians of all races and colors need to get together to get ready for the Muslim invasion that Obama is funding

  • Timothy_Bair

    Where the heck is the Sergeant At Arms? Sleeping again? this is a violation of house Rules and Ethics and the law

  • John P

    Can somebody press charges and get them jailed on equal terms to the P3?

  • sharonhansen209

    Wouldn’t do any good to contact my assanine senators. They are part of the problem. They won’t do anything against their own!