Racist Campaign Propaganda Leads To Disciplinary Action In Cliven Bundy Case



GMN REPORTS – Las Vegas Nevada

The high profile Nevada case of United States vs Cliven Bundy et al  is anticipated to be in the spotlight much more in the coming months now that Ammon and Ryan Bundy have been successfully transferred to The Southern Nevada Detention Center in Parhump Nevada.  After being acquitted on charges of conspiracy in the State of Oregon, the two Sons of Cliven Bundy have now joined their father and two brothers Mel & Dave, to tackle what many are calling the biggest case concerning civil rights Nevada has ever seen.

[Update 11/03/16 @ 10:39 AM PST]: Ammon & Ryan Bundy – Were first sent to and spent the night in Seattle Washington — There is no word as to whether or not they made it to Nevada overnight.]

Attorneys for the defense in the case still have concerns that Nevada may not be the idea place for this trial and have filed a joint motion for a change of venue.

There is no doubt the election has become ugly here in Nevada, said State Assembly Woman Michele Fiore. In fact, Fiore believes the race between Republican Cresent Hardy and Democrat Ruben Kihuen, may very well have extinguished all hopes of finding an impartial jury to hear the case.

Race-Baiter Ruben Kihuen – Strong Ties – To Bundy Hater Harry Reid

Just this week disciplinary action was taken against an employee at the Southern Nevada Detention Center for what the defendants in the case called a hostile reaction to ads being run on Nevada television insinuating Cliven Bundy is a racist.

Ms. Taylor, an African American woman, who refused to give GMN her first name when we reached out to her by phone earlier today, is in charge of the facilities Law Library, where Bundy and Co-defendents work on their cases to prepare for trial. Part of her duties include managing computer disks that contain discovery from the prosecutor’s office; defendants need regular access to those disk and the library to build their case.

The Defendants in the case agree, she was kind and helpful until about two weeks ago when they noticed a big change in her attitude toward them.  It was then she began refusing to give them access to the discovery, slammed doors and screamed at them for asking simple questions, and repeatedly became confrontational when asked to accommodate them in securing a seat at computers in the library.

The confrontations became so regular and vicious that one defendant, after seeking advise of on duty guards, finally filed a complaint.  The complaint noted that one of the statements made by Ms Taylor during a confrontation was, “Well, maybe I was better off when I was picken cotton,”  a remark taken out of context that was widely distributed by media news outlets, and now being used by Senator Kihuen in his race for Congress.

Facility authorities admit Mr. Bundy nor any of the other inmates, have displayed any behavior that would lead to the impression they are racist.


When Chief Delaney asked Ms Taylor if she had made reference to the ad during one of her outburst, she admitted to making the remark and said her drastic change in attitude was because of a commercial she had seen on television by Senator Ruben Kihuen.

For attorneys and their clients this signals another huge problem being caused by a politician who continues to portray Cliven Bundy as a racist, and it is not only effecting a potential jury pool, but also the mind of a woman who has direct access to sensitive information concerning this case.

Michele Fiore, a Nevada Lawmaker and advocate for the defendants being held on charges of conspiracy in her State, says she agrees with the attorneys;

If this woman cannot keep her personal feelings in check, and is that easily swayed by a political propaganda ad concerning Mr. Bundy, then maybe the SNDC should seriously consider replacing her with someone who is a little more professional.

The men in Nevada, who are known for their well mannered behavior and overall respectful attitude toward employees at the facility, say that Chief Delaney spoke to them earlier today and said disciplinary actions were taken but that he would not disclose what those actions were.

We just want to work on our case they said, what concerns us more than anything right now is our right to a fair trial and Constitutional guarantee to a fair and impartial jury.  If the reaction of Ms Taylor is any indication of what the public has been force fed into thinking, a fair trial will obviously be a challenge here in Nevada


CALL NEVADA STATIONS AND ASK THEM TO STOP THE RACE BAITING !! https://en.wikipedia.org/…/List_of_television_stations_in_N…

Please call and send letters to the SNDC here:

Address: 2190 E Mesquite Ave, Pahrump, NV 89060
Phone: (775) 751-4500


  • Bobby Franklin

    I live back in Vegas now, & for the 1st time in my life I did vote a straight Republican ticket. Virtually every democrat on the ballot are sending me USPS mail adverts, falsely claiming that Cliven is a racist squatter, & that is the reason they should be elected?

    Dirty harry has surely stacked the democratic election, in all 3 branches of the NV gov’t, with his henchmen puppets, & how many citizens have fallen for his lies?

    • Cuda

      Bless you Bobby for seeing the truth through their lies! Our only hope is more see it and realise the false statements and allow a fair trial or do not stand in the way of a motion to move the prisoners and trail! In reality dropping the charges and releasing them is more prudent but the BLM (gov) will never admit that nor will the DOJ allow it!

    • dennisandconniegomez

      having lived twenty years in Northern Nevada, we witnessed the tyranny of Dirty Harry, a man who has rarely held a real job in his life, yet is a millionaire! The goon wants the Bundy land to sell it to China. Look into this fools past history. (his son is worse). We watched him cheat Sharyn Angle out of the 2012 election as he bussed ILLEGALS to the polls, bribing them with Starbucks coupons and food. “guides” took the illegals into polls and pointed where to place their “vote”! The schenanigans (spelling?) were reported to Washington, DC to no avail….This traitor needs to be in JAIL!

    • Mindy Robinson

      I live in WA state and called the dem party there , they sent out thousands of flyers accusing Mr. Bundy of murdering cops, I mean the flyers stated he had done it. This is illegal, it is slanderous and who ever in that group was involved should have been charged with obstruction of justice. They have polluted the jury pool. I will also be calling the number provided in this article.

  • Tina

    This Ruben Kihuen looks like a Khazarian form the Ukraine or middle east and Israeli he has that smug elite look on his evil face. There all over the west Coast every single person in this Nation needs to get involved wit there Representatives and demand answers and if they dont, take legal action. Our Nation turning back to the republic it was meant to be and many dark secrets are coming out now Hilary is going to jail along wit many others. Everyone is involved one way or another a FBI insider says they need to be removed and tried for treason . Paul Ryan said the Federal Govt is the 4 branch of Govt were only suppose to have 3 so there entire operation is illegal and he wants to remove them dissolve them.
    This is good news people in the intelligence community are coming out now like Steve Pieczenik look him up he is telling us many things right now. Whats the news on Pete? I miss him and you to Deborah. Hillary was caught in a child sex ring big stuff is coming out now Pete should be freed.

  • PatriotGranny

    Ammon and Ryan are in Seattle!

  • James Fenton III

    Harry is a real problem, he is not a representative of the people, he is in opposition to freedom.
    Justice was done in Oregon, the jury saw what the Government was doing, and acquitted everyone.
    Then the Marshals tackled and tazed Mr Mumford for speaking up for his client.
    The only party that was violent was the Government, and they killed a man, and maliciously prosecuted the others, and now jumped on the defense attorney for no reason.
    Is this a Republic, or a Dictatorship?
    Government is supposed to serve citizens needs, not dictate to citizens how they should be conquered.
    Government is our servant, not our master.
    We need to remind them of this fact.Since the Government agency’s have controlled the media, and lied to the public. Research what this case is about, since you have been reading and hearing lies from the news agency’s.
    if you knew the truth, you would stand with the defendants.

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