Oregon Defense For David Fry Ties Malhuer To Waco, Ruby Ridge, And The Killing Of LaVoy Finicum

The Finicum shooting and the cover-up scheme is material and helpful to corroborate and substantiate those fears of FBI violence


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The Finicum shooting and the cover-up scheme is material and helpful to corroborate and substantiate those fears of FBI violence ….

Per C. Olson, Attorney for David Fry, whose motion compelled the court to drop the most significant gun charge against defendants in the case of the Unites States vs Ammon Bundy et el,  filed another motion on Tuesday compelling Judge Anna Brown to allow defendants and their attorneys to view discovery surrounding the Office of Inspector General Investigation, (OIG) over a possible coverup by FBI agents and their role in the death of LaVoy Finicum.  The motion was briefly  brought up during Wednesday’s  monthly —- hearing.


In the memorandum Attorney Per C. Olson insisted that the ability to see the non-redacted  findings contained in the OIG report are vital to not only his clients defense, but also the defense of all others.   He believes that evidence of use of excessive force in the Finicum shooting and the cover-up scheme is material and helpful to corroborate and substantiate those fears of FBI violence;

In the context of the HRT’s history of use of excessive force and cover-ups (e.g., Waco and Ruby Ridge), the Finicum shooting and cover-up is directly relevant to explain and corroborate that defendants possessed or carried firearms as alleged in the indictment for defensive purposes and in fear of a covert FBI attack, rather than to facilitate the alleged conspiracy or for offensive reasons.

Olson blasted the fBI in the document when he stated, “The HRT has a history of excessive force and cover-ups and, during the Ruby Ridge siege of 1992, an FBI HRT sniper, following the rules of engagement drawn up for the operation, shot Randy Weaver when he was not posing a threat, and shot and killed Randy’s wife, Vicki, while she was standing, unarmed, in the doorway to the cabin holding her baby.2  The incident led to a Senate investigation and report concluding that the rules of engagement – that allowed for the killing of Weaver or any armed adult standing near Weaver regardless of threat – were unconstitutional.  Further Olson points out that the FBI HRT also was involved in the siege of the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas, in 1993.4 where the FBI engaged in increasingly hostile and aggressive techniques to force the occupants from the compound.”

The government’s final assault with armored vehicles and tear gas caused the Davidians to set fire to the compound, resulting in the deaths of 76 men, women and children. The FBI falsely claimed for many years that it did not use pyrotechnic devices in the raid. Its admission in 1999 that fire-starting devices were, in fact, deployed in the assault caused 61 percent of the public to believe that federal agents started the fire that killed the occupants, the document says.

The motion wasn’t on the docket for discussion this past Wednesday but Judge Brown agreed the motion was an important one and will wait for the Government to reply before making her decision to allow oral argument in a round 2 motion hearing expected to happen in Late July.  Defendant Jon Ritzheimer’s  Attorney has file a similar motion.

Pete Santilli, the social media broadcaster who was arrested and charged with conspiracy in the case, took issue with the fact that both attorney and judge failed to make clear what the OGI report was.  Santilli shouted out to the galley after court was adjourned, to make sure the people knew the OGI was actually the investigation into the coverup and murder of LaVoy Finicum.

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  • KrisL

    This corruption needs to be exposed! The alphabet agencies have gotten away with murder for far too long!

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  • Derek N Joyti Lermeny

    The truth will come out. There are many of us out here that are supporting the Patriot Prisoners and their families. We will not be silenced. We will not go away. #WeAreLaVoy

  • jgreencyclist

    Yeah, good luck with that David. It’s irrelevant to your case.

  • Old Jack

    The government and the lawyers can drag this out, point counter point, until the government is beaten on every count, and still win, because the defendents, will be broke, and voiceless. Where is the justice, in this justice system?

    • karen

      All corrupt and pockets full!


    recall all politicians, they’ve all sold us out, recall obama and arrest him and hillary clinton. arrest all politicians who wrote or voted for treasonous legislation. arrest career politicians who’ve become organized crime over the years they were in office. ban all federal and state intrusive agencies which some of are now militarized. recall all sheriffs who are not constitutional. restore our government and the constitution and bill of rights. ban the federal reserve and the united nations. ban the trilateral commission and the committee of foreign relations and all corporations. arrest all elite and world leaders who attend and conspire to destroy humanity at the builderberg meetings. the devil worshipers have declared war against christians and morality. has anyone seen the demonic ceremony that was attended by world and religious leaders for the opening of the worlds largest tunnel in switzerland ? purely demonic

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      What the heck are you smoking?

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        apparently troll, you are the one who is an idiot. Darrell is right and you are asleep if you don’t realize what’s going on around you.

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  • Autumn

    Finicum’s death was suicide by cop inspired by his narcissism and overblown feelings of self importance.

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      Wake up!!! I am so tired of sheeple!

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        I am tired of woefully ignorant histrionic retro-patriots.

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          This is so about you 🙂

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        White trash wearing Mexicans clothes and thinking they are in a racist old fantasy 1950s era cowboy movie is so lame.

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        in a sense you too are a sheeple as you follow the people who believe the same as you
        so what you are saying is you are tired of your self I agree I’m tired of your kind too

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      ‘ll just leave this here tooI

  • trash troll

    the fact is they ALL had the chance to leave a couple weeks into the protest and decided to stay so
    now they need to face the music the fact that they didn’t leave makes them just as much the blame for the death of finicum as anyone else so quit being cry babies you did the crime now do the time

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      You need to study the Constitution! Ignorant!

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        who gives a shit the constitution was written over 200 years ago by people who’s been dead
        for over 200 years and now all of a sudden people calling themselves patriots think they know what our founders intended the constitution to be and talk about ignorant back when the constitution was written they burned people at the stake for being witches I guess we should look into bringing that back too so don’t be so ignorant Karen

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          It is not bringing back our Constitution, it is about keeping our Constitution. Who would we be without it? 

  • pablo watdafuqolio

    It was Randy Weavers son that was killed. Kind of hoped an attorney would get the facts… pffft.. never mind.

    • notliberal

      and so was his wife Vicky

    • John_erox

      And his wife.

  • Autumn

    These criminals awaiting trial need to recognize that what they did was wrong. If they want to raise funds, it should go to compensating for damages they caused.

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      What part of law enforcement are you working for?

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      You just “think” you know what they did! Wake Up!

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    They should continue to prosecute these domestic terrorists to the full extent of the law. And I happened to look at a few of the facebook profiles. Wow! Someone pass out some contraceptives to these people. No wonder our tax bills are so high.

  • Angry Grandma

    Heroes the ranch says? Really ? The new arrest, Keebler, who Finicum went and scoped out areas to blow up with, proves otherwise. They did not make arrests for Bunkerville so they could infiltrate and take down. Very smart. The vetting process of the faketriots failed. More arrests will come. And Finicum, we see why he committed suicide by cop. He knew he was going away for a long time. No heroes, look at Keebler and who he associates with. Seditionist traitors, their families. Watch, plea bargains going down, they got smart, they see they were used. More to come as well. The ones that brought all of them in, big donations s to that family, but look at all they have already. They thought they were smart, but not at all. Please will save those pulled into this , and still more arrests will come.