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Operation Detain McCain

Operation Detain McCain

Sunday Sept 6, 2015 UPDATE: We will be at the Homeless Veterans Camp at 660 West Camelback Road Phoenix, Arizona. Come join us to make monetary donations, donate clothing & care package items, help maintain the Camp, and make friends with great American patriots who love & refuse to abandon our veterans.


Main Stream Media Articles from yesterday’s rally in front of John McCain’s office:

US veterans rally against Senator McCain

Screenshot 2015-09-06 14.55.20

Protesters slam McCain on veterans issues outside Phoenix office

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Please support the mission by contributing a donation.  This trip could not happen without the support of listeners. CLICK HERE TO DONATE


SUPPLIES ARE NEEDED! Donate directly to purchase supplies for homeless Veterans in Phoenix.  14 year old “Brandie” has set up her own GoFundMe account to help with the cause!

We The People demand that Senator John McCain get Veterans off the streets of Arizona by September 5th, 2015, or we will make his office their new home.

Our Mission:  On September 5th (and until McCain responds appropriately) U.S. Military Veterans will descend upon Senator John McCain’s office in Phoenix, Arizona at 2201 East Camelback Road Suite 115 Phoenix, AZ 85016 to demand that he be held accountable, arrested, tried and convicted for his shameful acts against the Veterans of the United States.  Homeless Veterans will march upon McCain’s office and fellow Veterans will demand that unless Senator McCain doesn’t immediately alleviate their homelessness, homeless Veterans will be encouraged to camp out and live at his office indefinitely as a visual reminder of his willful negligence. McCain has been given until September 5th to (a) put a roof over their head & give them an environment where they can get on their feet and become productive and (b) get them adequate healthcare they deserve.  Veterans are dying on waiting lists & 22 commit suicide every day!  If McCain has not fixed the issue; WE THE PEOPLE will give our Veterans a new home until McCain decides to get off his but an do what we tell him to do — TAKE CARE OF OUR VETERANS!  Veterans will live at McCain’s office, and We The People will make sure they are not messed with until McCain solves the problem.

This will be a peaceful event intended for Veterans to bring awareness to John McCain’s despicable negligent conduct as a U.S. Senator:

  • Veteran homelessness is UNACCEPTABLE, and will no longer be tolerated. Period.
  • Failure to rectify inadequate and incompetent healthcare by the Veterans Administration, resulting in further injury and/or death to war fighter veterans who suffer from PTSD and TBI.
  • Aiding & abetting the enemy of the United States of America in the War On Terror. John McCain has met with, supplied, assisted and supported ISIS/Al-Qaeda in Syria.
  • Intentionally, willfully and has been directly involved in the cover-up of evidence regarding the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty by the Israeli Military.
  • Abandoning untold numbers of POW/MIA’s from the Vietnam War


LAUNCH DATE – September 1st, 2015 @ 4370 Eastgate Sq Dr Cinn, OH, 45245  Full Itinerary here

ARRIVAL DATE – September 5th, 2015: Oath-keeping Veterans, Citizen’s Militia, Patriots and surviving members of The USS Liberty will caravan across the country to Senator John McCain’s Phoenix office.  This operation is intended to detain John McCain for crimes against the United States of America, particularly against our nation’s Veterans.

How To Get Involved

We all support our troops, but what are we going to do for our Veterans?  Some of our Veterans are homeless, injured or maimed, suffering from PTSD & TBI, dying on VA waiting lists, having their guns taken away,  being stripped of their dignity and 22 Veterans commit suicide everyday!  It’s time for ALL AMERICANS of every race, creed, color and political persuasion to stand up and hold John McCain accountable as an elected official.


BOOTS-ON-THE-GROUND:  Confirm you are attending @ our Facebook event page 

Veterans & supporters! Please join us beginning September 5th, 2015 as we caravan to, march & surround his office and demand John McCain be detained & arrested.

22 mile walk-about in Phoenix, ArizonaJohn McCain is not only abandoning Veterans and supporting ISIS, he has abandoned 23-year U.S. Army Ranger retiree Alex Cordero, who has been targeted for the past 2 years & recently set-up to be arrested in Arizona. This “walk-about” is to bring awareness to the 22 veteran suicides per day, and to demand justice for Army Ranger Alex Cordero.

Stand with U.S.S. Liberty Survivors – On September 5th, U.S.S. Liberty Survivors and their supporters will be in attendance at John McCain’s office to demand he be arrested, tried and convicted for the intentional cover-up of evidence regarding the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty on June 8, 1967.  John McCain has continued to keep the cover-up of  The USS Liberty from being investigated. McCain’s father was the Admiral for the 6th fleet and helped cover up the intentional bombing that left many scarred, maimed or deceased.

Stand with Homeless Veterans – The statistics are mind-boggling and unacceptable, and John McCain has given nothing but lip service to the problem of Veteran homelessness.  Since he has failed & refused to alleviated the problem, Veterans will be taken off the street & given a temporary residence at his office until John McCain himself finds them a place to live, and get back on their feet to become productive human beings proud to contribute to our Constitutional Republic.

Stand up for Veterans victimized by the VA – The deficiencies of the Veterans Administration has resulted in long waiting times for adequate healthcare, and in some cases the unnecessary deaths of our Veterans has resulted.  This is unacceptable, and John McCain’s days of holding fruitless town hall meeting are over.  We The People will longer allow this to continue.


E-MILITIA: Help bring awareness via Social Media, and Patriot/Veteran groups by becoming a member of Operation Detain McCain “E-Militia”

Help spread the word about this event via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and websites.  You may also join in the effort to contact Patriot groups, alternative media talk shows, main stream media radio & television, etc.

ITINERARY & UPDATE:  We are at Midwest Petroleum; 1655 SJefferson ave St Louis, Mo 63104. Our next stop will be

2805 NKansas expy Springfield, MO 65803.

Itinerary here




USS Liberty information

Confirm you are attending @ our Facebook event page

BREAKING ALERT! SHARE! Lewis Arthur Has been on a walk about Raising Awareness for the tragic lost of 22 veterans a day to suicide. He has been embedded sleeping with Homeless veterans. He has been going strong for his 22 day adventure and has two weeks left.. The Video Speaks for it’self of the reality of the situation and how exhausted he is. It is disgraceful the way these veterans are treated. PHX AZ 08/29/2015. FOLLOW HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION https://www.facebook.com/walkingfortheforgotten?fref=ts Thomas Stone

Posted by Blaine Cooper on Saturday, August 29, 2015

Request for McCain's Presence – Sept 5th

Recording of call to John McCain’s office





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