Nevada Defendants Accuse The Government Of Tampering With BLM Video Evidence In Cliven Bundy Case

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Las Vegas Nevada:  Defendants in the case of United States vs Cliven Bundy et al .. are accusing the BLM [Bureau of Land Management] and the FBI of altering dashboard and body-cam video in an attempt to cover-up their aggressiveness during the 2014 protest that led to the arrest of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and 18 others.
Defendants are also accusing the FBI “infiltration team” who posed as a documentary film crew called Long Bow,  of editing video at crucial moments to make defendants who gave interviews look guilty of crimes they did not commit.
On at least 5 different occasions the defendants in the case say that video used to gain their indictments and create the Governments narrative that has kept them all in jail pending trial, was clearly altered at crucial moments to hide what they believe would expose the BLM as the aggressors and not the “victims” as Prosecutor Steven Myhre contends.
We have found at least 5 different clear cases of evidence tampering and have only viewed 1/4 of the discovery that was recently released to us by the Prosecutors office say defendants, who have begun the process of creating a power point demonstration that will be viewed by defense attorney’s on October 7, 2016.
On April 9th, 2014 a video was released by Guerrilla Media Network [Pete Santilli] that showed the brutal tazing of Cliven Bundy’s Son, Ammon Bundy.  During that protest there was also a vicious attack by a BLM agent on Margaret Houston, a 57 year old cancer survivor and Cliven Bundy’s sister.  It was not until Fox News picked up the video and aired it live the following morning on the program Fox and Friends,  that people from across the Nation felt compelled to pack up and come to Bundy Ranch in protest of the aggressive attack on the family. While the defendants are not allowed to disclose  what was said by BLM agents leading up to the  attack on protestors, they allege that at least 5 seconds of audio recorded during the protest on April 9th,  was altered by the BLM to cover-up what BLM agents actually said.
Defendants also stated, that BLM video shot during the protest on April 12th, 2014 – of protestors that accompanied Ammon Bundy to retrieve cattle Sheriff Douglas Gillespi said could be released,  was again altered to omit some of what Daniel P. Love and other agents were communicating back and forth to one another.
If people could actually hear what the BLM was saying to one another and how eager they were to have a confrontation, Prosecutor Steven Myhre’s fairytale about BLM Agent Daniel P. Love and his underlings being fearful for their lives would be seen for exactly what it is — a lie.
 Protestors and media who accompanied Ammon Bundy to the wash, were in far more danger than even they knew, says one defendant;
“I can’t tell you what was said, but I can say – generally speaking, the killing of those protestors was nothing but a game to them.  The audio will prove that they were eager to kill and were never fearful for their lives being outnumbered, or being out-gunned, as Prosecutor Mhyre says.  We believe the evidence shows exactly the opposite and that once the press and public are allowed to see it they will come to the same conclusion.
Being bound by a protective order that effectively hides vital information of what the BLM was doing and saying during the Bundy Ranch protest, defendants say they are unable to gain public support needed to force the discovery into public record where it can be scrutinized by the press and  potential witnesses who were present during the protest.  Not being able to convey the governments case to the public stifles our legal council’s ability to get the attention of those people who were there and may have vital information that would counter the BLM ’s accusations say the defendants, and it gives the government unfair advantage over we the people and also gives the Judge the leverage she needs to deny us pretrial release.
We believe if the public could hear and see what the BLM was saying and doing for the duration of the protest, before and leading up to the BLM confronting the protestors by threatening lethal force, the narrative would go back to what it was initially about and that is that a Government agency was violating the civil rights of a rancher and his family and those of the people who came to protest the brutality of it.
Magistrate Peggy Leen enforces an order that tells the public, you may scrutinize and repeat all of the bad stuff the defendants said on social media but you are not allowed to see and repeat all the bad stuff the BLM was doing and saying behind the scenes that led up to such a passionate protest by the defendants and other protestors.
 Attorney Maggie McLetchie represents the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Battle Born Media and The Associated Press in a lawsuit against the United States Government in order to gain access to discovery for the Press and Public.
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