Jail Guard Says Ryan Bundy Escape Theory Leaves Room For Doubt

Is it or is it not - the burden of the Government - to prove ones guilt - beyond a shadow of a doubt?

Ryan Bundy's children
Ryan Bundy’s children courtesy Angie Bundy Facebook Page – Guerilla Media Network LLC – July 21 – 2016

Guerilla Media Network consulted with a Ohio jail guard to pose the question — What is the probability that Ryan Bundy was really planning a jail break?  Here  is what he told us.

Tony Carter has been working as a jail guard in and around Ohio for almost 26 years and will be quick to tell you he has seen everything.  I asked him to take a look at Oregon Federal Prosecutor Ethan Knight’s argument that Ryan Bundy was planning at some point during his incarceration to scale six or seven floors to freedom.  He told me that while it may seem far-fetched to the general public, these types of escapes are tried from time to time and some inmates have been successful. In 2012 two men awaiting trial for bank robbery escaped from a Chicago jail using tied together sheets to scale down 17 floors and were successful – so yes, it can be done.

After looking at the evidence the Prosecution used to convince Judge Robert E. Jones, the man who would decide whether or not Ryan and his brother Ammon Bundy were trustworthy enough to be set free pending trial; Officer Tony Carter says, this theory leaves plenty of room for doubt.

First of all – says Tony, “The fact the guards didn’t take it seriously enough to write this guy up and formally charge him on the spot tells me they didn’t consider escape was what he was planning.  We get to know the guys in these cells pretty well, if they thought for one second he was planning to escape, the Judge and the public would have heard about it long before now;  It’s a pretty serious accusation.”


If  Ryan Bundy wasn’t planning an escape then why braid sheets together?

Tony explains that people who are locked up will do all kinds of things to stay busy in jail, especially if it’s their first time in.

I’ve seen hard-core criminals learn origami and tear pages from books for hours on end just to keep their hands and minds busy.  These guys get very creative and they break a lot of rules in the beginning.  Hoarding food and extra clothes is a common offense. The idea this guy had extra food in his cell is not shocking.  Extra underwear and tee’s, towels, blankets – things like that – not shocking either, nobody likes to wear the same underwear for three or four days.  Bundy said he had some of those things in his cell for added comfort and that’s another common thing inmates do.  Prisoners will roll towels and blankets to make pillows, or use for extra padding if they have a crappy mattress.  But those extra things can be piled under a blanket to make it look like the guy is laying there when he’s not, and so yeah, it’s easy for the government to paint that picture in a way that’s believable and make it  look bad.

But I got to tell ya, if I’m a guard and I see a 3 foot makeshift rope, I’m thinking more this guy might be contemplating suicide than I would be – this guy is planning to escape.  I’m not saying that’s what Mr. Bundy was planning, I’m just telling ya – that would be my first thought.




Is contemplating a Jail-break under the conditions at this type of facility even feasible?

First you have to consider that Ryan Bundy is probably not a stupid man.  For starters, he would have to be thinking about the time it would take to make a rope with twin bedsheets that would be strong enough and long enough to scale 6 floors;  I mean, you are talking about some serious time to do that said carter and by the time he was able to accomplish that feat alone, the damn trial would be over and done with.  Escapes like that take time and effort.  Mostly it takes teamwork, you hardly ever see an inmate try to pull something like that off by himself.

Jailbreaks happen because criminals are opportunistic, he said – and they would know that jail inside and out and see a crack in the armor somewhere. They would have buddies on the inside and outside, and maybe even a guard willing to help them.  You don’t just break out of jail with a 3 foot rope, a chair, and a prayer.  It just don’t work like that.

I showed Officer Clark photo’s of the jail where Ryan Bundy is being housed and again he said he had his doubts.

That is a fairly modern construction.  See those window? Those are blast-proof  and about a half inch thick lamented glass that’s welded into the frame of the building – You would need more than an extra chair to break out through one of those.





The Bundy’s have had little luck with any of the Judges in this case, but everyone had hope that Jones would show some mercy.  Using a trumped up escape theory as an excuse to keep two men in jail after he has set so many others free is ludicrous and downright bias. Was this Judge erring on the side of caution or was he was just simply taking orders from higher up?  Sometimes I wonder why these judges are even bothering with a trial, obviously they have already found them guilty.  Any Judge who has sat on the bench as long as Jones has knows when the Prosecution is reaching, and Knight was definitely reaching on this one.  I say the Judge should have made Knight prove his accusation by locking his ass in a cell with some extra food, a couple of pairs of boxers, a few sheets, and a chair just to see how long it takes him to get out.  After all, is it or is it not – the burden of the Government – to prove ones guilt – beyond a shadow of a doubt?


*Names in this article were changed to protect identity.


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  • bari2

    Be it federal or state, they are supposed to prove it beyond a shadow of a Doubt! People are presumed innocent until proven guilty. But as we has seen time and again that’s is not what is happening in these cases. There are Americans that are accusing them of being guilty before it has ever gone to trial. To those Americans I say put yourself in their shoes. It could be you. And if you think other wise you are delusional.

    • svizzerams

      It is usual and customary to keep those accused of criminal behavior incarcerated while they await trial if they are deemed a flight risk (among other criteria, but this seems the pertinent one here). I get that you don’t see what they did as criminal behavior, however I view their actions differently. What they did was a direct assault on all Americans by taking over public lands, whilst armed, with the stated intent of redistributing it according to their particular dictates. That sounds kinda un-American to me and more war-lordish or soviet-like behavior. These lands are the “commons” that belong to all of us – how dare they usurp them under any circumstances.

      • George Schumpf

        OK, then tell me how dare the federal goons, thugs, extortionists, criminals pretend they have one ounce of a shred of authority to confiscate this land from anyone, Indian or rancher, or a hint of a grant of power to manage wildlife or cattle, grazing or turtles. If what the Bundys did makes you take a second look, what the federal criminals are doing should make you vomit and choke half to death. It is THIS that is a “direct assault on all Americans by taking over [private] lands” and eviscerating the Constitution and the Rule of Law. I suppose you will also defend the despotic action of trying political dissent of court corruption in secret because of SUPPOSED death threats that for all we know could have been integrated by the government for an excuse to cloak their illegal “due process” and kangaroo court.

  • Howard Kahn

    We can argue what Ryan’s intentions were all day long. It doesn’t matter. He’s in prison and he’s probably going to be there the rest of his adult life.

  • TJ2000

    This whole, “Escape Attempt” blasted all over mainstream media from a desperate out-of-text comment from federal prosecutors is the perfect example of the witch hunters at work in the media. A “rope” to escape a 21st century jail???? WTF?? Even be funnier to find out they’re being held on the ground floor.