Indictments May Be Coming Against – 4 – FBI HRT Team Members For Coverup In LaVoy Finicum Murder

If justice be served let it be served swiftly ---

Robert LaVoy Finicum – Gunned Down By Oregon State Police & FBI HRT – January 26 – 2016  –  Wednesday – July 20 – 2016 –  Guerrilla Media Network LLC



Guerilla Media Network received information 10 days ago that a Grand Jury had been called to decide if there was enough evidence concerning a coverup by “FBI HRT” Team Members on the ground in Burns Oregon, to formally charge them with a crime.  Members of HRT, (Hostage Rescue Team) have been accused of shooting at LaVoy Finicum  as he exited his vehicle on January 26, 2016 with his hands in the air.

Legal sources in Portland told GMN that they were aware the Grand Jury had been convened but did not have information about an actual indictment, at the time the information was passed down to us.

Bob Powell Founder of The Truth Is Viral

Today Bob Powell, founder of a trusted Independent News Source called The Truth Is Viral, says he has confirmed through his resource at the Department of Justice, an indictment is soon to be handed down against 4 of the agents involved.  Mr. Powell also claims his intel says, “In all there were 4 shots fired at Mr. Finicum by these rouge agents, before and after he exited his truck.”

GMN reached out to Jeanette Finicum on July 10th, as soon as we started receiving information. Mrs. Finicum confirmed she was aware of the Grand Jury being convened, but had not received information of the outcome at that time. Today her response concerning the indictments was guarded  saying, “I’ll believe it – When I see it.”

LaVoy Finicum was gunned down during an illegal ambush orchestrated by the Oregon State Police and HRT Division of the FBI on January 26, 2016.  Mr. Finicum had been acting as a peaceful media liaison during the Adverse Possession of The Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns Oregon when he was executed.   Ammon Bundy and codefendants being charged with conspiracy to impede federal workers from doing their jobs, are currently being held in various Multnomah County – Oregon jails -without possibility of pretrial release.



Should these Militant FBI Agents be indicted in the coming days, it is Guerrilla Media Network’s opinion – that they should be placed in a cell in Multnomah County Detention Center pending trial, and that they be chained to a bench without food or water, not be allowed to speak privately with their attorney, only allowed out 1 hour late at night to make phone calls, and be denied continuously – month after month – a pretrial release.  Considering this was a crime  that ended in violence; it is also our opinion – that they be labeled as terrorist and scorned and ridiculed in the press.  Of course this would be for their own safety and is, after all the policy of the United States Marshall Service.

*Guerilla Media Network will update information as it becomes available.




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