GMN Exclusive – Ryan Payne Says Mark McConnell Most Likely Received $25,000.00 For His Role As Informant During Malheur Occupation

GMN Exclusive – Guerrilla Media Network LLC – 2016





The driver’s name was Mark McConnell, and he wasted no time to go on the defensive when news spread on social media, that according to the testimony of Oregon State Trooper Jeremiah Beckert, he was the informant who gave OSP/FBI the logistics and support they needed to execute the ambush that lead to the death of LaVoy Finicum and arrest of Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox, Ryan Payne and Brian Cavalier.   Those closest to McConnell say Mark denies having worked with law enforcement to make possible the ambush that would lead to one man’s death, and the incarceration of occupation leadership.  McConnell’s official stance was, he did not do it and Oregon State Trooper Beckert lied on the stand.  While McConnell,  refused to speak with me for the purpose of writing this article, he has spoken to many about what he says was a radical idea being formed at the refuge, and readily admits he did inform Law Enforcement and the FBI of plans to kidnap Sheriff David Ward’s children, and use explosives found on the refuge to blow-up the Harney County Courthouse.

Two days after the death of LaVoy Finicum I spoke with McConnell in room 123, at the now infamous Silver Spur Motel in Burns,Oregon  –  I asked him point blank about how it could be everyone in the convoy was arrested except him?  His reply was simply, “I’m not really sure, but when they questioned me it was pretty clear they didn’t even know who I was,” he said .. Maybe it was because I wasn’t like all the other retards up there who couldn’t stay off social media.”  I stayed under the radar – I had a room in town – I fed myself, and I didn’t start a fundraiser”

I then asked him to please explain to me how it all went down that night.

He said that he and Booda “aka”  Brian Cavalier, were sporadically chatting about much of nothing when they passed vehicles that immediately pulled out and began to follow them.  There was some contention between him and Cavalier he says, because a woman Cavalier thought of as his girlfriend was giving him [Mark McConnell] a lot of attention, and “Booda wasn’t very happy about that” he said,  “So we really didn’t have much to say to each other.”  I wasn’t really paying much attention to what was going on around us, and then suddenly Cavalier says “Oh shit” and sits straight up, and thats when I saw them sitting there on the side of the road.  McConnell then told me, when they pulled him over he was the first to exit the jeep and that he told them he was armed. “They told me to keep my hands up, turn around and walk backwards to them slowly,  and I did what they told me to.

“It was crazy you know because – I thought, this is it – I’m going to jail. Then they put me on my knees and I spent the next two hours on the cold ground.  They questioned me he said, and then after they talked to me for a while they just let me go.  I mean, I guess they figured I was a nobody who just got caught up in the whole thing and  that was probably because I was smart and stayed away from the cameras, and so they told me that they couldn’t arrest me because they didn’t have an indictment for me — To be honest I can’t really tell you why I wasn’t arrested.”

At one point in our conversation I used the word “ambush” to describe the event that took place on Hwy 395, and that’s when McConnell lost his composure with me.  He became very angry with me for using the word ambush –

“It wasn’t a fucking ambush he scolded, it was a legal fucking stop and people need to stop calling it that!”  And you wanna know something else?  If LaVoy had rushed me like he did those guys, I probably would have shot him too”

That was the last time I spoke with Mark McConnell.

Ken Rhoades, aka [Orange Hat Man], stood silently in the room with me and listened to Mark’s version of the event.  When Mark left, Ken turned to me immediately and said,  ” That Motherfucker is working with the Feds,  I’ll bet my life on it.”  I told Ken then, and have said it many times after, ” I don’t know about working with them, but he sure is hiding something.”

In March of 2016 I contacted Mark McConnell’s friend Melvin Lee, not because I wanted information about McConnell, but because he had put out a very passionate video claiming that some of the women whose husbands had been incarcerated, were being overlooked in fundraising efforts online.  He challenged us all to pick up the slack and help these women out.  I called him to get the information he had on the families most in need. Mr. Lee was angry.  He said that he had gone to the Refuge to try to talk Ammon Bundy into leaving the Refuge and that Ammon would not listen; My conversation with Melvin Lee soon turned to Mark McConnell.

Melvin Lee was the first person to tell me that Mark had gone to the refuge a second time, “against his advise”, and said he did it because he felt that Ryan Payne was becoming dangerous and had added a radical element to the occupation.  He told me that Payne suffered from a severe form of PTSD and his influence over some of the men up there worried both him and Mark McConnell.

Mark told Melvin Lee that he had supposedly overheard Jason Blomgren, AKA (Joker J) talking about plans to kidnap Sheriff  David Ward’s Children, and blow-up the Harney County Courthouse.  He also told me that Mark went up there to specifically keep a watchful eye on Payne and “take him out” if he made one step toward carrying out that plan.






Ryan Payne says now in hind-sight, that he should have listened to Jason Patrick, a long time friend and co-occupier at the Malheur Refuge.  “Jason just didn’t like the guy from the moment he stepped foot on the refuge,” says Payne.

Payne cannot remember who actually introduced him to, or told him about Mark McConnell,  but he knows they became acquainted during the incarceration of Andrew Tahmorressi,  a United States Marine who had been jailed by Mexican Authorities for accidentally carrying weapons over the border.  He says that looking back on it he was impressed with and liked McConnell,  who told him he was a United States Marine who had transitioned to the Army and that they had many things in common.

“When the Occupation began we struggled to find people who were willing to come to Oregon to help with the protest and so we all just started calling the contacts in our phones, McConnell was one of those contacts in mine”, he said.

Ryan says, because of Marks military training,  work on the border, and willingness to be there at the Refuge, he was quickly assigned to personal security for Ammon Bundy.  When I told Ryan about the excuse McConnell was using to justify his becoming an informant Payne said, “It’s just simply not true”

 Like everything else concerning McConnell, this whole story about kidnapping plans and blowing up buildings,  just doesn’t make any sense.  If what Mark is saying were the truth then my arrest would have been about something much different.  It would have been about that, and not a conspiracy to impede BLM and Fish and Wildlife from doing their duty.   Mark didn’t come up there to stop some radical plan — He came there to do just what he said, and that was to watch me, and report back to the FBI like he has been doing for the past two years.

Ryan Payne says that he was running late on the afternoon of  January 26th 2016.  He had been out on the refuge with Victoria Sharpe showing her around; She had only been there a couple of days.  When they made their way back to the refuge McConnell was agitated and in a panic; I had never seen him act like this before, he said.   He was yelling at everyone about getting on the road and was very upset because he thought they were going to be late.  We had a routine we followed before we left the Refuge for these meetings and McConnell was just screwing everything up.  He insisted that we all go together and that Ammon ride in the lead car with him.  The truth is Ammon had not planned to go with us to the meeting.  He wanted to leave later because he was always the last speaker and he had some things he wanted to take care of at the Refuge and said he would meet us there later.  McConnell was having a fit.  He was persistent that Ammon just had to go now, and ride with him.  At the last minute I think Victoria decided to go and Mark was very unhappy about that.  It was all just so hectic and confusing and we skipped over our routine. The last thing we always did before we left the refuge was pray, and this time because Mark was acting so out of control, and pushing everyone so hard, we didn’t do it.  I think the worse mistake we made was not saying that prayer – maybe if we had just forced McConnell to slow down and said that prayer, God would have told us not to go.

Payne says that in the discovery he and his attorney learned,  that at least two informants had received a sizable amount of money for their part at Malheur.  One check was cut for $25,000.00 and the other was for $10,000.00.  He doesn’t  know if McConnell got them both or if there was another informant, but was confident Mark got at least one of those checks and quite possibly both.

So is that why he made up this outlandish lie?  — The bigger the lie the bigger the check?

“There was never a plan to kidnap Ward’s kids and there was never a plan to blow up buildings.  Where is the proof?  Did it ever come out in court?  I was never questioned about it and neither was anyone else to my knowledge except “maybe” Jason (Blomgren) who stated when asked, that there may have been a discussion of last resort plans to plant IED’s to slow down the FBI if they came after us.  And to my knowledge I don’t ever remember even having had that conversation with Jason,  nor do I think he ever said I did.

No, Mark McConnell was sent there to gather intel and cause division, and that’s exactly what he did and exactly what he’s still doing.  We all knew the minute he was let go that he had set us all up.  He was working with them to figure out a way to get us all together so they could end the occupation.  And that is exactly what he accomplished, and a good man died because of Mark McConnell.

Ryan had a message for Mark at the end of our talk;

I want him to know I feel sorry for him.  When all is said and done Mark, you will always be the one who did a terrible thing and will have to live with the death of LaVoy Finicum.  I will never have to prove that I am telling the truth because you are the one telling the lie.  God has a perfect plan – read Isaiah 44-45.  I want you to know that despite what you did I am not angry – I want you to know I don’t hate you – I want you to know I forgive you.






Jon Ritzheimer, another co-occupier and close friend to Payne says, “There is no way Ryan Payne ever had plans to do what McConnell is saying he had plans to do.”   Jon makes it clear that he bunked with Payne on the refuge, and would have known if Payne was planning such a thing.  Ritzheimer also disclosed to me, that it was Mark McConnell and Melvin Lee who told Ammon Bundy they had intel that a raid was going to happen any minute and that they all needed to pack up and leave the refuge or die.  “They both said the intel was solid, and we believed them.”

Jon now believes that McConnell purposefully caused panic that night so people would become frightened and leave, and that very likely the first plan to take them down was thwarted when they dug in their heels and refused to budge.  Some have pointed out that McConnell could have very well told them of the false plans to raid the compound just to get an idea of their strategy so he could report back to the FBI. Regardless, Ritzheimer says that he believes Mark was working with the FEDS from the beginning.  “He and Melvin Lee went there to cause chaos, and that’s exactly what happened.”  Ritzheimer said.

“I’ll never forget that night.  We were begging for help — we were begging the media to stay and help protect us, but they all left us there.  LaVoy came up and sat there all night in the cold waiting to die in that parking lot.  I tried to come up with an idea to make the media stay with their camera’s, and the only thing I could think of was to get dressed in my fatigues and carry a gun, but that only worked for about an hour, and then they left.  The only one willing to stay and keep his camera going was Pete Santilli.  He sat in his truck between LaVoy and the road and waited for the FBI to come and hoped his camera would stop them from killing everyone.”

I have also heard that McConnell and Melvin Lee say they came to the Refuge to rescue a girl named Kristen and her baby, but that is also a big lie.  Until they got to the refuge they didn’t even know Kristen was there.  I know this because, I am the one who told them about her and asked them to take her back to Arizona with them when they left.

They were also the ones behind Lewis Arthur’s big show when he came up there thinking he was going to get by with beating up a sick Vietnam Vet, pushing his way past the gate screaming and yelling that he had come to rescue one of his “men” he had heard was in trouble.  It was all a lie made up by Mark McConnell. Lewis Arthur founded the movement called Veterans on Patrol in Arizona, and reports are he was asked to leave Bundy Ranch for bad behavior.

Jon Like Ryan, points out that kidnapping and bombs were never mentioned by Prosecutors, and if  McConnell gave them evidence that proved that that was the ‘BIG PLAN” then they would have definitely used it.

Jon believes that Ammon Bundy should now subpoena McConnell and force the truth out of him on the stand.  If what he is saying is true and the OSP and FBI are telling lies about him being the informant, then Mark should be more that willing to take the stand.  Though catching up with Mark McConnell might be difficult these days.  In addition to his supposed job as a “Trucker,”  Mark has also admitted to being a Bounty Hunter.





Jason Blomgren’s close friend Angelia Balch, former National President for the III % Organization, stands by her friend and says that everything that comes out of Mark McConnell’s mouth about Jason is a lie; Jon Ritzheimer agrees:

We had our times with Jason, and there  did come a time when I had to tell him to take down a video or two,  but it wasn’t because they were violent or anything like that — We just thought they were silly and didn’t represent the message we wanted to convey.  I do not believe Jason ever told McConnell that Ryan Payne planned to kidnap kids and blow-up buildings, and I don’t believe Jason ever informed on us.  Mark McConnell is a liar and that’s all there is to it.

Jason Blomgren was subpoenaed by the Government to testify against his co-occupiers in the trial of Ammon Bundy et al — But,  said his friend Angelia Balch,  Jason was a hostile witness who never cooperated with the FBI.

At the last moment the Government decided to dismiss Mr. Blomgren as a witness, and did not call him to the stand.

Jason Blomgren had no comment.





Melvin Lee now say’s that he doesn’t know what to believe about his friend Mark. “I hate to think he would lie to me, he said – but I will stand by him and defend him from anyone who tries to come after him.”  To tell you the truth, I’m just as confused as everyone else, he said.   Melvin walked away from a organization he founded known as The Patriot Warriors nearly three months ago, and says he has also walked away from the Patriot Community for good.  Melvin Lee now says that he never personally saw any e-mails or text messages that showed any proof Jason Blomgren had ever told Mark McConnell he was part of a plan to blow up buildings or kidnap Ward’s children.  He now says all he ever saw was a couple of videos Jason did on YouTube.

There are those like Melvin Lee who are still willing to defend McConnell’s actions, and say despite handling the situation the wrong way he is a good man.  They stand by his decision to become an informant and say he did the right thing.  McConnell’s friends say, now that his name has been disclosed his life and the life of his family and friends are in danger, and that they were shocked to learn they had set him up and outed him to the public.



I guess we should be thankful that only one man died in the end, but it’s a little hard to do considering that man was LaVoy Finicum.  It was really hard for me when I first saw the discovery.  I became very emotional thinking that the people I had known for so long could be capable of kidnapping children or blowing up someone’s house.  Even Ward didn’t deserve that.  But as time passed and the Government didn’t move forward with that narrative and more discovery was released, it was clear that the person behind the information was Mark McConnell and that it was all a very dangerous fabrication.  It appears to me that MCConnell purposefully mislead the FBI into thinking the worse.  I shutter when I think of how many lives could have been lost because of his bullshit fairytale.  No wonder Ward and Grasty reacted the way they did —  No wonder the enormous build-up of forces that were preparing to go to war in Burns, Oregon.  I want all of you who are holding McConnell’s hand and giving him credit right now, especially those of you that were on the Refuge with this guy,  to understand that  Mark McConnell was literally trying to set up a situation that would cause the FBI to attack that refuge and kill everyone in it — including you.  Mark McConnell was feeding them lie – after lie  – after lie – after lie — and he almost single handedly created another Waco. ~Pete Santilli




  • D

    Mark is a Judas patriot.

    • Michelle G

      Uhmm SOrry, but Mark and Patriot do NOT go in same sentence

  • Chandie Bartell

    Geeze Louise, Mark McConnell even the FBI through you under the bus.

  • Monet

    You idiots need to study the techniques of Martin Luther King and put away your bang bang toys, the tactics you are using are illegal and make you easy prey for informants setting up a decapitation strike. Your protest would have went over a lot better if you’d just lay down on the road in front of the place.

    • Mark Hayward

      It was January the snow was rather Deep ..

    • Mark Hayward

      Martin Luther King had a Dream and Barrack Obama messed it all up ..

    • Uhhh, yeah.
      Have you seen the latest on how well unarmed, peaceful protest is working up in North Dakota? Just yesterday a military style raid was initiated against a PRAYER CIRCLE! In addition to what you see in this photo, a helicopter flew above the people praying, spraying them with something – allegedly tear gas.
      So, I’m fairly certain that the days of unarmed, peaceful protest in the style of Dr. King are far behind us.
      To quote James Monroe – “There is a price tag on human liberty. That price is the willingness to assume the responsibilities of being free men. Payment of this price is a personal matter with each of us.” and “The right of self-defense never ceases. It is among the most sacred, and alike necessary to nations and to individuals.”
      Thomas Paine said, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”
      So, the next time something similar occurs, and you think that being unarmed against a tyrannical government is the best position to take, then by all means – YOU take a nap in the middle of a road. I’m quite certain that the feds and locals will immediately desist, and never even consider rolling over your with their MRAPS and Bearcats…

    • LorieK

      Monet, you are an idiot. Ranchers carry guns, pretty much always. Besides, if I were the Bundys and had already been tazed and in sniper cross hairs for standing peacefully, I’d want some protection…duh! Perfectly legal, Constitutionally sound. Gosh, having common sense these days is almost like having a super power!

  • Some Poor Hobo

    Let me get this straight. American patriots who exercised their 2 amendment right to bear arms to bring attention to The Bureau of Land Managements misuse of power never fired a single shot, didn’t destroy public property, communicated with local police, were ambushed and one murdered by FBI agents and the survivors are labeled as terrorists and jailed? Lets not forget Hillary where there’s a case to be made that they (BLM), through Uranium One and the Clinton
    Foundation, facilitated the sale of Uranium One to Putin and the
    Russians. And if so, and if this area of Oregon is projected to be part
    of that uranium mining deal, then we are looking at a stunning
    ‘coincidence’: the U.S. federal government is coming down hard on a
    group of protesters who are occupying, for their own reasons, a very
    valuable piece of territory that goes far beyond the issue of private
    cattle grazing on government land.” This wasn’t about guns. It’s about political greed and scapegoats. A smoke screen to deflect from the true terrorists and criminals.

  • Mark Hayward

    I wrote a very long reply and it got deleted .. I wonder who is censoring our comments? Was it a software problem I don’t know .. I did include a link for a Video .

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  • Mark Hayward

    Mark Hayward I always knew that McCon was an informant first because he made the video about LaVoy charging a small standing Army. LaVoy was not suicidal by Cop at all. He just didn’t know he would get trapped by an Ambush with an illegal Kill Stop Zone set …See More
    Like · Reply · 2 · 6 hrs
    Mark Hayward
    Mark Hayward Well even better, Now according to Deb Jordan’s article which I have not yet read .. McConn was doing all kinds of Evil to make the Patriots look bad. We all know Undercover FBI Agents were posing at III%ers and harassing and intimidating the good Citizens or Burns ect.. Thanks Chris Briels A Man with Integrity.

    Yes everyone is hating on Mark McConn, but he is the visible one the scape goat one ect.. Sure there are bigger players in the story .. Like David Ward Nasty Grasty the Hed of the FBI who already investigated themselves and found no wrong doing as always. I can’t remember now how the two extra shots taken by FBI and hidden shell casings that the FBI threw away.

    I will assume that the audio from both Shawna Cox and Ryan Bundy’s cell phone outed that.

    It’s still a miracle that we got to see the super Grainy video from 2 drones that had camera”s that cost $1 Million each and could zoom in on a pimple in your nose if they wanted to. Also the two cell phone videos it’s a miracle the FBI did not destroy them with a hammer just like Hilary Clinton’s non official Government Black Berry’s and note pads ..

    At this point I feel bad for the Patriots who made plea deals because of the harassment lies and intimidation they got while wrongfully imprisoned for so many months..

    As far is crooked morally bankrupt under cover FBI agents are concerned .. and entrapment .. and infiltration goes.. Don’t forget they set up a friend of the Finicum Family to blow up an empty BLM building ..
    Also they infiltrated a comity of information meeting in John Day and some shady dude with a shady past some how managed to Entrap Mike Emry who should have know better into building a Browning A-2 in trade for a nice diesel pickup.

    Did Emry build a machine Gun NO . I will simply say I don’t know the Laws for building and selling automatic weapons ..

    All that I know is that the Entrapped Emry at his 5th wheel camper with a search Warrant that probably was not valid signed by a retired Judge..

    Here is the deal. Emry did not posses a machine Gun he had a barrel and some other parts that go to a Browning A-2 .. not a functioning Gun .. There is no Law that requires a serial number on a barrel . The barrel had a scratched out serial NO on it .. A Completely assembled gun requires a serial number on the main receiver not on the barrel.. When you buy a new A-2 it comes with 2 barrels no less.

    Thus Emry was entrapped on trumped up charges based on lies.. he just possessed some parts not a function gun..

    The problem is they used this faker warrant to steal Emry Lap top and all the evidence he had been gathering on corrupt land Grabs ect.. the grabs that even News Reporter Les Zaits may be involved in or at the least writes propaganda articles to lie deceive and cover up what his corrupt Cohorts inculcation Uranium -1 which has ties to Millions of dollars in Bribes to the Clinton Crime Foundation and Bribe fund .. When you only give 5.7% to charities and you steal close to $2 Billion from the Haitians that was donated from people and Countries from all around the World to help to re-build earth quake destroyed homes and buildings..

    Investigate further and find out when Bill Clinton was president I have a strong idea he used USA Military to overthrow the Haitian President to replace with a Clinton USA puppet to run Haiti.. Then after the Earth Quake Clinton’s set up Hillary’s Brother to control the monopoly cell phone Company and manage a Gold mining Company that more or less steals Gold from the good people of Haiti..

    Of the Clinton Foundation did build a state of the Art Sweat shop clothing Factory in Haiti.. on a far corner of the Island that had no earthquake damage..

    So the sweat shot was paying workers 61 cents per hour but that was too much so Hillary manged to get that reduced to 30 cents per hour..

    Sadly the Main Stream Media is owned and controlled by a New World Order Elite that uses puppets like Obama and Hilary to abuse Government Power to enact their evil plans to enslave most all on Earth .. Starting with getting Ranchers and Loggers off the Lands in the West so the Government can sell Gold ,Uranium , and Water rights to Russians , Chinese and Australians.. instead of letting Americans Companies utilize the resources to created jobs and wealth for the USA

    I feel that the Feds need this money to fund their wars that support their Industrial complex Lobby Donors.. and pay for welfare and Food Stamps to by Democratic Votes..

    The RHINO’s can’t be Trusted either .. Ted Cruz who makes great speeches about protecting the Constitution is a long time buddy with the Bushes who are Globalists.

    Ted’s wife Heidy has the same background with Bushes but also worked at Goldman Sachs and even other Big Banks where she even helped to Write the TARP Laws.. Many of these Politicians flat out lie and do exactly the opposite of what they Promise..
    Obama promised Transparency cut the Federal Defect in half and create Millions of New Jobs.. they don’t even count people who gave up looking for a Job as being Unemployed.. All of the Federal statistics are lies to try and make Obama look good..

    Printing and borrowing money like Obama has done only makes the Economy look better for a short time .. Well times’s Up .. China starts buying oil with their own Money backed by Gold as of September 27th .. Not buying Oil with USA Petrol dollars which the USA gets a cut on ..

    Sudham Hussein was selling Oil in non USA Petrol dollars so Qaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria .. can anyone see a pattern here ?
    Qaddafi treated his citizens well there was no Terrorism every young couple that got married got a house .. and they were building a good infrastructure schools, Hospitals and roads.. So why did Killary Clinton have to take him out ?

    Donald J. Trump Knows about all this stuff and is willing to deal with it.. Russia and China are working together now on a great Civil Expansion in the Asian Middle Eastern areas real Humanity .. the Opposite if arming and Funding ISIS to destroy Countries so Halliburton ect can just steal the oil .. Yes the USA deserves to be paid for Military Protection but instead uses Military Destruction ..

    The problem with Trump the NWO and Global Bankers is keeping him alive .. LaVoy Finicm was a threat to their plans to steal the Wealth int the Western States as Trump is a threat to foil their plans in the while world.. and that’s why every living President is against Trump they are on the Global WW III side of Hillary Clinton ..

  • “Team McConnell” misguided mercenaries selling lies. Melvin’s website was a data trolling operation. Lewis Arthur is a loon who works with liberal social justice groups. Ritzheimer is a good man it is terrible his family has to deal with possibly losing him for a while. Kristen is another victim of the Judas Goat, con man McConell. She should have listened to Deb Jordan at the protest for the Hammonds, Deb told her after the refuge was made a sit in protest, to now go home. The fool never took the advice and now she is cast in Judas’ shadow.

  • Thank you for this very excellent article! I’ll share it on my FB page Constitutional Truth.

  • RSG

    I wont be surprised (or saddened) to hear when Mark eventually pays for this treason with his life. I sincerely hope that McConnell gets lucky and his family isn’t slaughtered too. But the truth is, I can’t even afford to pray for that luck, as all of my prayers are reserved for the heroic patriots unjustly incarcerated.

  • Mary Brown

    McNarc is a POS scumbag TRAITOR

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  • Ballard Kurt

    McConnell will get his, somewhere, somehow, sometime, God and Karma will come for him. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone aids in pay back. I took care of the ranch next door to the Finicum’s ranch for 10 years, I’ve been friends with the Finicum’s for a long time. I can tell you there’s an emptiness in Cane Beds AZ that I don’t think will ever go away, LaVoy was a good man, as good as God made men. McConnell will answer for what he did, he can’t outrun God.

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