First Week Bundy Trial Update – Star Witness “Dirty Dan Love” Will Not Take The Stand


Deb Jordan

Prosecutors in the case of United States vs Cliven Bundy suddenly found themselves in a uphill battle last week as news that the BLM Special Agent in Charge of the Bundy cattle impoundment in 2014 was under fire by the Inspector General’s Office for his misconduct during a Burning Man festival.  Prosecutor Steven Myhre told Judge Gloria Navarro last week that the Government would not be calling their star witness Daniel Paul Love to the stand to testify against six men whom Love told a Grand Jury in October, escalated a protest to an assault when they pointed weapons at BLM agents.  All three “well rehearsed witnesses” from the the BLM – parroted the same line at the end of their testimony; ” What happened in the wash that day was NOT a protest …”

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Roger Roots – joins Deb Jordan in this video update that gives a comprehensive in depth look into the first week of trial —