First Bundy Ranch Trial Co-Defendant Jerry Delemus- Sentence Looming –

Deb Jordan – GMN

Jerry Delemus sits in a Nevada jail today wondering what his life will be like after Wednesday’s appearance before Nevada Chief Judge Gloria Navarro in Las Vegas Nevada.

Wednesday – May 31st, 2017, will mark the day the Patriot Community will witness their first sentencing in the case of  US vs Cliven Bundy et al … and tensions are high.  Defendants and their legal council are looking to Mr. Delemus’s sentencing for a possible gauge on the Judge’s overall sense of fairness or lack of it, as more defendants who have either excepted a plea bargain or been convicted,  start appearing for sentencing.

Jerry Delemus is expected to petition the court for a lighter sentence and the Prosecution has weighed in asking the Judge in a motion last week to not grant leniency, and enforce the 72 month agreement Mr. Delemus says he signed under duress; The facts dictate Mr. Delemus is telling the truth —

Looking at the court record of the hearing, it clearly shows Mr. Delemus was concerned about what exactly it was  he was agreeing to. Having already been threatened with retaliation against his son and best friend if he refused to take the plea, there was also a threat to add additional gun charges (924c)  if he did not comply.  His emotional state by the time he sat down in front of Gloria Navarro, was no different than that of a tortured man.  Jerry had already decided to sign it but there was a problem; Jerry Delemus was having a very hard time putting his name on a lie.

He asked the Judge over and over, if what he was about to do if he signed the agreement, could be considered perjury – when he knew that the verbiage in the document was false –  Navarro gave him her permission to lie.

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How does one choose between themselves and their Son, or their best friend who is not well ?  You don’t.

Jerry like many of the codefendants, were weighed down with poor legal council the courts had assigned, Attorney Brian J. Smith was one such attorney.  Mr. Smith came with the attitude of “let’s make a deal and get this over with.”  He told Jerry Delemus who was under a ton of distress,  the plea deal was his best possible option.  Jerry Delemus was not even at Bundy Ranch on April 12th, 2014.  He would not arrive until the following day.  The prosecution said that it was not a good enough reason to “not” indict Mr. Delemus because the Government felt, had he been able to make it there in time he WOULD HAVE been a part of the actual confrontation —


Last week Prosecutor Steven Myhre filed a memorandum for what he felt should be the sentencing guidelines for Jerry Delemus.  In that document he called Jerry Delemus a anti-government ideologue – The man’s resume reads like a who’s who in politics for the State of New Hampshire, and in the real world is considered anything but, anti-government.

  1. Ran for Mayor of Rodchestor  New Hamshire in 2009
  2. Ran for Sheriff of Strafford New Hampshire in 2012
  3. Has organized and held Presidential debates
  4. Helped organize and help congressional and gubernatorial debates
  5. Co-chaired the Strafford County New Hampshire Trump for Trump
  6. Co-chaired the New Hampshire committee for Veterans for Trump
  7. A Republican National Delegate
  8. Chairman of the New Hampshire Political Action Committee
  9. He ran the committee to re-infranchise disenfranchised voters from 2009 – to his arrest
  10. A senior Warden at his church
  11. A decorated United States Marine honorably discharged
  12. Married to New Hampshire State Representative, Susan Delemus

Over 60 New Hampshire State Representatives signed a petition for Jerry to be released pending his sentencing, and active and former New Hampshire Law Enforcement supported Jerry Delemus being allowed to come home.  How any Judge with a conscience could ever allow herself to move forward  with a harsh sentencing for Jerry Delemus,  is beyond this writers ability to understand —

If you wish to support Jerry and Susan please be at the Courthouse by 9:00 am on Tuesday – May 31st, 2017 – in Gloria Navarro’s courtroom – 7th floor.










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  • James Haggerty

    Is this a criminal case? Is this case being tried in a statutory court? Are the judge, prosecutor, and defending attorney members of the “Bar”? What is the legislative authority of the “Bar”? Is this case being tried in an Article lll court as guaranteed in the constitution for the united States of America? Enquiring minds want to know.

  • Robin

    This whole situation is out of control none of these people should be in jail every damned single one of them are patriots to our country and uphold the constitution. They are fighting for their rights as citizens. While illegals all around the United States are treated like gold and given EVERYTHING.