EXCLUSIVE: Government Withdraws Request For Live Feed Of Bundy Trial



Portland Oregon 4:25 PM – After effective pleas from witnesses awaiting to testify for the Prosecution and the Defense in the trial of Ammon Bundy et al …  GMN has learned the Government has withdrawn it’s motion to have a live feed into the Harney County BLM office.

In an email earlier today – Robert Salisbury, attorney for Jeff Banta, who was prepared to represent the witnesses on both sides, congratulated the people of Harney County;

The government has withdrawn the request for a live video feed.    Victory for you guys!  

Witnesses expressed their relief over the withdrawal and noted that even though they may be on opposite sides, by working together they got it done.  A witness spokesperson who has been working closely with GMN to express their concerns says, they are thrilled that the Government took them seriously and that they chose to do the right thing.

Witnesses took to the streets over the past two days to gather signatures in opposition of the live feed of the trial into the Harney County BLM office and had begun a successful campaign when the news reached them today.

GMN would like to thank our readers for stepping up and working as a team to secure the safety of both Government and Defense witnesses.

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