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  Pete Santilli is the Cincinnati talk show host/journalist who traveled to Burns Oregon to specifically report on the corruption that allowed two local ranchers, Dwight & Steven Hammond, to be charged with terrorism and sent to prison — not just once, but twice.  Once in Burns Pete not only found that the Hammond’s had become victims of  Federal, State, and local corruption, but that many local residents & ranchers in Burns and surrounding Harney County were also suffering.  He reported on that suffering and gave the  people of Harney County a voice that would resonate not only in America, but around the world.  Before it was over millions of people would hear their message.
What would happen during his month long stay in Burns Oregon would push every boundary of his constitutional rights under the 1st amendment, not only as a journalist of the free press, but as an American citizen.  Pete was determined to shine a light on the abuse of power being perpetrated on the residents of Harney County Oregon by local officials for the benefit of the Federal Government through the Bureau Of Land Management – the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and their employees.
It is Pete Santilli’s belief that he was targeted, arrested, and then incarcerated, because he dared report the truth about what was really happening in Burns Oregon and that the Federal Government has much to answer for and much more to hide.

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