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  Pete Santilli is the Cincinnati talk show host/journalist who traveled to Bunkerville, Nevada to cover the story of Cliven Bundy and the fact the Bureau Of Land Management had surrounded his family with over 200 armed Federal Agents.  These armed agents were violating civil-rights and Pete Santilli caught them on video. That video was aired by Fox News the following day and a Nation responded. Pete still holds it to be true that the BLM was poised to kill the Bundy family and it was his duty as a journalist to expose that truth.  Pete went to Bundy Ranch with nothing more than an an iPad and determination to tell the truth.


Pete Santilli faces life in prison because he dared criticize  the United States Government and the henchmen authorized to brutalize the Bundy Family.

This past September 6th, 2016 a case was dismissed against Pete in Oregon after the Prosecution said the Government lacked the evidence to prove the FBI’s claim he acted outside his role as a journalist while reporting on the attempted Adverse Possession of The Malheur Wildlife Refuge located in Harney County Oregon.  Pete spent 8 months in jail awaiting that trial.  He now awaits trial in Nevada and has been in jail for almost two years.

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You may also support “My Sister – My Heart” by using the same links. My Sister – My Heart is a group dedicated to taking care of the housing needs of the women  and men who are traveling to Nevada to support their husbands and loved ones, unfairly standing trial for taking part in a civil-rights protest in Bunkerville, Nevada that supported the Bundy Family. If you are donating to our housing project please enter MSMH in the note portion on PayPal and or the memo section on your check or money-order.

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