Deadly Love Triangle Ends In Tragic Suicide and Attempt To Blow-Up Nevada Detention Center


Nevada Southern Detention Center


Parhump Nevada:  The Southern Nevada Detention Center located in Parhump, Nevada was once again in the spotlight yesterday as news reports surfaced of a “self inflicted” death that was carried out inside the facility’s armory early Wednesday night.

Sources inside the heavily guarded detention center say, it was far from just a suicide by an employee who was stressed out over his job.  The guard in question had recently discovered his wife, who is also employed by Core Civic, was having an affair with another guard and it is believed it wasn’t just his
desire to kill himself that compelled him to release CS gas canisters before he killed himself, but  suspected it was an attempt to cause an explosion.

The Officer Captain Teagart, [exact spelling unknown] walked into the facility’s armory where weapons and riot gear are stored, triggered several CS grenades, and then shot and killed himself, according to people closest to the situation.

The facility houses defendants from the Bundy Ranch case and recently came under-fire by supporters who staged a month long protest outside prison grounds after a report guards who targeted Ammon and Ryan Bundy went too far during a disciplinary operation over a misplaced tee-shirt.

The Nye County Sheriff’s Department did confirm that the death of the guard was “self inflicted” but said that due to an ongoing investigation they could not comment further.



Pahrump, NV – June 14, 2017 – On June 13, an employee at the Nevada Southern Detention Center sadly took his life at the facility. At approximately 6:06 pm local time, facility staff responded to a fire alarm. While no fire was discovered, responding staff found the employee and immediately contacted emergency medical services. Despite the rapid response of our staff and the swift arrival of emergency responders, the employee was pronounced dead at the scene.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of our fellow CoreCivic colleague, as well as with the extended family of Nevada Southern Detention Center staff. Resources are being made available to impacted employees at the facility as they cope with the loss of a colleague.

CoreCivic and Nevada Southern Detention Center are cooperating fully with local law enforcement as it investigates this incident.



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  • LouisianaPatriot

    Shocking and very sad. Also sad that our Patriot prisoners are subjected to improper treatment while in that facility. It’s like symptoms of a sickness coming to the surface.

    • Shawna Lynn

      If “the source” would have given facts as opposed to speculation it wouldn’t be shocking at all. The facts are that the CO who shot himself found out that his wife (who is also a CO there) was having an affair with an INMATE, not another CO. The CO who shot himself did NOT throw the tear gas canisters in an attempt to blow anything up, he set them off to keep people from coming into the armory to stop him from what he was about to do. As for the Bundy defendants being treated improperly, that’s false as well. If you want to talk about being treated improperly, you should focus on the other inmates there, not the Bundy guys because they have been catered to. The BS stories that Ammon has put out there about his “torturous” 13 hours in a 3×3 shower cell and all the other crap he said has happened is a crock of shit. First of all, there are no 3×3 cells of any sort in NSDC. Second of all, the officers there are so by the book that it isn’t even funny. The ONLY reason that they would leave someone in cuffs is if that someone refused to move to the door so that the cuffs could be removed…and that situation (having to move to the door for them to remove cuffs) only occurs when someone is in the hole. And even then his story doesn’t make sense because if they’re in the hole then their shower is INSIDE their own cell so there would be no need to cuff them to begin with. Thirdly, my husband happens to be an inmate there so, I’d say my source is pretty reliable.

      • janijazz

        Due to the fact that you decided to marry a convicted felon, your credibility has flown right out the window. Thanks for playing though.

        • Shawna Lynn

          My credibility has flown out the window? That’s laughable considering the fact that Pete Santilli is sitting in NSDC as well yet you’re here gobbling up the shit that he’s “reporting” like it’s the gospel. Address me again when your IQ has gone up enough to where you have the ability to say something worth acknowledging. Consider this response a courtesy due to the fact that I feel sorry for you because of your suffering from the level of ignorance you’re afflicted with.

  • terrastomp

    scraping the bottom of (yet another) barrel in your pretend journalism world?

    • B.J. Adams

      And you are licking the boots of tyrants.

  • GRIT

    Glad to hear it didn’t escalate into a situation that injured inmates…