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  • Claudia Lopez

    Hi, I work for VICE Media and we are currently working on a show on American ranchers. We would love to license and use the footage that you shot at the Bundy ranch. Please contact me at claudia(dot)lopez(at)vice(dot)com. Thanks!

  • Melt Esquibel
  • Spencer Carter

    Can you please post updates on Pete’s hearing dates, and contact information? I am on a conference call with 100s of TIs ( who all want to help him, but we never hear any updates. Thanks!

  • Michelle Papp

    Guess what you made a video of a women you cough 4 times acting on TV news in train reck, Sandy hook, etc guess what I found her again fake crying in Florida on nbc news or cnn one or the other crying her son was in that gay club that got shot down. Videos of her are all over youtub if your interested in adding her to number 5 acting again.

  • Matt Bickley

    404 error message on page links! Check out WeMe social app if FB keeps deleting your info !