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Chat Rules

Chat Rules


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Welcome to The Pete Santilli Show live chat room!

The Pete Santilli Show Chat room is topic driven and listener supported. It is our way of thanking those who support our work by giving them a way to freely communicate, meet-up and share with one another. Chat rooms can be fun, informative, and a great way to meet like-minded people, but they can also be dangerous and at the very least distracting. Because of the latter, we find it necessary to have moderators and set strict rules of engagement that if not honored will result in your immediate expulsion.

Please read the following carefully and then enter chat with the knowledge you will need to assure your continued participation. Failure to adhere will have you permanently banned and only a moderator can restore your privilege to be our guest again.  Remember, you have a right to express yourself, just as long as your expression is not destructive towards the listenership we’ve built over the past four years — it’s our business, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone disrespectful towards others.

Pete Santilli and Deb Jordan do not always participate in, or respond to most comments posted in chat. They are busy doing a show, conducting investigations & producing content. Please keep your engagement in chat to those who are in the chat with you.  Send Pete and Deb an email if you have concerns or want to personally share information.  The chat room is the least effective way to get their attention.  Send those emails to info@thepetesantillishow.com.  

We receive all messages, but please be advised that we may not have have time to respond to each and every e-mail.  We receive hundreds and sometimes thousands of email messages from around the world.


Encouraged Behavior –

1. BE CONSTITUTIONAL!  We must defend and support each of our inalienable; God-given rights. (Being Constitutional also means we will not interfere with others rights as we exercise our own)

2. Sharing of information, including your own web-sites and YouTube Channel; Sharing links can be tricky but allowable if you know how to do it.

3. Being kind and respectful of others. Everyone’s thoughts and opinions matter.

4. If you believe you have valuable information to share with the world, please start your own show or website!

5. Chatting with other chat room guests about the show topic or other topics relative to what others are discussing.


Long List Of Disallowed Behavior –


1. Disrespect – It is of the utmost importance that you treat your fellow chatters with respect in our chat room. Disrespectful behavior toward the hosts will also get you blocked immediately.  If you do not like the show, you may exit voluntarily.  Saying in the chat room to disrupt a show you do not like is what the covert operatives do — intentionally cause chaos.  Being “Constitutional” does not mean you have the right to interfere with other’s peaceful enjoyment of the chatroom.

2. Name calling and using excessive foul language – Calling other chatters names and using foul language toward other chatters and show host is strictly prohibited.

3. Aggressiveness – If you threaten other chatters or show host you will lose privilege to be in chat immediately.

4. Lending of Money – At no time will you be permitted to lend, borrow or give other chatters including and especially The Pete Santilli Show moderators, money. Lending money or soliciting money, outside of donations meant to directly support The Pete Santilli Show is strictly prohibited. The chat room is not a bank or a loan company!

5. Personal Info – Do not post your address and or telephone number in chat – Your information will be removed and you will be warned only once to stop such behavior.

6. Gossip – Gossiping about one another and the show host will not be tolerated! Please refrain from juvenile gossiping at all times and please stick to the topic.

7. Personal disagreements – If you have a personal disagreement with another chatter or one of the host DO NOT air your grievance in the chat. Please handle such matters in private or be asked to leave and or be possibly blocked.  People do not come to our show to be exposed to your personal conflicts and drama.

8. Spamming – You are not permitted to accesively post the same thing or information over and over again in chat. Annoying behavior such as filling up the chat with all caps and aggressively posting your every thought will be considered spam and un-exceptable behavior . This behavior will lead to a warning then a block!

9. Failure to heed moderator warnings – If you are warned by a moderator for any reason you must immediately stop the behavior you are engaging in without argument. The moderator is not obliged to engage with you after a warning has been given.

10. Racist Remarks – Racism is strictly prohibited. Disagreeing with someone, or harassing someone strictly because of the color of their skin, their sexuality, religious preference, gender, or economic status, will not be tolerated! If you participate in such conversation you will be blocked immediately!

11. Bullying – Singling out chatters with the purpose to harass and belittle will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly.

12. NO “J-TRIGGING” – J-Trigging is intentional “infiltrating, manipulating, harassing, deceiving” as outlined in the JTRIG documents contained here: http://interc.pt/1c2qavq.  Creating “chaos” in a peaceful, enjoyable chatroom is exactly outlined in the covert operative’s manuals.  Remember, if you don’t like the show or the people in the chatroom, please leave quietly.  The only people who wish to create drama. chaos and STAY in the Chatroom because they are expressing how unhappy they are,  are typically getting paid to do so.   If you are an innocent bystander to J-Trigging, please be aware of their tactics and call out suspected infiltrators when they display their tactics.  Tell the moderators to ask them to STOP J-Trigging and politely ask them to leave.

The Pete Santilli Show prides itself on being approachable by their listeners, but reserve the right to not engage in bad behavior. Personal threats will be dealt with immediately and may result in your arrest by a Constitutional Sheriff.

Moderators reserve the right to block you from the chat without warning.  If you have been banned and wish to explain your behavior and be allowed back in chat please DO NOT contact Pete or Deb!   Send emails asking for reinstatement to moderator@thepetesantillishow.com … Entering the chat under a new account is strictly prohibited!  If you are suspected of entering the chat room after being blocked by way of a new account you will be banned again and your account will be reported to YouTube.

Pete Santilli, Deb Jordan, and set moderators reserve the right to use any and all YouTube remedies for harassment, threats, or any other violations of YouTube’s policies including, but not limited to flagging your channel for takedown.  You may be blocked by a moderator for any offense and said offense does not have to be listed above.  Again, this is our show; we’ve spent years building a relationship with our audience and no individual has the right to attempt to destroy it.  If we all have good intentions, we will respect the importance of keeping a decorum in our chatroom so as to allow like-minded individuals the opportunity to meet.


Please be kind to one another! You are voluntarily joining us by invitation.  It’s our chatroom, and you may not get along with others, or the topics we cover.  Please find another show you can feel more comfortable with if you have the urge to destroy everyone’s positive and enjoyable experience.