Burns Oregon Gets Back To Normal – Background Checks Now Mandatory To Attend Your Kids School Halloween Party



Burns Oregon:

The level of Nazi-like behavior by Local and State Officials, and those who are employed by them,  brought hundreds of protestors to the area this past January, and after much hype from supporting media outlets, it looks like Sheriff David Ward is getting his wish for things to get back to normal in the small town of Burns, Oregon.

In a shocking display of paranoid over-reach, School Officials surprised parents on Monday night by turning away anyone who was not on their “list” of people who had submitted to a background check  before being allowed entrance to their child’s Halloween activities at the local elementary school.

Hundreds of parents were declined access to their child’s classroom after what some are calling a cowardly act by the superintendent of schools.  Steven Quick decided to implement in the last moment possible, a “policy” on an event day and then hid from public scrutiny – much like Judge Steven Grasty and Sheriff David Ward did this past January.

 Superintendent Quick, was unable to be reached by phone after District Representative Brenda Graham, who is the  Human Resourse Manager of Schools told irate parents, “She could care less if they pulled all of their children out of her school.”
Pictured – Steve Quick
Countless parents were not able to join their children for their Halloween parties at school today and I’m sure that November 8 will be a rather eventful day for the School-board, as they will be flooded with pissed off parents” said one Mother who was denied access to the building and plans to attend the next School-board meeting.
The absurdity of  spontaneously activating the School Board’s policy of background checks for all “volunteers,” also led to denied access for Police Officers whose children attend the Burns Elementary School. Both Robbie Tiller and Chris Nesbitt could not get past the list checker. Tiller is a city of Burns police officer and Nesbitt is a Harney County Sheriffs Deputy.
 When calls were made to the Office of the Superintendent complaining about  the “list,” a woman at the district office stated it was a “State Board of Education Policy mandated by law”
However, a local business owner and lifetime Burns resident whose child attends the school, reached out to the State Board of Education to find out if there was any such law that stated a parent visiting a classroom in Oregon must first submit to a background check, and was told the statement was a not correct; The State Board of Education requires a background check for volunteers only, not parents just attending a school function, she was told.
There were some who seemed to be a little more sympathetic to the iron fist of Burns, saying the policy has been on the books for a while and is nothing new – but still, implementing it out of nowhere without warning was just ridiculous, they said.
People watching closely from around the Country, are not surprised by the over-reaction of school officials in Burns and point out it’s obvious they have been listening way too much to officials who continue to push their agenda of fear and loathing.  And considering Officials have put everyone on edge after the not guilty verdict for occupation attendee’s last week, and pushed ideas of impending carnage by would-be imaginary refuge bandits, few would be surprised if Grasty and Ward were to call in the FBI to oversee Tuesday nights board meeting to protect meeting goers from Militant Soccer Moms.




  • Militant Soccer Moms UNITE, lmao…
    “The absurdity of spontaneously activating the School Board’s policy of background checks for all “volunteers,” also led to denied access for Police Officers whose children attend the Burns Elementary School. ” Perhaps NOW the local LEO in Burns and Harney county will have their eyes opened to the disgusting power trip that their elected and appointed representatives are on.

  • James Fenton III

    This is just the thing we need to resist, overreach by Government is growing into a real problem.
    Schools are where children are indoctrinated, taught to stand in line, be quiet, be part of the heard, and conform. The kids are not taught as many of us were, instead conformity is the curriculum taught at school..
    If you wish to have your child educated, take them home, and educate them yourself.

  • pj

    “Hundreds of parents were declined access to their child’s classroom after what some are calling a cowardly act by the superintendent of schools”.

    LMFAO. The total enrollment at Henry L. Slater Elementary is only 368 students. Once again, poot math reigns supreme.

    ¡Heil Ammon!

    Illiberal zealots. You are all in my daily prayers asking God to help you see the sin of your ways someday very soon. 🙂