BUNDY RANCH: Prosecutors Face More Allegations In Cover-up Of BLM Agent Dan Love Misconduct


– Deb Jordan Las Vegas, Nevada #GoogleDanLove

BLM Special Agent In Charge [SAC] Daniel P. Love’s misconduct, hangs over the heads of Nevada Prosecutors like a rain cloud that follows them everywhere they go.  SAC Love, who has been identified as the agent who was found guilty of misconduct after an investigation by the Inspector General’s Office, may have something else in his closet the Prosecutors kept hidden from the defense.blm-cory-doctorow  It appears that in November of 2016 the internal affairs office at the BLM opened their own investigation on Mr. Love.

According to records, a memorandum from The US Department of The Interior dated November 2nd, 2016  and signed by the BLM Director of Law Enforcement Security Salvatore R. Lauro , was issued to SAC Love informing him of his immediate suspension from duty and directing him to turn in his uniforms, badges, and government issued firearms.  Love was also stripped of his Law Enforcement Authority.

The suspended BLM Special Agent In Charge was being investigated internally for two extremely heinous acts.

The first offense on record was, that on more than one occasion Love ordered a subordinate to drive a government issued vehicle to run personal errands for him.  There have been some outside reports claiming the subordinate found ancient indian artifacts in Love’s vehicle during this process, but the most egregious allegation was still to come.

After a raid on the Redd Family of Blanding, Utah, that also involved several other collectors of ancient indian artifacts in the surrounding area, Love demanded the Utah Department of The Interior Evidence Custodian to retrieve several of the artifacts from the evidence room so he could display them on his desk. The internal investigation also states that Love gave at  least several BLM Agents, other “Federal Agents,” and one private contractor “Moqui Marbles” to keep as a trophy after the 2009 raid he and FBI Special Agent Greg Bretzing called, Operation Cerberus.

Funeral Of Dr. James Redd

This act was not only unlawful, but some would say a direct indication to how dark the soul of Daniel P. Love really is.   Dr. James Redd, after being brutally assaulted and interrogated for hours by Daniel Paul Love, took his own life, as did the informant Ted Gardiner – who set the sting into motion; One other victim also killed himself after the highly ridiculed militarized Operation Cerberus.   Many Utah residents and elected officials still accuse Dan Love of bullying Dr. James Redd to death.

Odd that Agents Love and Bretzing chose to call their sting “Operation Cerberus after a successful Hitler directive during World War II”  in which three trapped German Warships in the English Channel successfully out-thought and out-manuverd the English to get away.  The German military would later call Operation Cerberus a “tactical victory (but) a strategic defeat”  a ominous quote that would dictate public perception of Daniel P. Love and Greg Bretzing’s careers, for years to come.

According to a letter penned by Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz  to the Office of The Inspector General, there are more questions raised by their investigation of SAC Love than answered.  chaffetzThe letter indicates that Love not only threatened people in his office while demanding they lie during the investigation, but he also had an employee shred and destroy untold amounts of evidence in the form of documents and hard-drives containing internal emails the day before a congressional inquiry was to begin scrutinizing the office Love had now become in charge of.   BLM Director Neil Kornze is suspected of giving Agent Love the “heads-up” before that investigation could take place, prompting him to destroy the most critical documents the IGO was looking for.  During the first trial for Bundy co-defendants, Toni Ziminski, the communications director for the Bundy cattle confiscation, admitted she shredded documents at the compound and somehow lost vital recorded records of radio transmissions because somehow the hard drive that ran the recording device had mysteriously come unplugged.  Ziminski was never asked if Dan Love had told her to shred vital documents, nor was she asked if Dan Love had asked her to unplug the hard-drive. Both would have been fair questions had the defense known Daniel P. Love had given that order before.

The United States Government has a long history of “covering up” for their Special Agent in Charge Daniel P. Love from 2006 to date, and that fact could not be made any clearer than by what is NOT being allowed to be entered as evidence, and who is NOT allowed to be called to the stand, in the Case of USA vs Cliven Bundy et al —

Former Secret Service Agent Rand Stover turned BLM Agent, took the stand in early February during what the Press has dubbed “The Bundy Ranch Trials”  and would begin what would be a long line of BLM and FBI agents who ineffectively try to become stymied voice of Daniel P. Love.  Because the Prosecution had hidden the facts surrounding the OIG investigation and pending Congressional inquiry, the defense was ill prepared to ask Agent Stover whether or not he too was involved in the investigations.

The record reflects Agent Stover was a vital participant in the scheme to help Dan Love insure the employment of a former US Marshal and their friend, Mark Jucha, to the BLM.  Stover was in charge of  the interviewing process that allowed only the top 10 applicants to interview for the job; Jucha was not among the top 10.  Love, with help from Stover, expanded the rules of  hiring to include the top 30 applicants and made it possible for Jucha to be interviewed and hired over those who were better qualified for the job.  Stover would later admit that he followed the order of Daniel P. Love to expand the interview process to include Mark Jucha because after all, “Love was the Special Agent in Charge” and “it was his department.”

Since the Bundy Ranch trial began prosecutors and Judge Gloria Navarro have been  accused of at least five incidents of prosecutorial misconduct for with-holding evidence that resulted in the Jury not hearing the facts surrounding the case. Two of those accusations directly involve the cover-up of the outcome of the investigation by the Office of The Inspector General, and the United States Congress inquiry into the misconduct of Daniel P. Love, to which he was eventually found guilty.  It is still unclear exactly what the Congressional investigation was for.

During the trial the revelation that co-defendant Gregory Burleson had once been a paid FBI informant, and that two of his former handlers had taken the stand to testify for the prosecution, set off an explosion for motions to dismiss the case based on the fact Burleson and his attorney Terrance Jackson, had been allowed to attend meetings with other c0-defendants including Cliven Bundy himself, where case strategy had been discussed.  The motions were denied.


FBI Agent Charles Johnson

In a recent article by the intercept.com, reporting on a story out of Glendale, Colorado, the public was informed that FBI undercover agent “Charles Johnson”  was arrested for impersonating a private investigator.  Johnson alleged during his interrogation by Glendale Police, that he had been hired by a journalist to question community officials and the owner of a piece of property the town needed to develop a entertainment district.  Locals said they considered the agents line of questioning harassing,  as often times he would show up late at night without warning to press hard for information.  After his arrest “Agent Johnson” was documented as having three separate I.D.’s on his person that indicated he was a resident in three different States, one of which was an address in Nashville Tennessee.  One  business card he had in his possession bearing his name, was that of the known fake media/documentary company called “Long Bow Productions”  used by the FBI to infiltrate and record the Bundy family and other participants during the protest in 2014.  During the first trial concerning USA vs Cliven Bundy et al,  he took the stand under the assumed name “Charles Johnson” to testify for the government against defendants who had no clue he was under investigation in Colorado for once again pretending to be something he was not.  In a must hear interview with Peter Boyles, the writer of the article featured on The Intercept, journalist Trevor Aaronson said he had contacted the FBI and the DOJ to enquire as to  whether or not they had informed attorney’s in the Bundy case about Charles Johnson’s arrest – The FBI never returned his call.

To date there have been eight separate documented investigations by the OIG into Love’s conduct since Bundy Ranch, with only one of those investigations being made public.

Defendants in the Bundy case would like to know what information initiated those investigations, and if any of those investigations included his misconduct during the Bundy Ranch cattle confiscation and subsequent misconduct during the protest.

It will also be interesting to know what other information the prosecution has hidden under their skirts that should- by all that is decent, require the Attorney General Jeff Sessions to dismiss this case.

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Pete Santilli is the Cincinnati talk show host/journalist who traveled to Bunkerville, Nevada to cover the story of Cliven Bundy and the fact the Bureau Of Land Management had surrounded his family with over 200 armed Federal Agents.  These armed agents were violating civil-rights and Pete Santilli caught them on video. That video was aired by Fox News the following day and a Nation responded. Pete still holds it to be true that the BLM was poised to kill the Bundy family and it was his duty as a journalist to expose that truth.  Pete went to Bundy Ranch with nothing more than an an iPad and determination to tell the truth.


Pete Santilli faces life in prison because he dared criticize  the United States Government and the henchmen authorized to brutalize the Bundy Family.

This past September 6th, 2016 a case was dismissed against Pete in Oregon after the Prosecution said the Government lacked the evidence to prove the FBI’s claim he acted outside his role as a journalist while reporting on the attempted Adverse Possession of The Malheur Wildlife Refuge located in Harney County Oregon.  Pete spent 8 months in jail awaiting that trial.  He now awaits trial in Nevada and has been in jail for almost two years.

















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    Great work, Deb. You and Pete are in my thoughts. I’m looking forward to your video documentary. That most recent PBS piece on this case was nothing more than damage control and propaganda to taint the jury pool. Fortunately and Unfortunately (duel edged sword), the courts are conducting themselves is such outrageous manor that the Juries so far are seeing the injustice and misconduct of the Federal Court System. I hope you’re still carrying that silver dollar.

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    They need to free all these people involved in the Bundy ranch. Me and my dad had kept up on this and my father was a strong country man who was fair and believed his country could do no wrong. Saddly he died November 2 nd 2016. His last words was love. My dad was heartbroken over what the government had done in the Bundy ranch ordeal. I believe he would have been more outspoken if he wouldn’t have offended my uncle who retired as a general in the army. And if cancer had not got him down. Keep strong Deb. My dad’s watching over you all. Our hearts are with you.

  • I imagine Longbow Productions interviewed Jared and Amanda Miller who killed the 2 Vegas cops.
    Excerpt: FBI Charles Johnson and his team (of radical provocateurs) had spent eight months traveling to at least five states to film interviews with nearly two dozen people about the Bundy standoff, all part of an FBI effort to build criminal cases against the Bundys and their supporters.

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