Bundy Defendants Accuse Nevada Courts Of “Political Lynching” After Viewing Discovery


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IN NEVADA:   Men arrested for being present at the 2014 Bundy Protest in Bunkerville, Nevada,  are accusing the United States Government of purposefully withholding discovery from the media because they don’t want the public to see who pushed for the arrests, and just how weak the Government’s case against them really is.  Judge Gloria Navarro, who refused to give any of the prisoners being held in Nevada a fair pre-trial release,  is suspected of basing her opinion on a completely bogus narrative conceived by the Government, without even looking at the facts in the case.  The defendants in this case  feel she has a political agenda that aligns her decision with the man who helped her attain the bench, Harry Reid.

“It serves her  political masters to have the discovery shrouded in secrecy,  a source has told me; ” You would be hard pressed to find anyone close to this case that will tell you it wasn’t just by chance that Navarro was chosen to preside over this trial.”

The fact Judge Gloria Navarro was recommended by SEN. Harry Reid and appointed to the Bench by  President Barrack Obama, moved Attorneys for Cliven Bundy to ask Navarro to recuse herself this past Spring.

After receiving and viewing a good portion of the “discovery” these men now say they finally understand why the Government wants to keep it all a big secret,  and believe  the information, once made public,  will raise many questions about just why they are being held without chance of being released before their trial.

According to one prisoner, the discovery proves their ongoing incarceration is nothing short of a “political lynching” designed specifically to create the perception they are all guilty of committing a violent act so the Judge can claim justification for keeping them behind bars.

While they cannot divulge any portion of what they are seeing in the discovery they certainly have no court ordered “gag” preventing them from voicing their reaction to it.

The public needs to remember why Bundy Ranch happened in the first place, said one prisoner.  We didn’t all just show up in Bunkerville one day because we were mad about a cattle round-up.  The facts are the same as they were in April of 2014.  The BLM was acting aggressively toward the Bundy family.  They had snipers trained on them, they reacted violently and beat a man for taking photos of them, they set up an illegal free speech area, they were killing cattle and burying them on “so called”  public lands; and despite numerous warnings to “back off” by Clarke County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie, Governor Brian Sanddoval, and plenty of other State and Federal Officials, Daniel P Love escalated his militarized response and refused to to use diplomacy over violence.

This accusation by the prisoner is backed by numerous statements made by both Gillespie and Governor Sandoval, during and after the time of the protest.  In a statement made to the Las Vegas Sun,  Gillespie said he warned BLM Special Agent In Charge Daniel P Love, that he had lost control of the situation and would only escalate it to violence if he did not stop the round-up.  Love refused the advise of both the Sheriff of Clarke County and Governor of the State of Nevada.  Many people who know Daniel P. Love say his over inflated ego would not allow him to heed that warning.

“I think if anybody would look at how they handled the protesting with the use of Tasers and police dogs, anyone who had been in policing would question those tactics,” he said. “And I believe that led to the heightened interest and escalating the situation.”  ~ Douglas Gillespie

Federal Prosecutor Steven Myhre would now like the court and the public to believe that Dan Love  and fellow BLM Agents are all victims of propaganda, and that the BLM did nothing to provoke a visit from an outraged Bundy Family which resulted in a video release exposing their aggression” said one attorney working on the case;

 When the family approached the BLM that day, Ammon Bundy was tazed three times,  a  recovering cancer patient and grandmother, was violently thrown to the ground, and a pregnant girl was threatened by the release of a dog.  That video is far from propaganda, it’s the truth, and it speaks volumes about the mindset of the BLM.  Evidence will clearly show that the Bundy’s were right about the BLM killing cattle and burying them on public lands; and that, coupled with numerous other violent incidents perpetrated by the BLM, is what caused the escalation in Bunkerville in 2014.  To say that the BLM and Dan Love are all just victims is simply not true.  Click here to view the video.

There has also been an unexplained number of plea deals connected to this case, and at least three men are now trying to back out of their deals after seeing the discovery.

Jerry Delemus who recently took a plea deal on the case has since changed his mind about that decision saying that he was forced into the deal by the FBI.  Delemus, who is married to State Rep Susan Delemus of  New Hampshire, now says he buckled under extreme pressure after the FBI threatened that they would go after the men who accompanied him to Nevada if he refused to take the deal.  One of those men was his Son.

When Delemus asked Judge Gloria Navarro if he would be committing perjury when he lied under oath to say he was guilty,  her response was, “Not necessarily.” So the Judge presiding over this case encouraged a defendant to lie under oath?  So much for the dignity of the Nevada Bench.



Much time has passed since the 2014 protest and public memory may have faded, but the fact still remains; Sheriff Doug Gillespi told Cliven Bundy and the American People on the day of the protest that the BLM was leaving and the cattle would now be freed.  When the Bundy Family, and the American People, accompanied by the media came to get the cattle, they were met with the threat of being shot by Daniel P. Love and his BLM.  Was Daniel P. Love once again defying the orders of the County Sheriff when the people approached that gate?  We think that’s exactly what the “discovery” will show.

Special Agent In Charge Daniel P. Love

According to an official statement by a BLM spokesperson in a report documented by E&E LLC  the BLM narrative is very clear;

“In a highly volatile situation with heavily armed antagonists, Love negotiated a peaceful resolution,” said Celia Boddington, who was serving as BLM’s assistant director for communications at the time and is now retired. “When all is said and done, he was the person most responsible for ensuring that nobody got killed that day. While many are eager to play Monday morning quarterback, history will judge him kindly.”

In reality Daniel P. Love was forced to leave the premises by a Deputy Sheriff at the gate after refusing a direct order to do so several times.  Daniel P. Love said he was not leaving and that Ammon Bundy was not taking those cattle.  He said all of this after Sheriff Douglas Gillespie had already told a cheering crowd that he had ordered the BLM to vacate the premises and the Bundy’s naturally went to get their cattle, or at least what was left of them.  Revised history may very well remember Daniel P. Love kindly, but those who stared down the barrel of his gun that day and know the truth, will certainly not.

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  • Reg Doig

    It is unfortunate that Love and the rest of the BLM agents can’t be charged with cattle rustling. Those charges would have to be cleared by the courts first i believe

    • nvrbl

      I thought the courts did not matter. The agents were there to carry out a legal court order. Cliven went to court, lost, appealed, lost. Why even have courts if people can just take up their weapons in defiance of court orders and instead demand to have their way at the end of a gun?

      • justicewon1

        Re-read the story. The governor and sheriff told them several times to leave.

        • FredDorner

          Neither one has any authority over the BLM or really any authority on federal land, except to the extent that the BLM allows the local sheriff to act as their proxy.

        • bari2

          While denying them their right of “redress of grievances”! You conveniently left that part out. It was unconstitutional to deny them that.

      • Fred Marsico

        It’s a matter of what is right and what is wrong. The courts often are wrong and innocent people suffer. The issue is a matter of subject jurisdiction and in fact the Bundy’s in Oregon argue the same point. According to congressional acts, the state or local government has subject jurisdiction not the federal government, in all cases where state laws are violated. In the case where no state or local law has been broken, the federal government has no jurisdiction over public lands, only those places designated within the Constitution, and no rule or regulation can circumvent those constitutional limits.

        BLM has no jurisdiction in a County or State above the local and state laws and their respective enforcement agencies.

        • helpful55

          I sure hope that the courts will follow through with this and we can start getting our rights back in this area of our lives.

      • Clay Davis

        Should say, “Why even have courts if government can just take up their weapons in defiance of what is moral and Constitutional and instead demand to have their way at the end of a gun?” Legality does not equal morality. Government will always paint their tyrannical actions with the color of law. They have to in order to maintain the illusion that they are an “authority”.

        • nvrbl

          There is no moral justification for Bundy’s actions. Cliven is merely a liar and a scofflaw. His sons are petulant narcissists

      • Robert Deihl

        You are WRONG! 1. Cliven was at one hearing 20 years ago and the Judge would not allow him to explain that the BLM had no jurisdiction, plus he had refused to sign a contract with the feds when they changed the rules. So the BLM attended a second hearing, but Cliven was NOT invited. 2. Nevada is an open carry state. I don ‘t know if Cliven even OWNS a firearm, but he is the gentlest man I have ever met and he had and still has a valid point in that public lands inside the state boundaries is owned BY THE STATE, with the feds having NO jurisdiction there without permission of the state legislature, and then only after the feds have put the “needful “parcel to to use according to Constitutional guidelines. 3. The land the BLM was trying to steal from the Bundys had been claimed, settled, and improved continuously since the 1870’s, which made it private land. 4. The federal government can not own land within states except for 10 miles square in Washington DC. The government may have jurisdiction while the land is a purchased TERRITORY, but when the area is accepted into the union of the states, the feds are REQUIRED to turn that land over to the new state’s control. The federal government is not an OWNER, but acts as a TRUSTEE prior to statehood is realized. Virtually every action the BLM has taken has been unconstitutional. 12 years ago there were 52 ranches in Clark County. The government has STOLEN all but one… the Bundy Ranch. 5. The sheriff of a county has the highest position and he is authorized to forbid the federal government to take any action against a bonefide landowner in the county.The sheriff of Clark County DID NOT perform his duty, even though he took an oath before God to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution. All government employees are required to take that same oath. 6. I suggest that you, nvrbl, need to study both the Constitution for the united States as well as the Declaration of Independence.

        • nvrbl

          I have read the court rulings and seen the property records. Bundy has no moral or legal claim to the land on which he is trespassing.

    • John Parker

      cattle rustling once meant hanging…though I doubt today it would get that far however, cattle rustling should be no more than a stop sign violation compared to the other laws Love and some of his slaves broke. They should be charged with the whole host of other crimes they committed, and save the cattle rustling for negotiating protective custody cell vs., general population.

  • TMS2016

    Great article!! thank you for the detailed information Deb!! 🙂

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  • ITSa341

    I want to know why Love and the BLM are not being prosecuted for animal cruelty. Driving cattle while the calves are so young is by definition animal cruelty and results in the unnecessary suffering and death of many calves.

    • Tsul’ Kalu

      Love and BLM are Above All law and not possible to be charged with anything. Dr. Redd case where after Love interrogated him for hours Redd felt the only way to protect his family was to kill himself. Love was charged, judge said Love is Gov employee and cannot be charged with anything. Love now is nationally in control of BLM security, Love would have made a great SS or KGB officer. A man with God ego complex,
      and permission to do as he wishes from federal courts.. will, can do anything his corrupt heart desires.

      • ITSa341

        The private contractors that did the herding and round-up are not government employees and have no immunity from prosecution. If they are prosecuted, next time the BLM will have a very hard time finding private contractors to do their dirty work.

        Love is a government employee and has immunity from civil litigation but no immunity from criminal prosecution. Push the local prosecutor to enforce the law or vote him/her out and replace them with someone who will.

  • Lynn Kopa Balogh

    This sure is a twist on what I saw with my own eyes as it was happining

  • joe

    It is one of our duties as constitution abiding Americans to defy laws that are not born within the guidelines of the constitution..

  • Bill Anderson

    those animals look dead for a long time

    • Benjamin Smith

      lets not forget they are in a desert and they were killed when all this was going on..

  • justicewon1

    The BLM has an over-reach in everything they touch. Nevada and Burns, OR. They lie and stomp around like they are masters of the jungle. LaVoy Finicum was murdered in Burns. BLM planted men to walk around Burns in public dressed as Patriots, carrying guns and treating others mean. The true Patriots never did that.

    God Bless You, LaVoy.

  • NewHampshire

    Re:”Jerry Delemus who recently took a plea deal on the case has since
    changed his mind about that decision saying that he was forced into the
    deal by the FBI. Delemus, who is married to State Rep Susan Delemus of
    New Hampshire, now says he buckled under extreme pressure after the FBI
    threatened that they would go after the men who accompanied him to
    Nevada if he refused to take the deal. One of those men was his Son.” When this was posted under the article at the UNION LEADER, the newspaper DELETED ALL THE COMMENTS FROM FOLKS WHO ASSUMED THAT ALREADY. Turns out it was true.

  • helpful55

    It sure is interesting some of the things we are finding out as we go with the Bundy Nevada and Oregon situations. I don’t know that it will happen but if we can ever get the courts to start abiding by the constitution when they rule we can put an end to nearly all of this kind of thing. There are a lot more things than our lands that the fed has no right to be involved with in our lives.

  • Lynn Kopa Balogh

    Sorry I believe in constitutional due process and bundy lost. Not once nor twice by many many tiimes Now they interfered with federal officers fulfilling legal due process court orders by threat of guns. They do not have a leg to stand on

    • bari2

      You could not be more wrong and obviously have not studied up on the facts in the Bundy case. The BLM has harassed the Bundy family for years to get them off their land! The government and BLM pointed guns at American’s defending their Constitutional rights. They were denied Constitutional due process. Search Harry Reid and his involvement in this.

  • Tsul’ Kalu

    I find it amazing how well the NEA via Pres Jim Carter in 70s have been effective in brainwashing and subduing the US Constitution and American people. For generations they have been able to change the mindset from We the People to We the Federal Government are in charge, the Employee has become the master.
    Thus with that same false mindset thugs like Dan Love, Harry Reid, Clintons, Obamas, local Unconstitutional and Oath breaking Law enforcement, Judges, Attorneys, commissioners, list goes on and on. They believe they are Above the Laws of the lands, and can create out of whole cloth their OWN bureaucracy laws, rules, then arm themselves and use deadly force and murder to Trample the Bill of Rights, Liberty, Constitutional anything to Defraud, Steal, kill. BLM EPA, and others are un lawful groups empowered by false education, false beliefs and supported by those who believe they are the Law, the omnipotent rulers who use Constitutional law as their guide, when in fact they use their political agenda’s, political motives, personal power, greed, lusts for control over others all powerful drugs of the mind and soul.
    So people think the Bundys and other patriots will actually get a honest fair trial, Sick thinking, delusional thinking, for they don’t realize we live in a current society more akin to USSR 1960 than the Republic of America.
    Our Liberty is all but gone, our ability to live free all but gone, the Constitution is Void from these trials.
    Judges are prejudiced that is an open book fact. The courts are controlled and no justice will be found for its been predetermined, 100 million has been spent of the peoples money to destroy the people, families, steal the lands and sell to another in these cases, Uranium One Russian / Clinton contracts, Sen. Harry Reid and family with the Chinese and other interests contracts.
    Thus American people are in the way, the last few who stood against the tyranny over 80 ranchers between the two places have been destroyed by the enemies of the people, I call the secret combinations mentioned above.
    So for those who think the Law is just in these cases, who think well they have had their cases and lost many times in the past, don’t realize their sworn enemy controls the courts in these lands.
    When Wicked Rulers control the lands, the humble innocent people their victims suffer greatly. This has been the case through out history, this is the very reason why we fought the Revolution to protect the people from such tyrants in power.
    Today we have would be kings who control the courts and prisons and assassins as needed.
    We have seen this take place over and over and over again.
    It will continue as the majority of American’s will never stand until like the Jews, Christians, Vets of Germany did they woke up too late to stop the National Socialists of Hitlers Germany financed by the radicals in America at the time.
    America has become the United Socialist States of America, by their actions, inactions this is a fact.
    By their ability to reeducate the generations of children to follow their commands and agenda’s they have finally achieved this.
    Now what will you do about it?
    These Patriots, these Political Prisoners, these common men and women who stood against open tyranny and its machine of wickedness now will experience the blender machine of their controlled non justice machine.
    Odds are they will all be punished greater than real criminals, they will be left with nothing, to show YOU do not Dare stand against us, we are your rulers you remain in your place as our worker slaves.
    This is what is on trial here, the Prosecution can create pure fiction at will, lie, cheat, anything in court, for they have no morals, nor fear of consequences for lying under oaths they personally no longer hold of any value.
    Only Prayer to soften the hearts of the wicked will help their cause.
    Only the knowledge that in the end God knows the truth, the wicked will face an eternal tribunal and Just court.
    Mean while if you can support the families of these patriots in their time of distress.
    May God find mercy upon the victims, and may America learn to bless God once again.
    If not, well Gods judgments historically fall upon nations that allow wickedness to control them. Soon America will go through these.
    I suggest Choosing what team you shall be on.
    Gods or Lucifer’s, Light or darkness. There are only 2 teams. no gray area.
    hint, we know God wins in the end.

  • Dan Love is a delusional tyrant and a danger to liberty and society. If anyone belongs in prison it is him, not a bunch of farmers. Quick question, how can you be indicted for interfering with an agent of the union when said agent was defying a direct order by a supreme law officer (in this case the Sheriff Deputy) and acting illegally? If interfering with acts of illegal tyranny are to be deemed “terrorism”, then next time there is no restraint of acting peacefully as all pretense of preserving liberty in that fashion is gone.

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