BLM Agent Daniel P. Love Under Fire By Bundy Case Attorney After Inspector General Probe Finds Him Guilty Of Misconduct




Deb Jordan

605535Las Vegas Nevada:  On Wednesday Attorney Chris Rasmussen  filed a Motion For Review of BLM Personnel Records after a scathing report released by the Office Of The Inspector General, said  a Special Agent In Charge of the BLM was found to have committed Ethical Violations and Misconduct during an event in 2015 called “Burning Man” held in Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

The report contained points of interest for attorneys fighting an uphill battle in the Bundy Ranch case, especially the part about the Special Agent trying to intimidate and influence witnesses in his ethics investigation.

Daniel P. Love, who is believed to be the Special Agent in Charge the report is referring to, was also the Special Agent In Charge of the Bundy Ranch Cattle Impoundment of 2014.  Complaint after complaint was filed against Dan Love before, during, and after the protest, but failed to catch the eye of the Inspector Generals Office. This time the complaints came from within the BLM staff itself and it looks as though the “Super-Agent” will finally be held accountable.

This revelation came as no surprise to the people who live in States in which the BLM has taken on the role of Law Enforcement under the direction of Special Agent Daniel P. Love. Locals say they can attest that misconduct is an almost daily routine for the agency.

Chris Rasmussen, the Attorney of record for Pete Santilli, the journalist being held without bond after being swept up in a series of arrest stemming from the 2014 protest, wasted no time in demanding the court release the unredacted document filed by the Inspector Generals Office on January 30th, because he believes Dan Love may be the agent that was investigated and the Governments star witness in their case against Cliven Bundy and co-defendants.

Mr. Rasmussen says that if  Daniel P. Love is the agent being charged in the Inspector General’s report,  his client and other co-defendants have a right to know and be allowed to impeach his testimony, if he takes the stand.

Just last week Prosecutor Steven Myhre filed a motion begging Judge Gloria Navarro, the presiding Judge on the case, to not allow questioning that involves past misconduct by the BLM in this or other operations,  or any questioning of any of the agents that are set to testify in the trial that would make them look bad; And now we know why.

The Defense’s case is centered around the conduct of Special Agent in Charge Daniel P. Love – and it is paramount the Jury hear what kind of person Mr. Love is and just how far he would go to cover-up his misconduct while conducting official business as a Bureau Of Land Management employee.

It has been long argued, Bundy Ranch was a spontaneous protest that happened because of misconduct by BLM agents under the direction of Daniel P. Love during the early days of the impoundment operation to round up rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle.  Free speech areas were erected, protestors and Bundy Family members were beaten, tazered, violently arrested, and snipers were used to keep everyone in line.

According to sources, the FBI pulled out of the impoundment early on, as did the Clarke County Sheriffs Department, and Las Vegas Metro Police who all warned Daniel P. Love he was going too far and that the operation should be stopped.

Instead, he threatened journalist Pete Santilli, who tried in vain to help mediate a peaceful outcome, with arrest and prosecution.  Pete Santilli along with every other person who used common sense during the protest tried to reason with the overly aggressive agent who moved forward with the impoundment.

Other protestors felt their lives were in danger as they approached the site where BLM agents stood ready to kill them.

There was never ever any talk of invading the 1 million dollar compound Daniel P. Love erected on the Gold Butte or forcefully taking back any cattle; it was always the plan to protest until the release occurred naturally, said one witness who has asked to remain anonymous.  We went down into the wash under the assumption the BLM had left the area and that is where we were met by 200 armed agents who said they were ready to use lethal force. It was very frightening and confusing, we said a prayer and moved forward to face a BLM, we thought had left hours before. 

When I reached out for a comment from former Nevada Assembly Woman Michele Fiore, who was present at the protest in 2014 and is now running for a vacant seat on the Las Vegas City Counsel, I was not expecting the explosive raw response I got from her;

Michele Fiore with Ammon Bundy and other State officials who protested at Bundy Ranch


You know what? I am just pissed off that this dirty SOB has been protected from being prosecuted for his outrageous behavior at Bundy Ranch –

Scoring a few tickets and having sex with his girlfriend in a BLM trailer at “Burning Man” is the least of his offensives.  

This man is the same guy who threatened to use lethal force against American Citizens and Elected Officials – myself included – during the protest at Bundy Ranch.  How the hell did he ever get by with that?  

And now it’s just disgusting that the Nevada BLM has the audacity to speak poorly of  our elected, President Donald Trump while never saying one thing about this mad-man being permitted to threaten protestors without any repercussion?

This guy actually disobeyed the direct order of our State Attorney General and beat people up and arrested them when he had no authority to do so.  

In the wash that day the BLM made fun of our Metro Las Vegas Police and County Sheriff Tom Roberts instead of obeying a direct order to put away their Long Guns. 

I’m telling you all right now, Daniel P. Love disrespected the authority of our Nevada State Attorney General and  Local Law Enforcement, and almost caused a terrible tragedy.  

There was no damn conspiracy – We all went down into that wash to set cattle free because the Sheriff said the “operation” had ceased and the BLM was leaving – We were almost killed by that raging lunatic;  It’s just that simple. 

   At this point I think the right thing to do in this situation is, to let our men who have been wrongfully accused of threatening the BLM, out of jail and put Daniel P. Love, the real criminal, in jail for a very, very long time.

While they’re at it I think they should also look into the allegations of misconduct during the 2012 Winter Olympics when an on duty Dan Love was presumably observed by his men in a dark corner of a bar getting up close and personal with a woman he had had drinks with instead of providing security for the diplomats he was charged to protect.  

Maybe they should take another look at the operation Dan Love conducted in Utah that lead to the suicide of three people including Dr. James Redd in Blanding, Utah.

 I think it’s about damn time we start hearing the truth about this jerk instead of  Prosecutors here in Nevada actively participating in a cover-up to hide the abuses this Bastard has been almost encouraged to commit.

 I think it’s high-time somebody say enough is enough and tell us the truth; That Daniel P. Love was demoted – not promoted this year – because he can’t handle the overwhelming responsibility of picking up the trash on our Public Lands without threatening to kill someone, and has finally been relegated to a desk job where he can’t hurt people.

Ms Fiore is not the only one who questions Daniel P. Love’s disrespect for local officials; In a January 6th article published by High Country News in 2016, a retired BLM agent had this to say;

In 2012, Steve Martin sat in a briefing room at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico, listening to the details of a clandestine operation his agency was planning in the Nevada desert. The goal seemed commendable — to round up rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle, which had been grazing illegally on public land for decades — but the means seemed off to the Arizona-based special agent for the federal Bureau of Land Management. It was full of optimistic bravado, he recalls, and it was missing a key ingredient: cooperation with the county sheriff. Says Martin: “I remember thinking, ‘Is this still the BLM?’ 

 Defendants in the Bundy case are 100% convinced, that when a Jury of their peers hear the details of how Daniel P. Love conducted himself during the protest at Bundy Ranch, they will be acquitted – But a dismissal of this case is what’s really warranted here  —  “The Government has aligned with the wrong side on this one.


IMG_8244During his pre-trial release hearing on Tuesday, Ryan Bundy revealed that at least 200 gunmen (BLM Agents and or Parks and Services) were involved in the April 12th protest, and that many of them could be heard  laughing while choosing the protestors they wanted to kill, including horses and dogs.

Ryan Bundy also stated for the record, an agreement had been made between the Sheriff’s Department and the Bureau Of Land Management on April 11th, 2014 – that said the impoundment operation would cease immediately   – a full day before the final protest on April 12th.  Mr. Bundy quickly pointed out the flaw in the indictment by asking the question, “If there were no operation on the 12th, and if the cattle were already being released — how is that impeding?”

In an amazing testimony of support, retired Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Mark McEwen who was at Bundy Ranch and assigned to assist Mr. Bundy the day of the protest said, Mr. Bundy was with him most of that day and never acted aggressively or did anything that warranted him believing he was a danger to anyone. The former officer also said he never felt his life was in danger by gunmen while doing his job to help Mr. Bundy promote a peaceful resolution.

Ryan Bundy’s wife also gave an emotional testimony saying she has done her best to pick-up the pieces but that her husband was missed and needed at home. They exchanged a heartfelt “I Love You” before she exited the stand.

Ryan Bundy is now awaiting Magistrate Judge George Foley’s decision on his pre-trial release.



Lynette Warren says;

Love has been terrorizing rural communities for over a decade. Ranchers, hunters and other land owners have complained, but the Dept of the Interior never addressed those complaints. He criminally mishandled the Bunkerville situation from the beginning and got a promotion for it! Utah sheriffs referred to Dan Love as “Public Enemy #1,” but no action was taken against him. He shook down the taxpayers and the Burning Man organization. They complained to little avail and Dan Love got promoted by his bosses again! to a top job with the BLM. Nothing was done until his co-workers at BLM filed formal complaints. That forced the government to enter the OIG investigation and resulted in their report released on Monday. Still, they appear to whitewashing the case. OIG’s worst findings weren’t listed in the synopsis, but buried in the last two pages of the OIG’s 15 page report. Most of the media missed it. I encourage everyone to read the document.

  • John Morlock

    They will try to cover up their betrayal and crimes and lies right up to the end. There are too many in too high places to be protected from criminal behavior and betrayal of trust. Governors and Senators and Congressmen are on the list.

  • charley burke

    this guy named love needs to go to jail and the rest of the officers that pulled guns and beat up people .we all need to say something on this matter to mr. trump .

  • Mark Hayward

    Who had Authorization to raise a 200 Man Standing Army. Was it Daniel P Love or was it Harry Reid. Was it the harry Reid Nephew that Harry had recently appointed to be head of the BLM ? A Man that knows nothing about nature or Cattle Grazing ?
    Why has Daniel Love gotten a Promotion after every Government Terrorist Operation he has headed?

    Separate of Love’s crimes this article did not mention the Government Corruption and Collusion in the Trials in Portland over the Redress of Grievances Protests in OR at the Wild Life Refuge .. Nor did it mention that some how I have heard the Feds have a $100 Million Budget to frame the Protesters in OR
    People need to get involved in Local Government , but hopefully Our New Patriotic President Donald Trump will start DRAINING THE SWAMP from the Top down too ..

    • Deb Jordan

      This was not a Oregon article — I’m working on one though.

      • Me too, contact me Deb. , this entire story is well past disgusting and no different or less disgusting in Oregon. I have a bunch of inside info and will share. There is one woman in particular who is responsible for all the events in Oregon, an Obama appointee and the story seriously deserves to be told and it has not.

    • pookieamos

      Let’s pray that President Trump fights to rid the country of this corruption! Not to sound crazy but you do understand that the BLM is an enforcement arm of the United Nation’s to further UN Agenda21, don’t you? Do those in your area ever speak of the subject? They want you off of your land so that people like Harry Reid can line their pockets.

    • Pete Olson

      Good comments my friend. Thank you. Love bad actions go back decades and he needs to face justice.

  • Thom Davis

    This is the corruption that is going on here in Harney, County. People voted or appoint to positions of power who turn around thing they are above the law. There sexual perversion with minors coming from our sheriff office, theft of drugs from the sheriffs lock up. BLM and USFS and USFG harassing and abusing ranchers and land owners with full knowledge to have final out come of the theft of the ranches and land. I’ve been saying to make this Country better we must throw out the trash Nation wide from what ever corner it is hiding in.

    • pookieamos

      This corruption won’t ever end if enough people don’t rise up!

      • Sher Hall

        A call should go out to rally/ gather, in a huge place, preferably NV. Bunkerville, a good place because of accessibility.

    • Sher Hall


  • justicewon1

    Dirty rotten “pretend cop”.

  • Dave Mauldin

    This guy (Dan Love) should go to jail or prison. He should never be allowed to work in any form of Law Enforcement ever again. Federal, State or Local. FUCK HIM!!!!!

  • Bobby Traugott


  • Chandie Bartell

    Deb, I can’t click on to the link to read the OIG’s 15 page report. It’s not highlighted.

  • Pete Olson

    One thing our new president won’t stand for is a liar, cheat and bully. Dan. P. Love is all and more of these dispecable names. One word of this pos action against we citizens into President Trump’s ear and that pos will be headed to jail for years and years. I’m a lifetime Ut. citizen and Love’s bad temper and actions go back decades. SOB deserves life in prison for his treatment of the Bundy’s and supporters…