Blaine Cooper Pleads Guilty As Charged For His Role At The Malheur Refuge

Co-Defendants Were Not Surprised ...

Photo – Blaine Cooper – Guerilla Media Network LLC – July – 8 – 2016




While the news of Blaine Cooper’s plea may have come as a surprise to many, it certainly did not shock his co-defendants in the case – because he had already told them he was contemplating the deal.

On Wednesday – July 6th – before the monthly planning session in Judge Anna Brown’s Courtroom, Blaine Cooper explained to Ammon Bundy and others – that he was struggling to make the right decision concerning a GLOBAL plea deal his attorney had hammered out with Oregon and Nevada Prosecutors.  Cooper’s lawyer, Krista Shipsey asked that his co-defendants and others respect his choice, but co-defendants say – she really didn’t have say it.

Mr. Cooper told his co-defendants that part of his struggle was – He just wanted to get it over with, get on with his life, and get this all behind him; but he also didn’t want them to be disappointed with his decision.  Unlike Brian Cavalier, the man who just plead guilty in the last couple of weeks, Cooper’s plea deal does not seem to be based on cooperation with the government, leaving many to speculate  that being the reason his sentence is so high in Nevada.

In the end they all agreed that Mr. Cooper should do what was best for “him” and that – “whatever that was” – they would understand.  Although some co-defendants were caught off guard by how quickly he made the final decision after their talk, they still said they had to respect his willingness to tell them before he did it.


One Co-defendant has been noted as saying;

“At least he had the balls to tell us to our face what he was thinking of doing – You have to give the guy credit for that.  No matter what happens in the end we can at least say – Blaine Cooper didn’t make some back room deal to throw us all under the bus like some of these other guys did – at least he told us first.”


Tom Coan, attorney for Peter Santilli says; “If there is any good to be found in this plea deal, it does signal Nevada is willing to cut deals with some of these guys who have been convicted of felonies in the past, and that is good for attorney’s and their clients to know; especially if they are leaning toward possibly going that route.

In May, during the arraignment hearing of Cliven Bundy, the question was posed as to whether or not having so many defendants tried at the same time would prolong an already complicated case that some felt had already robbed defendants of their right to a speedy trial.  Prosecutor Steven Mhyre answered; “Your Honor lets face it – a lot of these guys will not even be here when this trial begins,” eluding to the fact that many would be offered and then take, plea deals.

Other attorney’s working on cases for the men being held in Nevada over the Bundy Ranch Standoff, think it’s a terrible idea for Blaine Cooper to take a deal like this so quickly – considering motion hearings have not even begun yet.  “Some of these charges will fall away like they did in Oregon, and the fact is – it’s just too early to make a deal that puts you in prison for six years when there are still so many unknowns,” said one of the defense attorneys.

Many long-time friends expressed their sadness that Blaine had given up hope so early on, but also understood that he was experiencing extreme pressure from all sides.  It is no secret Blaine Cooper’s life was being dramatically played out on social media and that much of that spilled over into his life in jail, making an almost unbearable situation all that much harder to deal with.

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  • Old Top Kick

    Wow, that’s some miserable Engrish. Can’t afford a copy editor?

  • Amish Prepper

    A sad day that another one caved in, but they do what they feel best. I wish that Blaine could have held on longer, because as the attorney mentioned in article above, a lot of the charges will just drop off. I have seen a lot of them dropping off already and I think these guys are getting to anxious, but that is the whole idea, to break them down and get them to confess to things they should not be confessing to. I don’t know what I would do in that situation, but that is a scary thing to go through. I am really sadden over his decision.

  • JP

    One down. Many more to go. =)

    Cliven will die in jail where he belongs.

    • russhead

      BS. The BLM will continue to terrorize. What will change is the target. Maybe you can be next.

    • dennisandconniegomez

      YOU belong in an ISIS controlled country

    • Mike Colehare

      Ammon will be an old man when he gets out…. Ryan as well. A spoilt family.

      • Brainiac

        Yes… bad things happen to people that take up arms against the federal government.

    • Dave

      Jp, mike colehare, brainiac, the truth sometimes hurts, gruesome dick, miley seim,

      I believe in free speech, but I also believe in troll control! These people are heartless militant liberals! They are as extreme as it gets! They refuse to recognize the law of the land, and stubbornly defend tyranny! You can quote the Constitution all day with people like this, and they will simply google search some legal decision that is not in Pursuance of the Constitution to defend tyranny! They are evil, and they exist to be evil! Seriously, who runs from site to site making vile, and disturbing, comments to family members and friends of the wrongfully jailed, and murdered! That’s a special kind of evil! That is someone who enjoys the pain of others! Someone who abuses animals! Someone with no empathy whatsoever!

      And, they do not deserve the opportunity to tell anyone what they think!

    • Stu Bailey

      pP Read my post

  • lather

    HA HA HA HA!! One more TERRORIST down!!

    • DaveAlaska

      Why do you love your chains so completely?

  • lather

    I have sent all the DEATH THREATS from Pete Santilli to the FBI.. I have a dozen of them.. I hope I added to the time he spends in jail.

    I have pages of this crap.. FAILURE!

  • lather


  • lather


  • The truth sometimes hurts

    Blaine is as unstable as any of them. I just hope they stop with the plea bargains and put the rest of them away for a long, long time.

    • dennisandconniegomez

      another big government gestapo loving fool!!

  • Prayers to all of them. NONE of them should be where they are —– NONE

    • dennisandconniegomez

      amen Thomas. And where is Habeus Corpus? They are unlawfully imprisoned! A speedy trial is a guarantee of the Constitution!! Check into the lands these BLM and other FEDS want to take…they have minerals wanted by Turkey. So Dirty Harry and his ilk drum up false charges and crap as: harm to the desert tortoise in order to land-grab! The Bundy’s have ranched the land over 150 years…

  • howardappel

    Amish Prepper:

    You say “I wish that Blaine could have held on longer, because as the attorney
    mentioned in article above, a lot of the charges will just drop off. I
    have seen a lot of them dropping off already and I think these guys are
    getting to anxious, but that is the whole idea, to break them down and
    get them to confess to things they should not be confessing to. I don’t
    know what I would do in that situation, but that is a scary thing to go
    through. I am really sadden over his decision.” Tell me please, other than count 3 of the Oregon indictment,what other charges have been dropped? None. Also, the similar count 3 in Nevada is unlikely to be dropped, as the facts and circumstances are quite different there.

    For those of you who think that Cooper should have held on and taken into account what effect his plea will have on the others – that is not Cooper’s concern, nor his attorney’s. Their concern is what is best for Cooper and his family. As to pleading guilty or confessing to something he didn’t do – gee, I would think that Cooper knows better than you, or me, what he did or did not do.

    Nobody on this board, and nobody other than the prosecution and the defense, knows exactly what evidence there is. So to assert, with absolute authority, that none of these folks did anything criminal and that there is no evidence, is just absolute nonsense.

    I am sure that some of you are familiar with Terry Trussell, who was just convicted in Florida for simulation of legal process (relaing to a so-called common law grand jury – of which there is no such thing, despite what fake judges Anna von whatever, Doucette, KrisAnne Hall and others claim). I bring him up to note that he and his supporters kept claiming that the government had no case and that it was falling apart. They kept saying all the way till the jury convicted him.

    Neither you nor I know what the evidence is, so I would suggest that telling Cooper he shouldn’t have taken the deal because he was going to get off is just plain stupid. My prediction: after the trial and Ammon, Ryan, et al being found guilty, I think there are going to be a lot of people wishing they had taken a plea deal. Just my humble opinion.

    • Angry Grandma

      Seeing as they provided so many videos and live streams we have a hint of some evidence. Tie in all the Facebook posts and Bundy email access, they pretty much are off to prison. Sure there is what Cooper, Booda and the others said to get the pleas as well. One cannot say Booda did and Cooper did not say anything, that is pure BS. There is a motive for that, you will all see. Keep trusting some. Cooper sang like a bird ,with his past record there would be no way to walk like he is. His attorney. or fellow faketriots can say whatever , you will see come trials. Infiltrated groups, talking faketriots and you still don’t get it.

  • LaRee56

    Please put yourselves in these prisoners shoes. They have been jailed for months. Many have family,wives & children that need them at home. Let them & their lawyers work out deals & do what is best for them. Sometimes you just have to put yourself first. How can you help your fellow citizens if you are in jail? Don’t get mad at our Patriot brothers & sisters. They have sacrificed so much to support other Patriots. Please continue to support them.

    • Plutodog

      Everybody who has copped a plea deal is a coward and a judas to the cause. They have all pleaded guilty, making the cause a crime and themselves guilty felons. How can any one of them claim the title of Patriot any more? Sheesh, yella bellies!

      • The truth sometimes hurts

        Go make yourself famous cowboy! Nah? Thought so. Talk, talk, talk

        • Plutodog

          I know, huh? Makin’ all the real Patriots like Ammon and Cliven and Ryan and Pete look bad.

      • Gruesome Dick

        In all fairness, Blaine already was a criminal and convicted felon so he’s not losing much taking this plea.

        • Plutodog

          That’s in his past,GD. His new plea to this charge, making him a criminal in his action in this action and thus smearing the cause and everybody else who participated in it.

  • Miley Seim

    Krista Shipsey, Cooper’s defense lawyer, said “He is very apologetic about his behavior. He felt like a nobody and this movement gave him a purpose in his life. The fame took over his senses.” This is a very common theme among all of the “patriots”.

  • Stu Bailey

    The truth is we are being run by corrupts !
    Why would any imbecile want these patriots who took a stand against a corrupt govt to rot in jail ??? These patriots have the right to assemble and keep and bear arms say our founders Constitutional words.These same founders both men and women who escaped from political maggots that controlled the people by tyrannic powers and taxation would be proud of these patriots that are not go along to get along with a corrupt few . These founders also understood the importance of having a weapon that would stop Lord Acton’s words from fulfilling themselves patriots having weapons sent the big corrupt bullies B.L.M.s packing on their way when power was equalized at Bundy’s Ranch that day of the stand up to govt corruption ..
    For our govt to imprison these patriots is exactly why the founders said when you see the 2nd amendment being infringed be it known that you are about to lose the rest of your freedoms such as freedom of speech the right to assemble and protest . For these rancher to go to a bird sanctuary in the middle of winter out in the middle of fn nowhere and enlighten the rest of the world to the land grabs that have happened and harassment by corrupt politicians like Reid and Clinton’s and off shore corporations like B.L.M. is doing the law abiding American citizen a big favor. Common Law says the govt is not allowed to own property and it specifies what the govt can own …military bases ammo dumps etc not parks which belong to the citizens of this once free land and this being the case you maggots that are part of the B.A.R. are in for a rude awakening when the public of this over governed and over taxed country realize who the enemy is in the courthouses. Now these ranchers which are hard working men and women that don’t set on their fat asses all day shuffling papers for the British Accredited Regulatory like some money grubbing attorneys do have had to work hard for what they produce and one can see why they might get a little patriotic blood flowing when the B.L.M. and other illegal agencies devised by thee corrupt government are used to undermine these ranchers rights like having cattle shot, stolen, grazing lands burned off by this group of paid off thugs not to mention LaVoy being gunned down ! For those of you who think you are smarter than what you are and are stupid enough to side with this corrupt govt that’s stealing lands and selling it off to the Chinese and Russia for minerals do yourself a favor and look up Agenda 21 now called 2030 its mission is to take away all private property and guess what supposed Constitutional legal smart ass know it all the next time you and your supporters of this gross corrupt evil entity that has usurped our founders concepts wants something to eat think about who will be controlling all food and water if this manacle Agenda 21 plan is allowed to progress ! Anyone with a commedium of intelligence can see that LaVoys actions and words were from a intelligent moral and ethical man a husband a father a man that adopted children and stood for knowing the Constitution as did our fore founders when they left all to escape the before mentioned maggots Kings Queens Popes Bishops and the like that used power to steal from the fruits of the laborers and leave nothing but crumbs on the working poppers tables. For some insecure piss ant to praise the actions of the O.S.P. ,B.L.M. & F.B.I. in the way they devised and murdered LaVoy a man with his hands up no gun no phone service and traveling to Johnday to enlighten other ranchers should gain a little knowledge before you bloviate.The corruption by these golden set of kneepad ass kissers mentioned is why our founders again said water the liberty tree with the blood of traitors tyrants and patriots ! LaVoy gave all and the patriots that stood against govt corruption will soon see that their efforts will not be in vain truth is mounting up and when it arrives the kneepad mealy mouths rainbow appointees sissies clan will be pissing their pants and panties .TIC TOC TO {THE TRUTH HURTS}…. LOOK up> Ted Gunderson F.B.I.,Michael Ruppert speaks out and you will see how corrupt your little agencies that you support are right down to them being pedifiles ,drug dealers and child satanic sacrificers .THE TRUTH DOES HURT AND IT’S ABOUT TIME YOU WAKE THE HELL UP SON AND SWALLOW JUST A TEASPOON OF TRUTH !

    • Robby Maraglia

      mind if I repost your comment?

      • Stu Bailey

        Go ahead Rob post right where the TRUTH WILL HURT ;]

    • Maria Teresa

      Hear hear!

  • Robby Maraglia

    I will never try to downplay what these POW’s are going thru. I have been there, trumped up on charges enough to send me to jail for 20-life. First offense and all I did was punch a window on the city bus after it ran me off the road. That said, the emotional and physical torment is overwhelming. Some get used to it, some don’t. The worst feeling is not knowing the end date. The date you can walk out that door free again, to do what, where and when you wan’t to do. Rooms are freezing cold, metal beds with 2″ mattress, bad food, terrible hygiene and sanitary, cold or hot showers, inadequate warm clothes and bedding, rampant sickness, disease, addicts, fights, beatings, isolation, gangs, insanity. Now try to add all that together and deal with whatever life you had on the outside for 15 minutes a day of phone useage. Oh, and the worst thing we must deal with is suicide, just to end it. I WILL NEVER BE INCARCERATED AGAIN!!!!

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