Ammon Bundy Demands His Right To Be Heard In Portland Courtroom Judge Loses Her Composure

While Government quietly hands over a 111 name list of witnesses for the Prosecution

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High drama is what took place in the Portland Courtroom of Judge Anna Brown today when once again Ammon Bundy refused to sit down when being ordered to do so after she denied his motion for a continuance.  The judge said she couldn’t grant the Bundy brothers a delay without a showing that the two, who had initially insisted on a trial starting in April and opposed the court’s designation of the case as complex, couldn’t prepare for trial within the next nine weeks.  She found it difficult to accept that the Bundy brothers — the “loud and clear leaders in this case from the beginning” — wouldn’t have time to prepare for trial by Sept. 7 and rejected their motions for any delay.

The room was filled with animosity between Brown, Ammon Bundy, and Bundy’s attorney Marcus Mumford.  That tension quickly escalated into a dramatic confrontation between Bundy and the Judge, said one courtroom observer.  A shouting match ensued between the two that caused the Judge to lose her composure and briefly lose control of the courtroom when the gallery full of supporters joined Mr. Bundy in his reprimand of the Judge.


Ammon stood up and just started to speak when the Judge shouted at him to sit down. Speak to me through your attorney, she said.  She rose to her feet flailing her arms and was yelling at him —  Her face was pretty red and full of anger – She was visibly pissed off  – Ammon was yelling back at her telling her that it was unfair  that he was always being told to shut-up and sit down.  He was tired of being told to be quiet and having his right to be heard dismissed by her — Then it felt like the whole courtroom kind of  joined in the yelling — the Marshalls’ were all on their feet and took someone out — it got pretty crazy there for a second — 


To regain control of herself and the proceeding, Brown cleared the courtroom by calling a brief recess  and shortly after returned to continue with the “ex parte hearing”  without the Government or spectators.  That hearing is said to have gone better.

Several other things were brought to light in today’s hearing as well as the Judge and Ammon Bundy’s apparent lack of patience for one another;  Shawna Cox told the Court she was ready to part with her attorney and join the ranks of Ryan Bundy and a few others by representing herself when the trial gets underway.

Peter Santilli and his attorney Tom Coan were told by the Prosecution, they will not be calling witness Kevin Johnson to the stand during Santilli’s portion of the trial.  Kevin Johnson is the man who falsely told the FBI he saw Mr. Santilli at a December 22nd “Committee Of Safety” meeting in Burns, Oregon where the takeover of the Refuge was allegedly first planned.  Pete Santilli was overheard telling the prosecutor, “Good, — maybe we will call him to testify against you then.”

Oral arguments for the second round of motions were set to begin on July 18th, and a tentative time table for the trial itself was also set.  Prosecutors are saying the Government will need at least 3-4 weeks to present their case in full, while the defense is estimating roughly 3 -5 days per defendant to get through their portion of the trial.

Nothing was said today about how long jury selection would be expected to take once it begins on September 7th, 2016.   Judge Brown has noted they have 1,000 potential jurors from counties surrounding and including Multnomah County, where the trial is set to take place.

The Government also released a list to the defense today which contains the names of 111 people which mostly consists of with-held names of FBI agents and law enforcement whom they plan [to use to some capacity] their various cases for their case against the defendants.  True to their word kevin Johnson’s name was not on that list.

However, there is one surprise on the list; Found among names like Sheriff David Ward, Steven Grasty and no name FBI agents – was the name Glen Palmer, the Sheriff of Grant County.


Glen Palmer Sheriff of Grant County Oregon


The state Department of Justice opened an investigation this past March into Palmer, who faces nine complaints, some from government employees, accusing him of promoting a personal agenda “over the welfare and safety of the general public he is sworn to protect.  Many are claiming government pressure on Palmer has been oppressive after threatening to end his career in law enforcement.  Others have expressed that they cannot imagine him being a cooperative witness for the Government.  We reached out to Sheriff Palmer and as of the filing of this report we had received no comment.

Other names included were Chad and Rhonda Kargas – Husband and wife team working for the BLM and Fish and Wildlife respectfully.

Another interesting person on the list is Kieran Suckling.  Kierán Suckling is a founder and the executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity and known agitator whom Carol Bundy, will quickly tell you is the group that started this fight between them and the BLM in 2014.

Suckling came to the Malheur Refuge to protest the Occupation and almost incited a riot according to some witnesses.  Suckling is disliked by many, including some of his peers who say Suckling has done more harm than good in the environmental movement;

Ted Williams is proud of his credentials as an environmental provocateur and he uses those credentials to defend his criticism of Center for Biological Diversity in an article in High Country News (1).  He expresses his opinion that CBD is motivated by money.  He points out that CBD has filed hundreds of suits against the federal government, using environmental laws, such as the Endangered Species Act, and that every time it wins it collects attorney fees from the federal government.   The cost and number of these suits has become a major obstacle to US Fish & Wildlife and the Environmental Protection Agency in fulfilling their mandate to protect rare species.


Suckling has his own ideas about how he and the CBD will rule the world someday according to – an environmental group dedicated to saving trees in the San Francisco Bay area : If you read the article we have attached here Suckling even goes so far to say that his group hopes to ban all foreign trees from being planted in America and get rid of what is already here by hunting them down and burning them all to the ground.

Mr. Suckling implies that CBD’s control of the environment is only temporary until the new order is established in which plants and animals are in control.  This reminds us of a similar fantasy about a new social and economic model which was originally proposed by Karl Marx.  In creating the concept of communism, he envisioned a temporary dictatorship of elites which would eventually be ceded to a “dictatorship of the proletariat.”  The world has now witnessed many attempts to install communism as the governing economic model, but we have not seen the dictatorship of elites willingly cede their power to the people. 

This quote of CBD’s Executive Director from Ted Williams’ article, also helps us to understand why CBD sues the federal government to achieve their goals: 

“’They [employees of federal agencies] feel like their careers are being mocked and destroyed—and they are,’ he told the High Country News.  ‘So they become much more willing to play by our rules.’”   In other words, suing—and the threat of suit—is CBD’s means of controlling the federal agencies that are responsible for protecting the environment, i.e., forcing them to do what CBD wants.

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  • JP

    Can’t wait for all those Bundy traitors to rot in jail for the rest of their lives

    • Jeneane Zant


    • Jim Kopecky

      You are one of those United States of England Citizens. Go home this is the land for Americans

    • Dee Dunbar

      if it was you for using your 1st amendment right, that would be different.wake up your dumb sheep.they hurt NO one! the most is trespassing! Yet you sheep protect looting and rioting protests like Ferguson, Baltimore etc. SICK people to go after the Bundys and have them being treated this way!I guess you think Lavoy Finicum deserved to be shot?baa baa baa

      • Rotary12

        Not even trespassing, they were on public land in a public building. How con you trespass on land “owned” by the people?

        • The truth sometimes hurts

          Well, first off, you don’t go into federal buildings armed. And yes, the land is the governments. Regardless of your emotional ties and pocket constitutions. Read the actual constitution and perhaps you will discover the truth. Done babysitting the ignorant here.

          • PatrickHenry1789

            How about quoting the Article and section of the Constitution that gives FEDGOV the authority to own that land in the first place for us then.

          • The truth sometimes hurts

            I’m not your teacher. Research the Propery Clause as well as subsequent rulings by the SCOTUS. I don’t ask anyone to come wipe my ass. I do it myself. Go to a fucking library or take an American history lesson.

          • PatrickHenry1789

            So you can’t do it. That’s what I thought.

          • The truth sometimes hurts

            Here’s a hint. The constitution is made of of articles and clauses. Look into article 4. The one after 3 but before 5. Now go get someone to help you read it.

          • PatrickHenry1789

            Here is what Article 4, section 3 says regarding land FEDGOV owns.

            “The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules
            and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to
            the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so
            construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any
            particular State.”

            This was done for territory that FEDGOV owned until a state was formed. At that point, the land was supposed to be ceded to that state. Now, here is what Article 1, section 8, the one before Article 2 has to say about land that FEDGOV may own. Article 1, section 8 outlines the 17 enumerated powers of FEDGOV. They are the 17 things that FEDGOV is allowed to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

            exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such
            District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of
            particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of
            the Government of the United States, and
            to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of
            the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the
            Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful
            Buildings; — And

            make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into
            Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this
            Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any
            Department or Officer thereof.”

            So, the only authorization for land owned by FEDGOV is for the “10 miles square” which is DC and “for the
            Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful
            That is only with the consent of the state legislature AND congress. Perhaps it is YOU that needs the history lesson!

          • The truth sometimes hurts

            Be original in your thoughts my little swarthy student. Clause 2 requires more forethought and understanding. How about some nearby case law? Case 295 U.S vs State of Oregon. Dinner bell for me. Find s different hobby. And use your own explanation. Not regurgitating what others post silly man!

          • PatrickHenry1789

            LMAO! I quoted straight from the Constitution. And please don’t flatter yourself. You’re not nearly as smart as you think you are.

          • The truth sometimes hurts

            And now that I’ve given you the breadcrumbs leading to self discovery, you’ve gone quiet. Now that is what I, an educated man on constitutional law and history, thought. Viola!

          • renest

            Bull, you flatter yourself!

          • renest

            In other words, you can’t do it can you!

          • Bunnysgrandma

            again – ignorance – how about reading the constitution and answering the question. Your statement would not stand up. SCOTUS DOES NOT make laws, they can only render OPINION. So please get your history from a source that is factual

          • Bunnysgrandma

            ignorant putz – you should read the constitution and what the framers had to say about it and what they wrote meant. don’t get your information from those who see you asa usefool tool of the upcoming elite ruled America

    • Michael Morton

      Irregardless of where this RAILROAD may take them, Trump will grant them FULL PARDON, and dinner at the White House,while announcing dutiful RESTITUTION to the Bundy’s, all the while demanding that the US Department of Justice, prosecute the Oregon Judge, and prosecutors.

      • Rotary12

        We can only hope.

      • Mark Hayward

        Well stated !

      • Jerry Shore

        yes we will petition for it and he will hear us

      • Gruesome Dick

        And…MEDALS!!! Mister Trump is then gonna give them all MEDALS OF HONOR made outta gold! And….BLOWJOBS FOR ALL!!!
        After Mister Trump pardons everyone, gives em state dinners, medals and prosecutes EVERYONE, Ivanka is gonna come in and blow the P3. (Sorry Shawna..) And…FLYING SAUCER JOY RIDES!!!! After Mister Trump frees everyone, feeds em dinner, medals, busts all the bad guys and gets Ivanka to suck em off….EVERYONE GETS ON AIRFORCE ONE TO AREA 51 AND GETS TO JOYRIDE IN A REAL UFO!!!

        its gonna be AWESOME! just wait!!!

        • TMS2016

          the name suits you

        • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

          Stfu traitor to America

        • The truth sometimes hurts

          And then everyone gets ice cream!

        • Warren Price

          These days the distinction between satire and reality has become so blurred that it is confusing.

      • The truth sometimes hurts

        Trump will never pardon them. First, because he will not be president and no, I do not support Hillary. Second, the immense majority of the population is against the actions of the Bundy morons and their followers actions. Face it. The largest social media pages in existence whom support the Bundy’s or their actions are no larger than just over 200k. There are over 320 MILLION citizens. Math – it does a mind a lot of good!

        • renest

          310 Million!

          • The truth sometimes hurts

            I am sorry. I took advantage of a person with a Lavoy avatar. Confused you with truth, logic, and overwhelming intelligence on matters you perceive yourself to understand. Like a runaway truck with over 900 feet to stop, you choose to plow forward with your ignorance until you metaphorically get stuck in the snow reaching for a 9mm three times in a jacket pocket. No surprise when the stronger shoot you down first.

          • The truth sometimes hurts

            323 according to census(dot)gov site. But don’t let technology or a strong understanding of statistics get in the way of your 2010 data. Worthless

    • You’re obviously an Ignorant Ass.
      Why don’t you get more informed and
      stop being such a Liability to the rest of US?

    • maxgorden


    • Linda Davis

      God sees all. The righteous always prevail in all ways. Trust Him. JP – repent.

      • Jerry Shore

        thats true and I know he sees this going on

        • Linda Davis

          Everything in God’s timing. He is always just. His power and creativity are beyond our comprehension and capability. Leave this one to God. Pray UP!

          • Kathy Carse

            Thank you Linda! Amen.

    • Debi

      JP is a troll

      • karen

        JP is a troll and so is Dickey.

    • Adam Dean Estes

      You should learn what your speaking of…

    • meadows mt wilson

      Sorry that you do not KNOW the facts .. their ranch grazing rights were being confiscated under the FALSE
      attack that an endangered specie was being compromised … ** set up** … how can a cow destroy the life of a specie when they’ve both synergistic ally been together for years upon year s.. this IS about the Federal Government selling mineral rights on these ranches, etc., much more to it .. this is about the
      destruction of grazing rights … PERIOD ..

      • Mark Hayward

        Before there were Cows in the West there was 70,000,000 Buffalo .. but the Government told the White Men to shoot all of the Buffalo as they were a Primary Food source for the Natives..

        • Jerry Shore

          thats crap mark. they told them no such thing. The guys shooting the bison thought that crap up on their own and they started killing indians on their own too. the govt got into it later when people started whining about how when they attacked indians they got attacked back.

        • Vernon J Imel

          The Buffalo died from bloat from the European grass brought over by the settlers.

      • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

        Exactly, it’s Unconstitutional, end of story.

    • Patricia Bates

      The day will come when you will wish someone like those people would be by your side!

    • Mark Hayward

      #HillaryforPriosn Let all of the Bundy’s go Free they have committed no crimes other than Civil Disobedience ..

    • bari2

      You just keep in mind that it could be you or a family member in this horrible situation! No one in this country, except for elected officials and their staff is safe from this hostile government! Look at Hillary Clinton and her staff getting away with this servergate mess! And let me ask you this one question. How are the Bundy’s traitors? Their Constitutional rights have been violated! Wake up! Or do you work for the rogue government?

    • Howard Kahn

      I kind enjoy the whole “patriot” comedy show myself JP. Such a great country with so many opportunities and these morons gave it all up for a couple of nice pictures of themselves on horses holding a flag they have no respect for. Saying they are dumber than a box of rocks would be an insult to rocks everywhere.

      • bari2

        Yeah it’s real amusing that the government in running rough shod over all of us. And people like you are reveling in that fact!

      • Jerry Shore

        howie you are the one that is not informed or you wouldn’t have diarrhea of the mouth like you do

        • Verigan

          Not just diarrhea of the mouth, but also constipation of the brain.

      • old buick

        You can’t be an American.

    • Linda Morris Fangmeier

      Really how about BlM come steal your possessions and sell them at auction to foriegn governments interested in platinum and gold and sacred Indian burial grounds being sold by Congress to foriegn interests wanting the copper under it. How Harry Ried and Hillary Clinton made millions from this…let’s not forget the head of the BLM was once an employee of Ried. The minerals are being sold to France Russia China and England. These people are corrupt thieves stripping the rights of American soverigntry and Bundy’s Armond those who have already died trying to stop this shit. Hope you like the egg on your face..

    • RSW


    • old buick

      Whats a JP must be a jackass pervert.

    • nvrancher

      JP Can you tell us exactly how the Bundy’s are traitors? Exactly under what statue/statutes are the Bundy’s traitors? Are you talking violation of the Code of Federal Regulations. What regulations were violated and are those regulations in compliance with the Constitution? What the willfully ignorant, like you JP, don’t understand is that CFR’S are written by the unelected beuracrat’s of the administrative state. These CFR’S we are told carry the force of law, even if they violate the Constitutional rights of citizens. These regulations are carried out by the administrative state through force at the end of the barrel of a gun. Witness the attempted round up and herding of your fellow citizens into a free speech zone at BunkerVille by the administrative state. Witness the administrative state paramilitary BLM placing its snipers on the hills around BunkerVille, the BLM in full battle gear facing your fellow citizens. Witness the murder of Lavoy Finicum, shot three times in the back, by the administrative state for supposed violations of CFR’s. Witness both the Hammonds and Bundy’s as political prisoners for perceived violation of the CFR’S.

      • Plutodog

        The CFR’s are administrative rules written by the Executive Branch of government to carry out the laws enacted by Congress. This is because Congress — and state legislatures, by the way — write the bones of the law with the full expectation that the Executive Branch will flesh it out so that it will be carried into operation effectively. Congress and state legislatures have full rights and ability to re-write their laws at any time they feel the CFR’s and state administrative rules don’t comply with the letter and spirit of the law itself. This is how government is done in the real world, nvrancher. It is not a dark conspiracy or a sedition.

        • nvrancher

          Pluto, never said it was a dark conspiracy or sedition. I said that they write regulations that violate our Constitutional rights and then use the force of the administrative state to enforce those regulations as law. Many “laws” are written that abrogated the Constitution. The problem is that you are hauled into “administrative courts” not Constitutional courts. These courts do not care about the Constitution, their only concern is that you may have violated the “regulations. I know that it is a little nuanced, but try to understand the importance and difference.

    • Jp Cain

      This is not me !!! I believe in what the Bundy’s and Finicums’ stand for. Don’t know who can post such messages on my name??? The constitution gives us rights & the rights are being usurped.

    • CryptoReporter

      Back to your pedophilia you transgender whore.

    • Amish Prepper

      Troll! You are definitely not an American, and if so you need to be awaken. Everyone of your rights will be stripped as well, when they (the elites) are done using the useful idiots who are helping them they will be getting rid of all of them as well. No one is safe from what the elites have planned and what they are doing, no one, not even those high in the government. Everyone is being used like puppets, they are just too blind to see it, as they are taken over by evil.

    • James Mcwilliams

      What maekes them traitors exactly?

  • Angry Grandma

    Bundy lost his composure and showed his true self. Attorneys represent you in court, they speak for you, you remain quiet until asked to speak. No tyranny, just how court works. Bundy now wants to delay that speedy trial he demanded. The court granted that, he was prepared to have his speedy trial, demanded it. Now with plea deals and the realization he is in deep chit, he wants to delay the inevitable and try to get out (which he will not). Hard when reality sinks in sometimes.

    • svizzerams

      The description of the trial is some overheated writing. A hilarious fiction 😉

      • bari2

        Were you in the courtroom?

        • Bill Anderson

          no but you read the minutes on line

    • Linda Davis

      Having legal representation does not eliminate your right to speak; it enhances this right. The judge violated his right to speak ~ he has every right to speak on his behalf ~ the judge cannot override the Constitution ~ I think that is the entire point of the Patriots standing for the rights of our countrymen ~ THE CONSTITUTION! Seriously, read it!

      • FrankBolivar


        • Linda Davis


        • Today’s lesson children, when you see a post that doesn’t fit your powder puff, snowflake, feminist, safe space, participation trophy, politically correct, unaccountable and offended millennial viewpoint. Throw logic out the window and just make shit up. Or even better defend your logic with one word, “WRONG”. Because that is how successful liberals win the internet. Class dismissed, there will be counseling available on the main page for anyone that might have been triggered by this comment.

      • Bill Anderson

        he will have his time in court

        • Linda Davis

          Every appearance he makes in court – he has a right to speak. Violating this right is corruption.

        • Linda Davis

          Every American has the right to arm themselves. The Patriots did not hang out of trees like monkeys ready to slaughter Americans. They were upright in educating American’s on their rights. Do not blind yourself on your assumed liberty and freedom ~ you also have the right to educate yourself.

        • Angry Grandma

          A very long time thanks to his own actions and evidence from the seditionists themselves and those plea dealing witnesses.

      • Angry Grandma

        I have read it, the difference is I comprehend it, this group does not.

    • Mark Hayward

      We should put you in Jail for 6 months for being a dumbass and see if you loose your composure ..

    • bari2

      Why are you so anxious for the government to send these men and women to prison? I would really like to know! Why are you in agreement with the mistreatment of fellow Americans?

    • Bill Anderson

      You got that right grandma

      • Angry Grandma

        Thank you.

  • Angry Grandma

    And the description of the courtroom antics are a little overboard and made to seem overdramatic.

    • bari2

      Wake the hell up! This country is going to hell in a hand basket and You are giving it the green light!

      • Bill Anderson

        and your point?

      • Angry Grandma

        No, only in your mind. The so city seditionists are getting what they deserve. Their faketriot buddies taking pleas to save themselves, smart. The Bundy bunch , Cliven and wife originally, called upon those faketriots based on misinformation and lies. The fools came, followed and are in jail. Sounds like maybe more arrests coming. The Bundy’s are going down, none of this was for We the People, it was a Bundy agenda, period. This country has its problems, we always have in some way, shape or form. It doesn’t take insurrectionists, traitors wanting to rid it of government to fix it. Scofflaws, criminals standing to rid us of a government, not liking laws. Sorry, the majority of this country finds you to be fools. Your little percent of Americans that are unhappy have the freedom to leave, move to a country better suited for you. We welcome you to do so, we’ll, unless you are behind bars.

  • charley burke

    they need to move the trial to get way from all the dumbass liberals ,and communist democrats .

    • Graham Wilkins

      For sure Multnomah is the states bluest county not even 1 republican in some of their votings!

    • I wish we could remove all the Dumbasses from Oregon’s 3 branches of Government.

      • Rusure Boutthat

        The way to remove elected officials is through elections.

        • Adam Dean Estes

          Impeachment or arrest by sheriff

        • Sams_1


        • Is that so? Like how we elect Presidents in this country?

    • RedMeatState

      you’re right on that!!

  • When a government comprised of almost entirely of criminals tries to tell you that you are the criminal, then maybe its time to start acting like one. Hillary and her minions are above the law, but you can’t speak. Really?

  • TMS2016

    Kieran rates right up their with Peter Walker and ole Les Zaitz….If these guys did only a 1/3 of what Hillary did they would be thrown under the jail!! They are Ranchers and Independent media, regular guys….the sun will shine brightly on them and the truth will prevail, unfortunately they will NOT be measured with the same yard stick as Hillary…..Good job Ammon!! keep up the fight!! and as always, Pete……..keep smiling 🙂

  • Michael Buckner

    So the FBI murders an unarmed man, now they want to put another in prison when THEY were the only ones who drew blood? Now with this Hillary BS, NO MORE TRUST IS TO BE HAD FOR THIS GOVERNMENT. ALL CREDIBILITY IS LOST, THEY ARE OFFICIALLY IN THE NEGATIVE. THIS ELECTION WILL TELL ALL..

    • Mitch

      You think Trump or Hillary are gonna come save you? If you want real change you have to elect libertarians.

      • Mark Hayward

        This Libertarian is voting for Trump. John Moore is the highest ranking Libertarian in NV he is a good guy I support him 100% follow him on Fed Book .

  • Mrs Baer

    Hmm, shame those people aren’t testifying against Hillary Clinton, they would all be dead by suicide by now

  • And Hillary walks around without encumbrance.
    Her cronies in the State of Oregon and the Federal Government
    continue to make an example of the Bundy group so that no one else
    dares to interfere with Hillary & Company’s collusion to sell this country to the highest bidders
    and mostly

  • I look forward to watching the Traitors in this country
    go before a firing squad.
    TREASON has been committed and thrown in our faces.
    How long will we sit in our lairs in fear?

    • Mark Hayward

      Do you mean the FBI and OR Court system ?

  • Forgrim

    Angry grandma U sure don’t know a damn thing about the court system in this country. You are a Sheeple and you will be till the day you meet your maker. Only then can you truly understand what the forefathers left for us and how we,our fathers and grandfathers miss managed it. You are Ignorant because you chose to be. So go get your government dole and remain quiet. Till they government tells you you can speak Sheeple.

    • Angry Grandma

      Funny, the ones on government dole are the Bundy bunch. Subsidized grazing, oops no grazing fees on land not owned. Ammon a 530,000.00 small business loan, yet with that, a business and a couple houses, begs for donations, oh and his nice vehicles and toys. $530,000.00 from this tyrannical government, wow ! You got stolen valor faketriots collecting what, monthly disability from that darn tyrannical government. Some faketriots cannot show to stand because their checks did not get to them yet, you know those monthly government checks. No gas money, donate, my check has not come. Etc, etc., though it seems the Bundy family has gotten the most from the government , funny and strange. Me, oh no government dole whatsoever. That is the nice thing about being a decent, honest, hard working American citizen and not some faketriot that blames any and all of their problems on a government. A government that supports the majority of them.

  • Forgrim

    JP Go get your check and your government cheese and free milk. There is a intelligent conversation going on here it’s above your level sheeple. Remain quiet till you’re told to speak.

  • RedMeatState

    Obviously the judge is prejudiced against the defense and working for the prosecution. Some arbiter of justice , huh? She’s declaring them guilty already. “No, you can’t have a continuance because you’re guilty, guilty, guilty and I’m going to make sure you’re found guilty!”

    • Plutodog

      Huh? Not even Guerilla Media hacked up Judge Brown’s speech that speciously.

  • James Johnson

    this is why you fight to the death for what u believe in no matter who wins (wrongful or righteous) the winner decides the fate of the loser and their views.

  • Adam Dean Estes

    Free the bundy’s

  • Tina

    Wow, the FBI can go out all out to jail men who peacefully protested on public land but can not imprison Clinton whom they said their selves was wreckess with our national security, people have died because of her wreckless behavior bit you people want to sit here and say men that did not hurt anyone, men that have done what our founding fathers did… they stood against corruption. Please READ your Constitution and understand what they were doing and why before you run your mouths because you make yourselves look like total fools!

  • Isacc Witham

    Revolution and War and Bloodshed …… Remember America …….. We as a Republic were born in REVOLUTION …… It’s as American as Apple Pie. Ask this Judge about ETHAN ALLEN and Fort Ticonderoga ….. or better yet the Battle of Saratoga or Bennington …….. FREEDOM Takes Balls

    • Plutodog

      Nice beard, dude! Keep it growing.

  • kat

    Jury needs to come from Burns. These guys should be able to go home to prepare for their day in court. Hillary Clinton walks free with no charges as the head of the FBI says they do not have a case. He doesn’t even know how many agents questioned her and there is no record of the questioning. Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture. Free those men, they are not of harm to anyone, never been in jail, never even had a speeding ticket but yet they are not allowed bail. The DOJ is showing their true colors and yet people sit back and do nothing. The day will come when everyone needs help from this corruption and those that think they are free from it are kidding themselves. Many that was loyal to the Clinton’s are now dead. Sucking up does not give you a free ride through life, it only makes you a bigger target in the end.

  • bari2

    Another great article! Thank you!

  • MrsB Stacy

    WOW. So it seems Pete is the only one remaining calm through all of this.

  • Saflak

    Those who have their wires crossed in their brains and support Hillary for president in spite of her gross negligence in making top secret emails available to enemy actors and support the FBI’s decision not to prosecute her, but at the same time, want the Bundys to rot in jail when they never threatened national security, nor threatened anybody, are what make this country in extreme peril. The death of common sense really is alarming.

    • Plutodog

      Agreed, but for pretty much opposite reasons and more rational facts.

  • Jerry Shore

    good for Ammon Bundy. You did good boy.

  • Miley Seim

    Telling Bundy to sit down and shut up is only the start, it ends with her telling him to sit down, shut up, and go to prison for a long time.

  • Angry Grandma

    And Blaine Cooper takes a plea. Bye, bye Bungly brothers. Ammon lost his cool because he knows he is soooooo screwed.

  • Angry Grandma

    Boy did Cooper sing..#Oregonstandoff Def. Blaine Cooper pleaded guilty to fed conspiracy charge in Malheur refuge takeover; he was described as a recruiter. Feds recommend 6mo sentence(credit for time served) plus 6 months in halfway house or home detention for Blaine Cooper. Blaine Cooper’s attorney says he’s close to reaching a plea agreement with NV federal prosecutors in 2014 standoff as well.

    What a sweet, sweet deal.

    Kiss some faketriots goodbye, they are going away for a long, long time. The Bundy bunch is going to prison for a substantial amount of time.

    • The truth sometimes hurts

      Wonder if he will go home to his wife or his girlfriend? Up until two days ago, he was the model Patriot. The poster boy. Every single one of these Faketriots and there followers are as stable as Francium.

      • Angry Grandma

        I think they should ask why the girlfriend is trying to throw Booda under the bus to cover for Cooper. He seems to be getting the sweetest deal yet, but she is downplaying it and trying to blame Booda.

        • The truth sometimes hurts

          What’s his gf’s name anyway? Still that Indian chick?

          • Angry Grandma

            Supposedly Sarah Redd Buck.

  • pdxteacher

    Keep them all in jail until they rot. Oregon didn’t need these out of state retards. They can sit in our jails for a long time and ponder their stupidity.

    • The truth sometimes hurts


  • Umberto Indicci

    Portland people lied about Tom & John Metzger decades ago — no different now!

  • Angry Grandma

    Sugar Pine Mines, mentioned by Sredd buck as possible charges coming. Cooper will not be charged for SPM. Strange how Sredd buck knew charges could be coming, Cooper won’t be charged, got a sweet deal and Sredd buck tries to blame Booda and veer everyone from Cooper. Faketriots are pretty dumb, but they better wake up. Bundy’s are bye bye soon, but it somehow seems at least 2 knew SPM is soon to be an issue. Strange Sredd buck is so knowledgeable, involved and lays blame on someone else, pushes it on Booda.

  • The truth sometimes hurts

    Is it common practice to ban the truth? Oh the irony of calling justice unjust. The patriotic duty to shut down that which is true but not deemed presentable by your moderation. All under the banner of freedom and liberty but worse than the ones you accuse. You without a should to stand and judge me. Pathetic and cowardly. Alas, no one will see this. As dirty as it will ever get under the auspices of being a revolutionary. May god not have mercy on your deceitful soul.

  • The truth sometimes hurts

    Blaine Cooper’s plea information is on the Oregon Live website. He and Petey were good buddies. That bodes poorly for Pete as Blaine is a habitual liar. Lies about his service (or lack of), lies to his wife (at least one other woman), obviously lied to all his incarcerated mates about not taking a plea deal (he prayed over it, remember? – everybody praised him for being such a good, strong example of what it means to be a true patriot!). Pete and Blaine go back many years. Stood together in 2014. He is going to turn Petey inside out with his testimony. And he will still serve 6 years! How about that Patriot Blaine Cooper!!! Says a lot about Pete’s character

    • Angry Grandma

      He supposedly prayed over it accordingtohis supposed, alleged other woman. The one that speaks with his attorney per her own posts. The one that knew of a 6 year plea deal, yet tries to pin everything on the other guy taking a plea, Booda. One asks why and should. Her stories are pretty suspicious and her “misinformation” and then “explanations” quite suspicious. Oh faketriots and their ilk, when will they actually think ?

  • Angry Grandma

    I see a bunch of self proclaimed “patriots” following a man who sits behind bars, their Malheur leader. A man who has taken donations for HIS lawyers, over all those he called upon, for Bundy family support.. A leader that has a wonderful $530,000.00 contract with a government he calls tyrannical, $530,000.00 he got, oh the tyranny ! He has a couple beautiful homes, a business, nice toys, vehicle and he takes from his followers, not himself, as he professes his stand is for “We the People”. From his followers government dole, not himself. And no one sees the irony in that, no one comprehends. Sad, but when you follow that, stolen valor, felons, etc. , I guess you never can comprehend much, just like there is no comprehension of our Constitution. Just sad, all the way around. At least several took pleas, they finally got it and are saving themselves.

  • Dave

    Kangaroo judges, in kangaroo courts, for a kangaroo government, of a kangaroo people! You are either with the people and the Constitution of the United States, or you are an oath breaking traitor! And that includes all you people commenting for the traitors dirty harry, and hitlary who are behind all this! Along with the psuedo quacks at the center for bio diversity! Who have done nothing more than facilitate corruption and theft for the enrichment of washington insiders, and themselves as russia, and china mine the minirals (uranium) of land they are supposedly trying to protect for the little turtles that apparently need millions of acres in order to survive!

    When I saw that guy at the refuge, I thought he was someone who belonged in a mental institution!

  • Isacc Witham

    The fact is while incarcerated You DO NOT HAVE access to Computers, Treatises, Practice Manuals, Forms, Investigators or any of the modern machinery that the Feds are employing against these REBELS. I guarantee You these Prosecutors and Judges and the Feds and Police would Poo Pooh Their Knickers if BLM were setting fires around Their Homes. I can imagine these Persecutors faced with the British Despots of the 16 and 17 hundreds …… being self absorbed and ladder climbers that They are ….. They would have sucked up very tightly with the BRITISH Officials of that time. Americans They are Not. The PROTEST and OCCUPATION using the Park and a Closed set of buildings …….. I did My part to talk Ammon out of it telling Him what the Feds would do AND THEY HAVE. Remember folks casting off the chains of SLAVERY when dealing with SELF RIGHTEOUS TYRANTS and corrupt ones at that You can expect The Tyrants to be self serving, self dealing and DESPOTICAL. Inmates trying to defend Themselves against Modern Prosecutors Offices are completely OUT GUNNED. What Inmates get are a BIG JOKE and a couple pieces of paper, with Pen Inserts to write with. Inmates legal preparation materials are an ABSOLUTE FARCE. The Courts KNOW THIS and frankly speaking the COURTS Engineer It.
    My advice to anyone standing up for the US Constitution and Peoples Rights ……. Understand the SYSTEM is completely RIGGED and those Pocket Constitutions are an ABSOLUTE FARCE. The States and Federal Government are NOT Your Friends ……. They are Your OVER LORDS and You are a Surf and a Peasant the Government Uses and Enslaves for Their Agenda ……. Their Brand of Freedom is a complete LIE. I tried to warn Ammon , He did NOT listen and now He and the others are learning these BRUTAL TRUTHS ……… The System is RIGGED and CORRUPT to the very Core and for the most part ENGINEERED THIS WAY by the Courts and Oligarch Slave Keepers whom have Lied to the World about this FRAUD called Freedom.
    You have been BRAINWASHED and INDOCTRINATED by an extremely designed MACHINE that has LIED TO YOU all of Your Lives ……… The truth is You are being FARMED and EXPLOITED by the 1 % known as the Oligarchs ……. so roll up Your Sleeves and Tie Your boots tight …… There’s LOTS OF WORK TO BE DONE.

  • Helen Jackman

    Then every single one involved with this should be in prison.

  • Rita Patricie


  • Rita Patricie


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