Ammon Bundy Ask For Continuance In The Larger Interest Of A Fair Trial

While some Co-defendants plan to stay on track for September News – July 1st, 2016 – Guerrilla Media Network LLC


Just before midnight on June 30, 2016,  J. Morgan Philpot filed a motion for continuance on behalf of  his client Ammon Bundy.  Other defense attorney’s we spoke with today told us they are not surprised but that it was unexpected.  To change attorney’s this close to trial was a risky move in that the Judge has already said she want’s to move forward as quickly as possible.

Bundy made the decision two hours before the court’s Thursday deadline for seeking to continue the trial date. According to his attorney the decision wasn’t made until around 10:30 p.m. Pacific Time when he agreed to file the motion siting Ammon’s larger interest was in a fair trial.

Jon Ritzheimer, Jason Patrick, Duane Ehmer, Sean Anderson, Sandra Anderson, Jake Ryan, Dylan Anderson, Travis Cox and Darryl Thorn had already filed for their continuances before the Thursday deadline.

Tom Coan, attorney for Peter Santilli, said that he had no concerns about the trial beginning in 9 weeks, he is confident his clients case is solid and is ready to go to trial.

Joe O’Shaughnessy told us earlier today, he and his attorney Amy Baggio are also ready to move forward.  “I’m just tired of sitting around here waiting,” he said, “I’m ready – It’s time to do this, it’s time to get it done so we can move on to Nevada.”  

Mr. Bundy is also asking the Court for another shot at a “joint hearing” concerning his pre-trial release that would also include the Nevada case.

J. Morgan Philpot believes that because Judge Anna Brown found the alleged underlying conspiracy didn’t rise to a crime of violence, authorities have unfairly kept Bundy in jail for five months.

“Defendant requires additional time to resolve the unfairness presented by the government’s actions before he should be forced to stand trial,” the lawyers wrote.

“The effect of the court’s ruling is that it was error to have detained defendant from the outset of this case, and defendant should have been out on release able to review discovery, confer with his lawyers unimpeded, and assist in assembling the resources for his defense, ” his lawyers wrote.

Co-defendent Peter Santilli, who won his release in Oregon but was immediately held on charges stemming from the 2014 Bundy Ranch Protest,  recently lost his bid for a pre-trial release when the Nevada 9th Circuit Court of Appeals referred his case back to Gloria Navarro, the Federal Judge residing over that case in Nevada.

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  • KrisL

    The deck has been stacked against them from the get go. The government is trying to use them as an example and let the people know who is in charge. Disgusting and corrupt!

  • ImajWalker

    If Americans don’t see what’s ‘really’ happening here, it will be a shame. With the lawlessness taking place in Washington with ‘illegal immigrant movement’ after the courts stopped Obama and Hillary with her new racketeering charges of voter fraud and not to mention taking campaign contributions from an ‘enemy’ (Saudia Arabia) that was to have partook in 9/11.. and both are able to ‘continue’ to run and try to rule a broken country that is doomed without change of leadership.

    These people being held in PRISON did ‘nothing’ and no harm to another… After TRYING the legal path as we all do, they took the system into their own hands to try to WAKE UP the people as to what was taking place with the landgrabs by the Feds, Hillary, Russia and Harry Reid.. and as expected.. the public sat and ‘watched’ with a finger pointing game of brainwashed ignorance.

    The Federal Government is so out of control and oversized that it does as it pleases while American ‘brainwashing’ continues through Mainstream LYING Media and anyone who supports it should welcome the fact that their endgame under Hillary is to ‘take’ your lands, open borders, welcome immigrants, carry on with Agenda 21 and make the USA a 3rd world country. The North American Union and TPP is NOW being discussed where you lose ‘everything.’

    Watching this from Canada…researching and seeing this happen.. is not only sickening as America ‘use to be’ a country where people ‘risked’ their lives to go and live as a land of the free…and has simply turned to $hit now.

    YOU have no rights.. YOU have no voice.. YOU have no dedication as the people in France, Egypt and other countries do that protest against their governments lawlessness and behavior in the 10’s of thousands..

    We are nearly out of time..

  • stallion

    Hope for all the best still people who think pete is a fed